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Nexus One Accessories: Protection From Scratches

There are now a lot of Nexus One accessories to choose from, some more helpful than others. One problem most mobile devices suffer from is scratches, and while a case may be the fastest solution, some cases can make your mobile device look ugly.

HTC’s Google Nexus One can benefit from the full body InvisibleSHIELD, which they claim can keep your phone as new as the first day you bought it. Fitting the invisible shield can be more of a pain than other solutions, but if you fit the skin correctly you will end up with a more professional finish.

You apply the thin skin with SHIELDspray and the included squeegee, and you shouldn’t notice that you have a skin applied it really is that thin.

We have had feedback from other readers in the past about InvisibleSHIELD, and some had a few problems that included the challenge of keeping some lint out from between the phone and shield. We have also heard of speck-sized bubbles that did not go after a few days.

Have you used InvisibleSHIELD? How did you find it? Let us know your favorite Nexus One accessories in the comments. The video below shows you a Nexus One Torture Test with invisibleSHIELD.



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