Call of Duty Black Ops: Killstreak and Perks List – Will you miss Juggernaut?

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2010

We have just shown you a full list of Killstreaks that will be included in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops title, but there were some notable exceptions from killstreaks and perks that were in previous Call of Duty titles.

Considering that Black Ops is Treyarch’s follow up to World at War, you may be surprised to hear that there won’t be any room for the Juggernaut perk. This is probably more good news than bad, since many of you argued that players with skill don’t need it, and it is essentially just a perk for beginners.

I’ve seen the perk list for Black Ops, and I can also confirm that there won’t be room for the Stopping Power perk either. This is even more surprising, since it is a perk that was included in the last three Call of Duty titles. Maybe Treyarch felt that the perk was too strong and the game needed balancing more.

However, it is worth pointing out, that the FMJ attachment from MW2 has now become a full perk, so maybe this will act as a replacement for Stopping Power – what do you think?

That is a few missing from the perks, but what about Killstreaks. You will probably be aware by now that Treyarch has decided not to include a killstreak for 25 kills, following on from the Tactical Nuke on Modern Warfare 2. I’m not sure if I agree with them. I always thought the nuke was a great reward for getting so many kills in a row, and lets face it, a 25 kill streak is not something that happens every game is it?

I’ve seen the Black Ops killstreak in-game menu, and there is definitely no room for an extra slot after the 11 kill gunship, so after the gunship, that is all you’ll be getting.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Firstly, on the fact that Juggernaut and Stopping Power are not in the game, and secondly, do you think there should of been a slot for a 25 killstreak reward?

If you missed Treyarch’s huge multiplayer reveal, you can check out a full recap here.

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  • Brian

    you guys fucking suck is all mw2 is a great game and black ops is also so shut up

  • Random

    actually u dun have all killstreaks..there is a hidden killstreak call the nuke bomb. you can get it easily by just shooting some targets at firing range.and da next killstreak reward you get will be a nuke bomb which can be dropped anywhere

  • irishlad18

    I like how the kills you get from killstreaks don't count towards the kills for the next kill streak (with the exception of chopper gunner i think) because people would camp for predator missles, then get harrier, then chopper gunner…and that was pretty much game

  • ObamaAteMyKFC

    mw2 should of had a tank or like an elite team of 10 juggernuts for 25 killstreak now that would of been better than nuke, nuke is sort of cool but i hate how it ends the game as soon as you activate it.

  • ShadowDrake

    i think that if someone was lucky enough to get that high that person will all those killstreaks they should automatically make it a 1 on what ever for that person and if he kills everyone off then he gets to end the game but no his kills go down

  • Camps not FTW

    campsftw… my p**** camps in your mothers a**


    stopping power, pointless, for teh noobs, juggernaut, to counter stopping power, nuke, not bothered, prefered emergency airdrop (bring it back mofos!) camping, always camp, 10 kill for 0 deaths or 30 kills for 15 deaths, ill have the 10 kills, camping is most realistic way to play, stop whining, go play halo. oh and mw2 on pc sucked, 18 players, lobbys? can someone explain wat the fuck all this means! WERE DO YOU FIND THE SERVERS!?!?!?!

  • bob

    cod is sick i got it 4 da xbox i kick ass

  • brad is a homo

    brad is pretty gay

  • David

    I'm really getting tired of hearing people cry about campers. This is war! Camping is a part of war. I read so many threads with people begging for a FPS that is as realistic as they can possibly get and then they dont want to play realisticly, they run around at mach 3 with akimbo shot guns, THAT is not realistic. I personally do both run around & sit it out, depends on the flow of the match. My goal for every match is not to get the most kills but to get more kills than deaths, a positive score. I rarely finish a game with a negative score. So far I'm happy with Black Ops, It definetly seems to be a much more level playing field than MW2.

    "I'm not camping, I'm tactically waiting."

  • Marcus Jetson

    Theres a lot to be said about the new Blk Ops, but the most obvious thing about this game is the size of the maps. Battlefied and all the other games have become uber huge! I think we are ready to play more than 18 person multiplayer…I think the are stingy and uncreative as a company to keep reshuffling the deck, same old greasy cards in a new box. Then they charge 60 (every single year) for the old okee doke. We have to demand more. Halo sux,,granted, but it has flying machines , land speeders, tanks and all kinds of cool vehicles, and most importantly..SIZE..Its true you dont want to spend half your digital life searching some huge map for that Bast@#$ camper(guilty..but not ALL the time).. but its up to them to create great counters..(like dogs)..

