Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops Gameplay Trailer: Graphics A Disappointment

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 3, 2010

Call of Duty is by far one of the most popular games of its kind on Xbox 360, PS3, and other portable platforms. I personally love the game, and the Call of Duty Black Ops gameplay looks a step up on previous games, love the new RC car and controlled rockets.

While most of us are very happy with Call of Duty, we have to also understand that every time we download a new map or buy a new game we are making the developers and publishers money. So we should expect the best, and hope that they add new features that we have been asking for.

After looking at some new gameplay today – found below this post – you get to see the new rockets and RC car in action, but while the gameplay looks great, there seems to be no major improvement in graphics. Killzone 2 looks better, although it lacks the gameplay.

It’s going to be good come November 9 and while gameplay is more important to most gamers, the kind of profit being made from all the maps and new Call of Duty games, should we expect more in graphics?

Time may be short between the developments, but with the power inside Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 in mind, the same gameplay and better graphics could be achieved. They could make time by losing a little profit, they will make a mass of money and it will be a best seller for 2010/2011.

We love what we have seen in COD Black Ops so far, but looking at the gameplay trailer, could they have given us better graphics considering the money they are making? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Jason

    I agree with dean. I heard people say they don't like the old guns but it all plays out like a Sean Connery fight just in the few hours of MP ive played so far; ofc this is just to tide me over until I can buy my KZ3 SMG Lightgun/Collectors edition which will dwarf all other shooters

  • Killa

    the graphics on the multiplayer looks way too cheesy and cheap it gets annoying…sometimes i feel like im playing on ps1 or something…

  • Awesome forsome

    i think classification matters

  • Maius

    To me i t looks shitless, it looks that this game is made by: Donald duck, Miki Maus, and it seems they did not have a good day when they been doing it.
    Infinity Ward is best company, and made best of all serials of COD, and it is COD4!!!
    COD MW2 is good, but not as good as COD4.
    This will be a catastrofe, there is no InfinityWard people, and question is why!!!???


    • Codfreak1

      What is this guy talking about? It’s not like graphics of some weird game in 2001, for me it is great and way too advance. First of all gameplay counts, and then graphics in my view. Well, i am sad too. After, i heard “no infinity ward in upcoming franchise of cod”. Codmw2 and codmw was great. I played it in pc. Still pc rocks for me.

  • Anonymous

    I dont c the bad graphics. It looks just like mw2 on ps3.
    What the hell is this guy talking about.
    Im so gonna buy this game

  • Death Shroud

    A new forum for campers, glitchers and tubers – yay!

    This game will probably sukk as much as the last two

  • timmy

    This game is gonna be off the chain

  • Aaron

    i have to aggree the graphics doesnt really matter.. i mean it would be an extra awsome point if it was but its not a big deal at all i jus hope this games amounts to the hype… but from what ive seen cod never dissapoints… an theres a freakin bow!!!! thats the coolest crap ever

  • emeraldsnake

    God I hope they took out the TOTALLY unbalanced commando perk out. Geting stabbed from 20 feet away and dying when you have put half a clip into them? Being stabbed through a brick wall?!…. That just plain sucked.

  • steve

    stoppitt, dont even go there with makin your own maps, what like Farcry, when everytime you wanted to play someone you had to download their map…TEDIOUS! And whats this word "cartoony" for graphics? What does cartoony mean? And more to the point didn't you see the natural light effects on this game, better than the oh too bright MW2…

  • Jtunami

    It's going to be great! Only one thing could put it far past Halo in my opinion. MAKING YOUR OWN MAPS!

  • AIEX1234

    black ops will be the best game eva the multipla will be the best so far there is so much 2 do and so much 2 see like you can put your clan tag on your gun camos and embles and the graphics and the gameplay will giv it an extra boost at beeeeeeenin the besssssssst game evas ps my name is my xbox gamertag

  • masterblaster

    you make it sound like the graphics should be better than kz2. you must be out of your mind if you think any multiplat is gonna come close graphically to a game developed solely for the ps3 with such a high focus on graphics. name 3 console multiplat games that look better than kz2. doesnt have much to do with money, its more about keeping the game running smoothly. with all the added shit, cammos ect. they omitted the gib effects. ill agree it does look a lil cartoony though but thats not what matters.

  • m3kw

    When graphics is good enough, game play takes center stage.

  • PS3wannaBe

    The RC car reminds me of company of heroes. Where the Nazi's have a high exlosive on the back of an RC type car. The thing takes out tanks!

    Anways this looks cool.

  • Smiley

    i think that the rc car will get anoying, plus medal of honor looks better

  • Bullet

    I totaly agree with Dean, Gameplay over Graphics anyday for me…

  • Dean

    Personally i think the graphics are fine, plus i wouldn't mind if they were not as good as they could be as long as the gameplay is good.. i don't play games based on what the graphics look like, if i did i wouldn't play pac-man, the classic mario games and the classic pokemon games etc.