Call of Duty Black Ops: Full List of Killstreaks and New Weapons

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2010

Following on from our detailed preview of Treyarch’s recent multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops, we are now digging deeper into multiplayer, with a full list of killstreaks, as well as some of the new weapons that will appear in the game.

Some of you may just be concerned about Zombie mode, and whether or not it will be appearing in the game alongside the brilliant looking wager modes. For others, it is all about killstreaks, and we have a list of ALL of the killstreaks that will be in the game – although they haven’t been confirmed by Treyarch yet.

If our list is correct, there will be 15 killstreaks in total, with a fair few of them making their way into Black Ops, from Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2. Let’s get started shall we?

1. Spy Plane (3 Kills): No need to explain this one, this featured in World at War and its basically the same as a UAV recon plane.

2. RC Car (3 Kills): A new addition to Black Ops. Players control a small buggy on screen, giving you the chance to drive it into enemies and detonate when desired.

3. Counter Spy Plane (4 Kills): Counter UAV.

4. Sam Turret (4 Kills): This was revealed by Treyarch recently and allows players to use the Sam Turret to take out enemy aircraft. Could come in very handy indeed we’re guessing.

5. Care Package (5 Kills): Could contain some if not all killstreaks in this list. It has also been confirmed that care packages will contain special beefed-up weapons to use for a short period of time.

6. Napalm Strike (5 Kills): We havent heard too much on this, but it is thought to be similar to the standard airstrike on MW2.

7. Sentry Gun (6 Kills): The trusty old sentry gun. Will never let you down – unless it gets knifed in the back of course.

8. Mortar Team (6 Kills): This will probably end up being a precision airstrike, but unconfirmed at the moment.

9. Attack Helicopter (7 Kills): Your bog standard support chopper.

10. Valkyrie Rockets (7 Kills): Another new addition to Black Ops. The Valkyrie Rockets will launch a collection of rockets, to which players get to control when each rocket detonates. Sounds fun this one.

11. Blackbird (8 Kills): This is related to the SR-71 plane and will probably be a stealth-bomber type of killstreak. Lots of bodies after this one.

12. Rolling Thunder (8 Kills): Taken from ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’, this is likely to be the most damaging airstrike in the game, dealing out some serious damage in the process. Hopefully it will have steath features too.

13. Chopper Gunner (9 Kills): Could be a Pavelow, or could be exactly the same as the chopper gunner from MW2.

14. Attack Dogs (11 Kills): A hit from World at War, it will be interesting to see how the attack dogs mix up gameplay. Perfect for dealing with campers anyway.

15. Gunship (11 Kills): No specific details from Treyarch on this yet, but we know it will be a ship that players will be able to control. Must be pretty badass if it’s the last killstreak on the list.

So there is your full set of killstreaks. If you have any additional information on them, leave us a comment below. Lets move on to some of the new weapons in the game.

Treyarch didn’t reveal the full list, but did drop hints on two main additions to the game. Hidden inside care packages are the Death Machine, and the Grim Reaper. The Death Machine will give you a minigun for a short period of time, while the Grim Reaper is a rocket launcher type weapon – no footage of either of these yet, sadly.

The flamethrower has already been confirmed as an attachment, while we already know about the Crossbow and Ballistic Knife. If you know about any other new weapons that have been revealed, do let us know below.

What are your thoughts on the list of killstreaks? Are you satisfied or disappointed? A big talking point has to be the fact that there is no killstreak for 25 kills. The gunship killstreak must be pretty good then. Give us your opinions on the list, we’re dying to know.

Additional information on killstreaks can be seen at the Call of Duty Wiki page.

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  • untoched 5679

    you need more variety of the assult rifles

  • jack

    Dont be silly you doughnut there is not nuke on blackopps

  • morunda7

    hey can anyone tell me what the controls for call of duty black ops is?

  • RushTarget

    The Killcam just blows in TD. But you can play barbone hardcore and no cams or minimaps. This is how you really get it in 🙂

  • cole

    how do u get the chopper gunner to show up on the killstreak.

  • Homie-G

    3 5 7 never fails!

