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Call of Duty Black Ops: All COD Killstreaks, Guns and Weapons Missed

We know that the co-op mode in Call of Duty Black Ops is going to be talked about at a later date, and the other night was just a multiplayer reveal. There is a good chance that we will see news of Zombies later on this year.

Now that we have shown you the full list of killstreaks and new weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops, you have a good idea of what is included and what may have been missed from your wish list.

We asked you earlier today if you would miss juggernaut, but now want to know all the COD Black Ops killstreaks, guns and weapons missed. What ideas did you have that look to have missed the boat in the new game?

Back in May we had over 300 responses to a weapons wish list, some of the ideas were far fetched, and some were really good. What did you feel was missed? Share in the comments.


  • GT: TzG D3EJaY TzG

    There will be zomibe mode such as WaW. You will be able to fight as Jfk, Richard Nixon, Fidel castro, and some other president or so fighting from the pentagon

  • chris

    what are all the killstreaks ?

  • bob

    no its 15 prestiges and to lvl 50


    This games is gonna be the best!!!!!!!… better than the dumb nerdy games coming out about dragons and swords and knights and stupid crap like that.

  • Black

    <3 black ops Black opsssssssss

  • chippy micky

    smell your mas mattt

  • will there be zomibes in black ops???

  • tjb

    all i know is the Gatling Gun is in the game i saw it in a you tube vid it looks so cool

  • bill

    i kinda wished we could choose just just rifles like cod 5 with what ever attachment

  • dom

    cant wait for the new game im getting the prestige edition, i hope for dedicated severs and many things that people have claimed maybe true although it would be more advanced in the c.o.d after this made by infinity ward as treyarch are usually second best, they are like the b team to infinty ward but they have got some great ideas so if infinity ward can add to this in the next call of duty we can only hope, i heared a rumor that cod 8 will be in 3d or in the next few years, anyway cant wait for blackops 🙂

    • Billy tyrone

      Infinity Ward is probablly never making a call of duty game again

      • Lubby

        Infinity Ward is definately going to make another Call of Duty. They will make another one even if it isn't as good, which knowing Infinity Ward, they will definately make a better game.

      • Austin

        yes they are coming out with Modern Warfare 3 sometime, you play as a man named Keyshan Lewis (however its spelled).

        • yo yo y o

          thats from a website that makes fake news stories a.k.a. The Onion

  • phil

    seriously why go back down again

  • ethan

    yes there will, but i beleeeve it only goes up to 50

  • freaky

    HELP……. In like mulitiplayer mode….. Is there going to be prestiges? Like level up to 70 then u get the option of prestige, let me know if any one knows. thanks

    • Blood demon1113

      It goes to level 50 and there are more than 10 prestiges…idk how many…but yea prestige

      • sean

        15 prestiges 50lvls in a prestige

    • tom

      yes 10 prestiges but u go to lvl 75

      • adring

        hey uhm… guessing throws people off so yeah. its 50 levels and 15 prestiges, suck it


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