  • BlackCell is a chode

    BlackCell play me you dumb bitch.

  • unKnown ali Wade

    i hated the boasters and hacked the gaming ystem because it was no point of playing the game then.

    • Marcus Jetson

      dude you should see a guy named sadaamsadaam hes the cheesiest hacker i ever saw.


    i think its not going to matter whethere or not there is a 25 kill streak i mean without boosting or being a super camper u never really see that my highest on MW2 was 22 and im pretty good 1:18 ratio never boosted

  • phil

    I like what kenneth said, ill be honest i played alot more daring with a 15 killstreak and no nuke set up. With nuke on it makes players play way to safe and chill in a corner for 10 minutes. But i will sortof miss the nuke because to be honest i loved going into FFA , picking a house , use some claymores and pop some caps in people with my scar-h lol. but this will be a good change for all MW2 lovers and deffianly make it getting a good killstreak alittle more difficult. sortof…

  • dikishi92

    will there be shanking in black ops?

  • steven maher

    you should get the bomb suit of mw2 special ops 4 a 25 kill streak

  • Random Guy

    i dont like how scavenger and ghost are in the same tier… kinda gets rid of my hardcore class…. and i will miss stopping power for my normal core class (stopping power is needed in normal core because lets face it, putting a whole clip into someone and having them kill you is annoying) and the killstreaks dont add up =D which is awesome sense people wont just camp and let their killstreaks do the work. but at the same time i believe it will lead to more camping then in black ops. i have no problem with heart beat monitors because i always run with ninja (i hate hearing my own footsteps) but i hate the thermal scopes…. kinda pointless to be a sniper if anyone with a thermal can see you… and pain killer is an alright death streak which i use because i hate being spawn trapped because they give me a bunch of people with no strategy… and i rarely get to it anyway… truthfully i found the nuke boring, the only thing that made it fun is having a race with your teammates to see who the first one to get it would be, and even that took the fun out of it, i'd rather shoot someone then look at a chopper gunner screen till i get the nuke…. and why get it? its just a bunch of team kills at the end, which is why i think they took the team kill kick out away..

  • fordred

    25 kills- biological bomb, kills everyone in the game and the dead bodies turn into ZOMBIESSS! the opposing team have to shoot zombies as well as the team they are fighting against!!!1 basically, a bit like dogs but if a zombie kills a human, another zombie is created >:-D

  • angel

    i think that less killstreaks is worse because it stops at 11 and the game will be shorter at least you had to work for 25 kills 11 kills is nothing really i average an 11 killstreak on good days. and also it would be too easy for somebody to get an 11 killstreak and die and do it over agian. but i also heard that killstreak rewards do not count to your killstreak count so it may be diffrent idk

  • ahmed

    damn a lot of people will be playing black ops

  • SHY-TOWN187

    I dont like the fact that there are only 11 kill streaks! At least with the Nuke it gave you an edge and made you stratigize your ever move in the map you where playing in. THE NUKE SHOULD STILL BE IN THIS GAME! Ppl that complain about campers and all that other stuff are cry babies! Dont get me wrong it got me upset at first to but, it made me want to kill whoever that was camping even more so they wouldnt get thier killstreaks!


    Saying that everything should have stayed the same as far as kill streaks and perks! I would give the player a good comment that got NUKES cause they went that far through out the game without dying! I got NUKES BY CAMPING AND BY FREE RUNNING WITH MY AA-12. Sorry if you didnt get a NUKE in the Modern Warfare games then you guys really aint got no skill at all!

  • Keg

    This is bull… Stopping power was great on WAW, even cod4. Now ops is going to make the Stronger guns kings… I want a fast fire rate without getting in face or wasting a whole clip >_> damn, well Im at least glad they added the old hit sound effects (like in waw). Makes you feel like your shots matter.

    lol bob? black ops getting a friken humvee out of nowhere? hahaha your thinking too small, add a mini bar and a Flat Screen.

  • Markkkkkk

    all these people complaining about nukes and how there happy that its gone… are people that suck and could never get a nuke even if they tried. lolololololololol not my fault you guys dont know how to make a cold blooded class with stingers… nd expect not to die to a ac130/chopper….