  • QuickXSightX

    Well the game is officially out, it is badass. Lot less cheap Killstreaks and The ballistic knife isnt all that easy to use only really cheap weapon i have used so far has to be the cross bow but it is easy to dodge and the kill streaks are pretty insane The RcXD (The remote controlled car) seems to be used by most everyone. along with napalm and Atk copter i presonaly use RCxD (3 kills) Napalm and Atk Dogs i go for the bigger kill streaks the Ak74 is so far my favorite car good luck everybody on your blackops playing, i play on PSN and Live Both of which are amazing gameplay lv 25 on Live and 32 on PSN I play Gun game in wager matches pretty fun. always a great time along with ground war and ofcourse Team deathmatch

  • Qwano

    The black bird is not a bombing run it is similar to the UAV in MW2 but it shows enemies positions and direction and cannot be shot down

  • K24Napalm

    THERES NO FRICKEN NUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Legit27

    the m16 is automatic in this one

    • kman12

      no its not…

  • Josh

    Looks like a mixture between Call of duty mw2 and Battlefield 2..thats sick

  • Black Ops Fan

    The napalm strike I heard is supposed to be a game changer cuz if ur playin domination or Capture the flag or whatever its supposed to be like a precision airstrike just better because it reacts faster and it lasts a lot longer so if u ever r in a jam where ur team cant hold a position call in a napalm( if you have one) it should cut off reinforcments for the enemy and help u finish off the rest.

  • Austin

    In my opinion i think the game will be a little "overdone" but still no "Quickscoping" no Nukes and just more things for gamers to be pissed at. Hopefully No More "HACKS" or "GLITCHING" but theres always that one person to ruin the game. They have added in more guns but taken some out also, I think the game may be complicated and gamers will be drawn back to Modern Warfare 2, the game will be fun but INFINITYWARD did not create Black Ops which makes me wonder if the game will be any good. (reply to this comment giving me your opinion on Black Ops.) Thank you!

    • QuickXScopeX

      This is true. However the game came out Perfectly fine Not too cheap not really many glitches ive looked on all maps took 45 mins on each map havnt noticed any yet. The game is Deff Worth Buying Quickscoping is gone which is great no more front line snippers, Much better then mw2 B/s spawn locks dont work and no more cheep kills although ballistic knives being at lv 14 or 15 i dont remember but makes people always moving because people standing still is a target for all knives and its pretty simple to long range its like aimming the throwing knife in mw2 just aim slightly higher depending on how far away you are. Crossbows are cheap but easy enough to dodge

  • Eric

    Will there be a killcam? When ever I’m sniping, I get killed because they find me with the killcam…

    • Yes there are killcams! i watched a few videos and found that there Are Killcams!!!

    • QuickXScopeX

      There is a Killcam ofc

  • Scopopulus

    VAC is easy to get around… how does this "own"?


    where is the M4A1? why are they putting the mac-10 in that gane sucks

  • Jordan

    Hell yah cant wait, ballistics knife is gonna be beast, that and the famas. hell yah!!

  • Kevin

    You realize that video that is shown is generally gameplay from a month or two prior? That is most likely still Alpha code, hence many tweaks and balances left. They do this so they have plenty of time to edit and make sure that nothing is shown that they don't want and to edit out any bugs that may be happening with early code.

  • Cl@ss1f13d

    itll be better than reach.
    and epically epic and stuf
    and wager match will own
    and customisation will own
    and singleplayer will own
    and it using steam and VAC will own
    and the official wiki:… owns and tells u pretty much everything about everything.
    that is all

  • Cl@ss1f13d

    itll be better than reach.

    wager match will be epic
    so will rcxd
    it will be better than reach by 9999999999999999999%
    foh shoh!
    that is all

  • all knowing poo

    black ops wil be using steam and because of that, i'm assuming that they wil use VAC.

    wager mode WILL NOT FAIL
    black ops will be GOTY and will be soooooo much better than halo friggin reach.

    there. im happy now.

  • ZACK


    • kman12

      the desert eagle was not devoploped yet in this day and age,thats why there isnt one.

  • killbox2177

    hey guys if you want to play some search and destroy on mw2 send me a friend request on xbox360

  • Alex

    it makes not sense that, its vietnam war, and the vietnamese didnt have any airforce, so if you play the vietnamese in this game and manage to get a napalm strike( and american chemical airstrike) that makes no sense at all? … im British by the way, not surporting the Americans, normally get moaned at for saying this

    • Tyler

      …..there is this one incident that comes to mind…and involves japanese planes…..its called PEARL HARBOR..theres a movie about it……and a book……if you recall …. america designed a ship to release there planes so they could make it on one tank of fuel…..the swamp rats had a one way ticket…..ON A PLANE…dumbass….and btw…there would have been NO WAR….if it wasnt for Japan and there PlAnEs…Gawd ur stupid…think before you make a statement of that demeanor.

  • dhjdgdfgh

    seems mad awesome, really not fond of 25 killstreaks anyway. the guns list also looks like a hit, im a big assault rifle guy and they have a lot on the list. the killstreaks seems sick, dogs are my favorite and i can’t wait to get it i already preordered!!!

