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Canon EOS 60D Review: Video Walkthrough

We brought you the news recently that Canon was replacing their highly regarded EOS 50D DSLR with a new updated model, the EOS 60D. The new Canon DSLR leaves a question mark over the Rebel T2i as it is only $200 cheaper.

Ross Miller of Engadget is reporting that – Chad Mumm – Engadget’s Show producer managed to get his hands on an EOS 60D at the Canon 2010 Expo. In a video he mentions how well built the camera feels when handling it. The new flip out LCD screen is shown, and likes the fact it can be moved into a variety of positions.

He goes on to point out the camera now has a dedicated movie mode, and the wheel that is used to chose all the different modes locks into position. When the movie mode is selected it changes the menu settings, so it is more specific for that mode. The different menus for the movie mode are then run through.

A great feature in the still picture mode is demonstrated, which has the option for the user to change the aspect ratio of the image. To check out the video of this great looking camera use the link above.



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