    • melvin

      i loved nukes to. i find it people should try to shoot the CG down. people that complained are the people with a .5 k/d hat camped in corners and go 8-4. nukes showed you had skill. or if youre the person that gonuked. that you got owned

  • martyn

    stoppin power is for dumbed down sheep,,,,,,wateva happened to guns havin different stats and u jus handle them different to the next gun? put stoppin power on ya gun an suddenly its a quick paint over ya target spray an they die,,,,horrible soft way of playing,,,basically cod breeds dumbed down players who need their hand held whilst playing.

  • Tomatophe

    I’m so glad stopping power and juggernaut are gone. i always felt that i had to put stopping power on all my classes In previous cod games because that’s just what most people did. but now it doesn’t exist i can finally use a different perk! yay! also juggernaut pissed me off when sniping. no more juggernoobs! yay! also, nuke was gay, it made a load of people camp with scavenger and took the fun away. the kill streaks In this look alot more balanced tho and the controllable heli looks sick 😀 BLACK OPS FTW!!!

  • Piemaster1337

    i think a game-ending killstreak would've been good, but set at something so high, only pros would even TRY for it, like 50 😀
    nah, w/o is just perfect, i can still piss people off by tomahawking in sharpshooter
    hardened=deep impact, not stopping power
    flak jacket pro lessens damage from fire
    i can't wait to use flak jacket on a lot of my classes, 😀 my fear of noob tubes SHALL DIMINISH!!!
    can't wait…
    oh, forgot, i wonder if the dogs are gonna be like on waw multiplayer, or like dogs in single-player, where they jump on you can let you break their neck…. but w/o the invincible side-effects for the 3sec that you are attacked/break the dog's neck
    also, double-yay for m16 only being an ohko if it hits you in the head twice. so that means that all i can do to avoid that is dive for cover ^^
    black ops=LEGIT 😀

  • kaos

    In cod black ops your kill streaks wont count as more kills towards your next… like say I get a predetor missle n kill 2 people in mw2 I’d get a chopper… but in black ops you have to do all the killing yourself

  • Jerry

    I’m glad there is no One Man Army. The noob tubing has gotten out of control. Especially in domination matches when people shoot them straight into the air at the beginning and get massive killstreaks. I think Black Ops will be better than MW2 and I still play MW2 like everyday. I just feel it will be more competitive because of the fixes it has. Also check out the equipment that’s in the game. Looks like a good list of stuff.


    I think that the Dogs kill streak should be a 25 kill streak. The dogs are over powered. Then again so is the nuke. I would know because I have 370 of them and I do very little camping. Nukes are boring, how about this… at 25 kills I can get a custom kill streak that I create. How about the ability to use any two kill streaks in combination? Of course not the dogs or chopper gunner, but the other kill streaks. It is just a thought.

  • brad is a babe

    your hott

  • mikeee

    mw2 is an epic game theres no doubt about it. the only reason everyone is saying its shit and whatever is because black ops is coming out and they have fixed most of the stuff that pisses the players off. i admit, the game has gotten worse online because of all the noobtubers, tac knifers, boosters etc, but it is still a good game. everyone is saying black ops will be awesome, probably even the best cod game, but you'll see, as soon as a trailer for mw3 comes out and people find out info about it they will start badmouthing black ops as well. ohh and i think its good the tactical nuke is out even though it was fun to try and get without camping or boosting but it caused way too many problems. hopefully boosters will be a thing of the past in black ops because everything, even gun camos are bought with cod more thing, some snipers should be a 1 shot kill in any part of the body.

  • Felix Guzman

    i Hate pepole how use pain killer that just proves they suk !!!!!!!!!!

  • bob

    i think that for a 25 kill streak you should be able to drop down stuff like at a 15 you can air drop a humvee with a turret and you can drive and run people over, and for a 20 killstreak you should be able to drop a tank that can only be destroyed with rocket launchers, and for a 25 you should be able to get like toxic gas that give everyone on your team a gas mask but it kills enemy players if they walk in the radius for a fixed amout of time. no gay nukes or tacictal insertion, commando whores, heartbeat sensor, or grenade launchers those are the things that made mw2 be a really sucky game and also sniper should also be 1 shot kill every shot because in real like a .50caliber weapon would split your body in 2 if you got shot with it

    • Ben

      Thank you, about the sniper thing, i get hit markers so much and in reality a 50 cal. bullet would make a hole in you. I think they should really reconsider the whole one man army, danger close noob tube thing, way overused, overpowered and cheap. You fire with 20 ft, of anyone and they die, no skill involved, while im trying to shoot with a gun.

