Square Enix Account Management: FFXIV Beta Login Problems Fixed

This is a quick update on the FFXIV beta login problems a lot of our readers have had, early today we posted details regarding the current issues with Final Fantasy XIV beta, which are a second round of problems continued from the day before.

At the time of writing the error page is still there instead of a login box, and gamers have reported their problems with being locked out of the beta.

We have a little tip for those still locked out, one quick Google search for “Square Enix Account Management” will take you to a secure login page, which can be found here. This is an account management page that is different from the link in the email. You will already need your code.

Once at that page, you can enter your ID and Square Enix password. Let us know if your still getting problems trying to login.

We are getting reports that applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended, and you will have to wait until they are ready to accept new applications.


  • Pattitude

    I get the test site login problem, too. The one where, after you enter your account name and password to login, the page refreshes to the original "This site is only available to people who have been granted Beta Test Accounts. Please login" page.

    Which sucks, 'cause I just got my beta key and registered it. Anyone know what's up with that?

  • livingdeadjedi

    Still the same

    I can log into my Square Enix account no problem.

    but when I try logging in using the link above or even from the email to gain access my game key so I can log in and play the game it won't recognize my password and I get locked out for a few minutes.

    and the worst thing is it says my email doesn't exist yet the Square Enix account page says it does.

    It would be nice to see the game but I can't even get to see my Beta Application code !!!

  • Kasor

    As of 9am est on 9/3/10, I was able to get a key. I believe they just added new servers. Log in on account site went through np but the beta test site is still locked up. (still able to play after registering on account site)

  • El duderino

    You guys just gotta hit your JP button

  • LookingforSEBlood

    guys this might be a joke… but i read on some forum that if you keep trying there is a portal that spews out afew keys or so i read when it opens. in other words the suspended is bullcrap. i will keep spamming 20 browsers with my login until their servers actually crash and burn for good. i wont stop i will switch places with my roomm8. i hate you SE with passion. too bad i love FF series.

  • 7:15 GMT+1 still nothing.

  • Guy

    10:05 EST, applications still suspended. The constant spamming of the apply now page is not paying off. I agree though a hint would be nice, but then again it's a beta test. Once they put out all of the fires in the server rooms I'm sure they will open it back up for a bit.

  • Ari

    7:10 pm pst and still nothing, either that or SE is hatin'

  • Wolf

    Still getting the "Applications have been suspended" msg as of 6:10 EST. It'd be nice if they'd at least HINT at when they might start taking them again.

  • Joe Schmo

    Wow an OPEN beta is CLOSED – ???



  • bakkasan

    Wow, I tried to get in when they opened it, never got through because of errors, and when I finally did get in, it was closed again.

  • Iwashi

    Well for me, when i click login, the site just refreshes and nothing happens (i know the registration is closed, but i did't even get to tha message)


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