Call of Duty Black Ops: All COD Killstreaks, Guns and Weapons Missed

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 3, 2010

We know that the co-op mode in Call of Duty Black Ops is going to be talked about at a later date, and the other night was just a multiplayer reveal. There is a good chance that we will see news of Zombies later on this year.

Now that we have shown you the full list of killstreaks and new weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops, you have a good idea of what is included and what may have been missed from your wish list.

We asked you earlier today if you would miss juggernaut, but now want to know all the COD Black Ops killstreaks, guns and weapons missed. What ideas did you have that look to have missed the boat in the new game?

Back in May we had over 300 responses to a weapons wish list, some of the ideas were far fetched, and some were really good. What did you feel was missed? Share in the comments.

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