      • frank

        I agree in a way with u guys maybe it should be a one-hit kill but what it u get it in the BIG TOE and you die that pretty messed up so maybe. They should find a solution to the problem.

    • Marcus Jetson

      Thats the truth. Im tired of firing a freaking 50 cal at a guys chest or head ony to see them continue running around the corner with the little "X" undicator showing that you did hit them, but apparently they are freaking bullet proof? Ridiculous. good post sir.

  • Blaze

    Y'kno what they should have? A perk or system that once you ve had your 5,7 and 11 kill streaks you then get your 5 again after a certain amount and it restarts like your chopper ends then your killstreak rewards can restart without you dying meaning that high kill streaks have a benefit.

    • Marcus Jetson

      agreed nuff said!

  • i think most of the ppl which comment on here are actually boosters =P , and anyway ye ump54 and spas too overpowered well and acr us well =p so ye need to fix a lot of stuff guys. 😉

  • BlackCell

    Wow!!! No Juggernaut, No Stopping Power. Lets see here this game will be great but those are 2 huge perks that made Call of Duty 4 what it is. Mw2 SUCKSSS ASSSSS anyways even without Juggernaut and even with stopping power. Black Ops should continue with The same perks, and maybe some new ones, just like WAW. No Stopping Power for me is no big deeal because I play Hardcore, but Saying Juggernaut is a begginer perk….You are so stupid. I am preety sure that for who ever says Juggernaut is a noob perk is horriable at the game. Ask any competitive cod4 player and they will say that it is a good perk! If you disagree with me, I am sure that I can scrap any person in this whole Forum….Enough Said!!!


      You are bad.

    • malik

      ok first off i suck in no way i call of duty have gotten my fair share of nuks with out camping using a vector (didnt expect that nuke) but i hav played cod4 and WAW and juggernaut is a no go for me. it honestly makes no dfference when you hav stopping power vs. a juggernaut. but it becomes a nusence when ur trying to use camofluage or uav jammer and some kid has juggernaut and you ant kill him. i just dot to see it again stopping to me isnt for noobs if it is gone i dont care but juggeraut in sume effed up situations isnt fair i think its unfair so it should leave as well

    • Guest

      Mw2 is great game, so stop complaining and besides stopping power is a good perk and who cares if juggernaut is a begginer perk. just play the game.

  • nick

    for a 25 killstreak it shouldnt end the game but it should set everyone on fire and they all die >:) but it doesnt end the game or it could be a tank strike with like 8 tanks going through the map owning everyone

  • max

    How about for 25 kill streak, you could have like walls? Or some crazy thing that wouldn't end the game but would give a HUGE advantage, even if timed.

  • DRE

    i think they should have included a high killstreak of some sort to go for, plus its fun killing a guy on a 20 killstreak going for a nuke.I can deal with camping, and ppl cant boost w/o tactical insertion.i CAMP(hold down area) and i do it because its so many noob tubers, commando users,ump users,and shotgun runners.

    • Jose

      I sometimes camp because I'm afraid of noob tubers…. but don't worry, one man army is out of the game. And I don't like NUKEs because ruins the game. You have to play as a team, with your own skills, not camping, not boosting. Yeah, I know NUKEs are fun, but they bring too many bad things for the game.

    • Blaze

      Trouble is, taccy inserts have been confirmed. :/

      • But they are BLOCKED from FFA [Hardcore & core] If you want proof reply.

    • Marcus Jetson

      let the church say AMEN! those cheesers have to be dealt with. camping is the only way sometinmes..but not every time.

  • Mike

    Everyone mention's campers……………………….. this is a military game right?

    It's all about gaining the advantage; Your dumb if you run around with your m4 getting pummeled by snipers and random knife stabs that your own fault for sucking. How about if you don't like camping go play halo reach<<<<< lol halo is gay

    • Mr Crop

      rofled, cod is a fast paced fps.. if you want to play militairy, go and get battlefield bad company 2..

    • A non-camping guy

      Yes this is a military game … but it is a GAME. Games were invented for people to have fun. You cant have fun when a guy sits in one spot or is in one building all the time. When two people run into eachother its about skills who shoots first or who hits the best. If a skilled guy runned into a camper the camper whould shoot the skilled guy without him even reacting = Not fun.

