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HTC HD3 (HD7): Release Date and New Name?

On a day which has mostly been all about the new lineup of Apple iPod devices, we couldn’t let this major piece of information slip through our fingers. The highly anticipated HTC HD3 has been spotted again, this time with some solid information for consumers.

According to this report from Engadget, the HTC HD3 will be rebranded as the ‘HD7’ as it will be running Windows Phone 7 and the name sort of makes sense when you think about it.

Furthermore, Engadget has also received a document, which reveals an October 18th release date. As you can see from the image over at Engadget, the HTC HD7 has been listed alongside various handsets from the likes of Nokia, RIM and LG.

We don’t have a confirmed US carrier for the HTC HD7 yet, but hopefully we will find that out for you soon. What are your thoughts on this? We knew the HD3 would be a Windows Phone 7 device anyway, but are you happy with the name change to HD7? I kind of like it you know!


  • Drap

    HD7 is not the HD3. HD7 is just HD2 with Windows7 and few minor modification. The real HD3 with 1.5 Ghz processor is still under wrap….!!

  • Michael Lococo

    I don't care about killing' the iPhone or Android, Blackberry and Palm… there's room for all these… I just want a hot Windows Phone that will let me do what I need to do and do all that other crazy stuff that makes the rest of the world go 'round! I've been using a portable version of Windows since Windows CE first came out on my H/PC device. I've used Windows Mobile devices from Sprint and ATT and now on T-Mobile (6 years) I went from my Dash to my Touch Pro 2 to my HD2 and I've loved them all. Now with the prospects of Windows Mobile 7 on a bigger better faster device I'm ready for an HD7!

  • seofest

    iPhone killer? noooo 😀

  • john west

    this is what i am talking about. go HTC go. we love you.


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