  • ssss


  • ShortyRock3

    Im Mad There Is No NUKE

  • RiskyTyler69

    I pre-orderd and its gonna be great and also it sux cuz they took out the intervention.

    • Austin

      True and No "QuickScoping" so i think Gamers may be drawn back to MW2 because of the Lack of Guns and Killstreaks..

  • Nick

    you might be wondering how i know these things but its because ive got the beta on Xbox

  • Nick

    my retarded friend said there is going to be a 30 killstreak called an atom bomb but hes an itallian who must know all or else a big argument will occur :/

  • 619fool

    isnt that video camera at the begining of the multiplayer trailer a killstreak

    • Nick

      no there is now 3 types of equipment so instead of equipment & spec granades. its now granades (eg frag) spec granades (eg Stun) and now equipment witch is that camera, tactical insertions and things like that to use them its up on D-pad

  • Dave

    i think for black ops they should make it show in a game winning kill cam they should show the last bullet to hit the guy that killed him. especially for snipers across the map i think that would just be the coolest.. they already do it for newb tubes.. why not for snipers too?

  • James

    This game looks amazing. Anybody know what war it takes place in? I heard the cold war but I wasn’t sure…?

    • max

      Lmao there was no real fighting in the cold war…

      • kman12

        yeah there was,thats why the game is called black ops, That means black operations which means there is no proof of it, in any way, if anybody died nobody but the comanding officer and the rest of the group would know. There was many operations that took place behind enemy lines. i know this because some of these were declassified. The cold war was not just everybody giving each other the cold shoulder. There was real fighting!!

  • Spencer

    The mortar strike is different from napalm kuz you can place 2 at once. The blackbird is a UAV with more features and cannot be shot down(probably lasts longer too).

    • Nick

      in black bird the more features is it will tell you where they might be heading

    • opkals

      u can launch 3 morters at a time actualy

  • Ssgt Sombody in Iraq

    For one the term gun ship is used to refer to the c-130 gun ship from COD MW and the black bird is not the SR-71 it is a constant reading UAV. The 1911 is in the game but is not a weopon used during this day and age i remind you. They have switched to 9 mm rounds due to the 45 is a usless peace of S#$% in real combat theres to much recoil in a fire fight and even less rounds.

    • Francisco J. Vasquez

      What are you talking about? .45 ACP not used in operations? How about US counter terrorist unit carries? They carry custom 2k to 3k 1911's and force recon with the same high caliber weapon. I love my 9mm but the 45 has greater stopping power but less carry capacity. Nato uses 9mm ammo. There is your answer.

    • An actual Marine.

      There is a reason the 1911 is still being used 100 years after it was designed: It is a great sidearm. The.45 ACP will take a man off his feet and put him down, with extreme prejudice. Most who know would choose it to save their lives, but you are the first person I have ever heard call it "a usless peace of S#$%", which is not only a grammatical abomination, it couldn't be further from the truth. Sorry, but you sound more like a 12 year old with a crappy report card than an actual Staff Sergeant. Semper Fi.

    • Aidan

      by the way, Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. you stand corrected

  • michael

    @ mw2 isa my game maybe they had hardline on ??

  • Mw2 isa my game

    I wached the videos and a care package doesnt take 5 kills it takes 4. And go to youtube if u want to get your info right.

    • Nick

      Hardline was on

      i have black ops Beta 🙂

    • kman12

      yeah on mw2 its 4 not on this game, ur info is wrong so dont be talking

    • fdsgfdgdf

      he had hardline

  • Mole

    With regards to the guided misslie launcher posted by shikamaru317. this could be the Nikita missile launcher as seen in the Metal Gear Solid series.
    just a thought.

  • Piemaster1337

    i think, since the first video was from august 5th, that they probably tweaked the killstreak locations during the time

  • mark

    tomma hawk is a confirmed equitment (as in grenades,etc.)

  • Sneaky

    I herd there putting in a tomma hawk. and if u get killed with it during a wager match it bankrupts you..

    • kman12

      its basickly just a throwing knife

  • Alex

    If its true that they have took out join session for this game then i wouldnt mind having the nuke because then only the skilled players will be able to get it because the killstreaks dont add on to each other and no boosters so happy days 25 kills all with guns but as the nuke isnt in to it more people will be playing for the objective

    • kman12

      how does that have anything to do with join in session? your retarded…

  • Bob

    Dude the game is still in development. Not even the beta has come out. Changes will be made

  • tyler

    ak-74 will be sick. its the us and canadian forces version of the ak-47. although i thought it was goona be an assault rifle…. wagger mode is gonna fail…. i can already see the theres goona be people running around with aimbots and wall hacks…. too bad.