    • Arc

      Exactly…play Halo Reach if you don't like camping…or noobtubes…or killstreak whoring.

    • dennis

      and thats why 11 people dont like your post because campers are gay and have no life. they are the ones that suck because they cant run around they have to sit in one spot and stare out and wait til people walk by i mean its not asking for people to guard areas of the map and sit there its call go crazy and kill as many people as you can if you enjoy sitting and waiting like a pussy then go ahead once you get me twice ill come ruin your camp streak

    • Kris

      i agree w/ u 100%

    • Johnny Boy

      IMAGINE! A world where everyone is camping. There is no death, there is no gun fire, because everyone is holed up in their own little building or behind their own special rock. Nobody moves and nobody dies. Now, you tell me. Doesn't that sound WONDERFUL?!?

  • Kyle

    I think the nuke was a great thing for mw2. but i think the server should of caught on when someone is boosting like “lets think….there is another kid getting headshots over and over on the same kid….i think somthing is going on” but i guess it doesnt work like that. I really dont think that the dogs killstreak is a good idea….because people are just going to boost for that and just spam dogs and get massive killstreaks and tick everyone off. I really dont know how the gunship killstreak is going to work because, personally i liked the normal chopper gunner but it could of been better if you could of told it where to move. Overall i think they should of got rid of the tactical insertion completely.

    • fredyd

      they could of deleted the insertion off just like 1 v1 cage match they deleted that witch i loved

  • brad is a homo

    Brad eats dick.

  • brad

    you all have no lifes

    • brad is gay

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  • AIEX1234

    black ops hell year wow i cant wait black ops is always on my mide like i dont care if there ant any 25 killstreks i only care about gameplay and graphics and from the vids on youtube they are great so i dono will it make a stand and be the best game of all time????


    • QS is BEast

      what should be on your mind is the spelling NOOB

  • cod fish

    i like not having nuke cuz that means no killstreaks whores who just camp and go for high killstreaks but instead focus on the win

  • bby

    my name is alex hale and i think there should be a 25 killz streak

  • Mata

    Well i like Juggernaut and Stopping power.Juggernaut was god because if you used Stopping Power then you have no gun skill because you need extra power to be good.Also The nuke was a good because if you get 25 kills then you are probley good,But if you camp then what ever because who ever you are with cant kill you the then must really suck the. And the 11 kill streak is to easy. Like in COD:WAW the 7 kill streak was way too easy i got in every matched i played in. So i dont agree with these decsions.

    • Jimmy

      shut up ur probably one of those MP40 juggernaut noobs how is stopping power noobish? just shut up noob

    • Reuscher

      Wrong. because now your kill streaks don’t count towards each other. Artillery doesn’t count twoards dogs. All it does is give you kills and challenges but no more kill streaks

    • nelly

      stopping bower isnt for ppl that r bad! its 4 ppl who have to kill the ppl who r bad that use juggernaut

  • john

    i liked the tactical nuke in mw2 i was good enough to get it running around and gunning.
    i mean it signifies (if you dont boost as well as not use killstreaks to get there ) that you're good. I just like having something big to shoot for.

    • Andrew

      The only problem I have for that is, there are plenty of boosters and campers. I think the nuke looked good until somebody calls it in within the first 2 minutes of the match by camping or boosting -_-

  • torentialsniper

    I think Treyarch's decision to completely leave out jugs/sp was a good idea. But I do think that if they had opted to include them, they would have had both of them. Juggernaut only cancels out Stopping Power. It is not better than Stopping Power, and in Call of Duty:WaW, it is actually worse. The only reason that people bitched about Juggernaut in WaW was because of the MP40. The MP40, at close range, has a damage of 50, meaning it would be a 2-shot-kill with or without stopping power. Therefore, using juggernaut on the MP40 makes the gun extremely overpowered, benefiting from the effects of Juggernaut and not sacrificing the benefits of stopping power. Complaining about it in CoD4 is absolutely retarded, it's not Juggernaut, you just suck.

    • pakbeats

      ok i thought it was just me i hate the mp

  • ANGUS043

    i think that you need to have something that kills everyone but doesn't end the game

  • joe

    I think that having smaller kill steaks will help prevent boosting like in MW2.