    • bungiepro

      they have announced this game is hackproof so there wont be any aim bots or wall hacks yay

    • Nixon711

      and as a member of the canadian force's….we dont have the AK-74. its the sub-machine for the russian's for which it came from. we got C-8's(M4 carbine) and MP5's

  • Thrash

    really hope they bring back the rangers, i love those shotguns

    • u noob using rangers they are crap ure wores than my little bro striker all the way boys

  • dnrich

    the race to get a nuke was the most luring part of the last game. I'll be pissed if there's not something for 25

    • tyler

      no 25 killstreak…

      • NUKE=FAIL

        the boosting to get a nuke out weighed actually getting a nuke so 25 killstreak = fail

    • Kenetic

      im not gonna lie bro 25kilstreak usually ppl who go for it camp an again im not gonna lie even i camped once to get it i would like it if its not there 11 is a lot anyways. and lastly i heard killstreak kills wont go towards your actual streak like previous cod games so 25 kills withought using kilstreaks to get it seems like it would make for people to camp more right? which is more complaining from gamers.

  • gbfgfd

    This is related to sr-71? The blackbird is an sr-71

    • dimbo54

      my birthday itn cmes out

    • Kman12

      yeah i know haha what an idiot, its called the sr-71 Blackbird haha

  • The m1911 is in the game because on the create a class video he has one as his side arm. You call of duty black ops : create a class.

  • TGSephLH

    still no M1911…*Sigh*

    • shikamaru317

      I'm fairly certain the M1911 is in the game, due to the fact that the guy on the Black Ops poster is holding two M1911's, plus the fact that it was the standard issue US Military pistol at the time. However, I haven't seen it in any of the multiplayer videos yet.

      • Rob

        Any gun simular to the scar-h would be nice -.-

        • Benjamin

          the enfield should be somewhat similar to it. about 600 rpm and will probably have as decent damage as the scar-h

      • liam

        Dont be fooled on what you see on the front picture of the game case, there are lots of games that show weapons and other items on the front that arnt in the game itself as its just used as a picture .
        like matt hazard on xbox 360 with the mini guns
        and a few more i cant remember at the moment lol

    • asdf

      its in the game

  • MW2_KING

    COOL most of the guns are good 🙂

    • james

      zXF34RXz add me for clan battles any number of peeps reping F34R >>?>??

  • shikamaru317

    Here's what I have so far on the full weapons list:

    Primary Weapons

    Assault Rifles
    M16 (3 round burst)
    M14 (semi-auto)
    FN FAL



    Arctic Warfare


    Secondary Weapons


    China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher
    A launcher I can't Identify (fires a guide able rocket)

    Other (presumably secondary)
    Ballistic Knife

    Inside Xbox Black Ops preview released today
    Call of Duty Wikia

    • derek

      that launcher you cant identify is the killstrek valkyrie missle

    • Nick

      L96 is also init (Sniper)

      • titus

        it’s called the L96 Arctic Warfare. they’ve got it in there, it’s gonna be sick, way better than dragunov and WA2000

    • gman

      there r like 45 guns tht have be released so u are missing a lot up there

    • heyhey

      there is more

  • this game seems shit

    • olivier

      In a way it seems awesome but i have to agree it feels like an update to mw2… guess well have to wait to find out

  • Dave Roots

    I’m really glad that dogs are back, almost every time there was a killstreak in mw2 you could hide inside buildings. I am SO glad that the m16 has the classic old look and this means that the ak47 will as well.

    • Awesome

      Yeah I’m looking forward to dogs to I’d like to see them rip the enemies face off or using them as a distraction, hope they don’t weaken the dogs much, plus love the (old) new weapons and prototypes

  • Alan Ng

    Hi Joe, read through your comment 🙂

    Found another video for you here (, which again lists the killstreaks from the in-game menu and their required number of kills, bit blurry though.

    Also, about the confusion it could be that they are on the sharpshooter wager mode, which gives you instant perk powerups when you get kills, maybe players are getting hardline powerups each time which decrease the killstreak requirement – just a thought.

    Hopefully it will be cleared up soon!


  • BOB

    I like the idea of the killstreaks but the carepackages are gay now. i mean really a minigun and some other ultimate super weapon… LAME. I like though how the classic dogs are back plus having a gunship sounds awesome.

    • tyler

      the minigun looks pretty sick though. it sorta looks like the one from unreal tournament 3 for xbox 360.

  • rob

    I think this all sounds exciting!! I could never get high kill streaks, so i like no 25 killstreak!!

    • charlie small

      thats cos u suk at cod 6 lol

      • your fucking gay kid learn to spell you gay kid

        • jesse

          damm u must suck if u cant get a killstreak noob!