    • Trystan

      But remember some 8 year old kids find 11 a high number for their small brains

    • Jake

      I boosed in MW2 for camos, but i always used uav counter uav and emp, just so i could get my camos and not affect the game much

  • Charlie Murray

    yes. somebody getting 25 kids in a row is great, but when you are there to play the game, somebody ending the game straight away is just not fun! There should be something similar to a nuke, but it doesn't end the game. Just kill everybody, and then everybody respawns.

  • shikamaru317

    I'm happy about the missing Juggernaut and stopping power perks. It'll make things more interesting this way. I also think the rearranging of the perks will make for far better loadouts than previous COD games.

    • lee

      dude you are so right i think that it is so dumb how you can shoot someone with the same gun as many times and they shoot you and you die first… thanks stopping power oh and also same thing when you are shooting someone with juggernaut, you can shoot them way more times and look they still kill you

  • bob

    hahaha that guy is right but the best is that u get 2 control the gunship and there is no stoping power but ther is a perk called hardend

  • Kenneth

    25 killstreak is one of the many things that RUINED MW2. You had too many clowns CAMPING for killstreaks. Once you go batshit crazy trying to get killstreaks, you are taking too much away from the idea of an FPS. People in WaW that got 20+ kills in a game were usualy good. In MW2, killstreaks can do half the work for you andrally, that means nothing.

    VERY few people running and gunning got the nukes in MW2. You tell me how you would play knowing you are on a 15 killstreak with your nuke setup.

    • Trystan

      I got a nuke using Silenced UMP(only because i was getting HB Sensor for Mastery) and Spas-12 with Foregrip and i moved around on the Underpass map so there are some people who actually don't camp when getting nukes

      • Ben

        Very nice! Let me know how that worked out for you with the HB sensor on the ump. Its been 10 months and I still dont have it lol

      • TrystanLies

        Funny, not only is the UMP the noobiest gun in the game as it's extremely overpowered, but you're lying, because SMGs dont have heartbeat sensors :).


        • rewy

          you cant get hb on ump and the nubiest gun is scar-h with noobtube 9grenade launcher. and hw did you nt get in ten months!!!

        • Nick

          Yea true..! Ha rippin cant get HB sensors on the ump..!

      • luke ralph

        your retarded.. u cant get Hb sensor on UMP .. retard

      • Jimmy

        haahaa wwoooow what a noob trying to make an excuse to be a robot and use the UMP like everyone else and trying to unlock the heartbeat monitor! EF you u noob

    • Milhouse1

      Kenneth I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Nuke completely set the stage for assclowns camping to high heaven just in an attempt to get a nuke. I’m also relieved to see that commando pro has not made a return, which imo is a wise decision on treyarchs part. Because honestly who hasn’t tired by now of some 9 year old running around Marathon/Lightweight/Commando pro with a combat knifed magnum. MW2 just made it too easy to be cheesy, as well as too much incentive to camp. Thus far I feel the killstreaks and the perks appear to be far more balanced then that of MW2 I was skeptical to having choice in killstreaks again, because the simplicity of COD4 was what made the game golden. You actually required a fair amount of skill hopefully Black Ops can achieve the status that MW2 was set out too.

    • david

      thats very true i agree .Some people boost for nuke!

    • one of my friends has over 300 nukes, i was at 50 in the first month the game came out and a i know a few other guys that easily broke 100, we're just straight murderers campers didn't stand a chance. it disappoints me there aren't higher kill streaks for players like us but it will reduce camping drastically.

    • CrAiiG94

      well when i got nukes i ran around. but thats just me . i know what ya talkin about, me and my mates find it a passion to kill ppl campin for nuke its the funniest thing 🙂

    • aaron

      okay your right that the kiil streaks did do most the work but with out your kill streaks getting other kill streaks it encourages more peeple to camp because an attack helicopter wont get them.. so just think of it that way.. the nuke was amazing thats the only reason i played mw2 was to nuke some noobs. but i mean an 11 kill streak the y could of took the nuke out and made a diffrent 25 killstreak like.. well i cant think of anything but the nuke would be more realisistic because the game is based on the cold war the cold war was about nukes so just remember that.. people are always going to camp for a nuke for a gunship or even for an rcxd there will always be campers

  • bluntzilla

    fmj was a perk before too. ever heard of deep impact?

    • xxbulletfeederxx

      Deep impact was a perk from Call of duty 4 modern warfare. It has the same effect as FMJ but was a third (green perk)