FFXIV: Open Beta Keys and Server Error Messages? – Did you get in?

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2010

While we can confirm that the open beta for Final Fantasy XIV is now underway, it looks like a lot of you are having trouble getting in, due to the heavy traffic on Square-Enix’s servers. Did you manage to acquire a key and get in?

It is a straight forward procedure to download the client to PC, but after that, you need to get a beta key by going through a series of forms on their account pages.

To get a beta key, you need to fill out their application form, but at the moment, the webpage is down due to heavy traffic. If you did manage to get a key, then you have to log in on the account management page, but again this website is unavailable at the moment.

If you managed to get in and are now currently playing the game – consider yourself very lucky. I have been checking the website frequently now, and I’m still unable to get past the server error messages.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you getting the server error message too?

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  • ZIMM

    … babies, you signed up ythe day Of or day after beta is released, and your crying?
    lol. I signed up 2 years ago anda pplied to beta 7 months ago when tehy FIRST said something.
    My point?
    If you signed up Week of .. just before or just after. Shut up stop crying.
    BETA not hte actual game. stfu if U misssed it sit still and pre order your copy. But for the luv of all holy stfu about the beta and your tears of not logging into it. Seriously… BETA not retail version stfu stop crying.

  • asda

    Either your all impatient as fuck or I'm the god of patience..

    Im guessing most of you have never done a BETA.. It's a BETA to be imrpoved, it's not going to be perfect..


  • Wolf

    Finally got through all processes, got key etc, registered key on account
    Then the game wont download because they have such a crappy peer network program
    What a waste of time and no i dont want to hunt around other 3rd partys and download with my own torrrent,
    gees worse beta ive been in yet and yes i played FFXI and thought it would have progressed some, I had this game pre ordered but will be canceling soon if things dont turn around real fast 🙁

  • Piscesrd

    I still cant get past the SE account management login page, it just sits there with my info and my secure key and says its done loading.

  • phoenix_down

    Once more it is now 4:09pm EST (1:09PST) and I know for a fact the servers are currently up:( http://www.ffxiv-status.com/ ) and people are actively testing the website, albeit probably a bit laggy. The site still says it has temporarily suspended key registration process and if you hit back button it still says maint is underway.

    I want to keep positive thoughts in mind as an old school FF fan and MMORPGer, but hard to do if this is how Open Beta conducts stress tests are conducted; locking out people who will base reliability of the final product and purchase on open beta activity… not to mention poor expectation management. Unless they want a angry mob of people trying to beat down the virtual FFXIV online gate to get a key to try open beta. Then they're doing an excellent job.

  • phoenix_down

    It is now 12:26pm EST. The application site is still suspended and if I accidentally hit the back button it says Site Maint with no ETA (estimated time frame of completion)

  • jim

    also getting the loop, just be patient all will be well soon enough.
    Just gotta keep trying

  • D.J.

    Takes 48 hours after you recieve this email, for your square enix ID to be reconized and added to the database. Hope this helps, you recieve that email with key after you apply for beta.

  • D.J.

    You have received notification that you have been selected for the FINAL
    FANTASY XIV Beta, then the SQUARE ENIX ID attached to the email address that the
    notification was sent to will be provided access to the FINAL FANTASY XIV beta
    website at https://dev-na.ffxiv.com/ . Only those SQUARE ENIX IDs that have been
    selected for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta will have access to the FINAL FANTASY
    XIV beta website.

  • D.J.

    I have my key, but the beta site is down, why would they send you a key if you can't use it!?! So frustrating 😛

  • guest

    I must have more patience… none of this even phases me.. ::Shrugs::

  • RidonculusSE

    Server Maintenance Sept 3,2010

    At the following time, we will be performing emergency maintenance. During this maintenance period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.
    * The tester site will continue to be available during maintenance.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    [Date & Time]
    Sep. 3, 2010 from 0:00 to 3:00 (PDT)
    * Maintenance completion time is subject to change.

    [Affected Service]
    – FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version

    Its still under maintenance apparently was supposed to be over at 3AM.. I am still getting message apparently the subject to change completion time is in effect 😀

    Would be nice to have another update.

  • Brian

    I got as far as to make an account and get a key. I entered the key in, was forwarded to the maintenance page. Now it says my key is invalid, and you can't apply for a second key. AWESOME!!!!

  • RidonculusSE

    All Worlds Emergency Maintenance (Sep. 3)
    At the following time, we will be performing emergency maintenance. During this maintenance period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.
    * The tester site will continue to be available during maintenance.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

    [Date & Time]
    Sep. 3, 2010 from 0:00 to 3:00 (PDT)
    * Maintenance completion time is subject to change.

    [Affected Service]
    – FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version

    OK TY SE for the update At least we know whats up. 🙂

  • Shaka

    i would love to get the link from where you guys dl the instaler via bit torret, cause this is just retarded the updater has been open for 12 HOURS and ive only downloaded 4.7% i mean, if this thing is gonna happen when they release the game im canceling my pre-order today, its incredible that after the failure of FF XI square still doesnt have any idea of how to make an MMO, his support site sucks, no info is released at all, or at least never on time, and his updater is a piece of crap srry square but that kind of things is exactly why ppl preffer to play WoW

  • Sooty


  • CrystalRayne

    Anyone was able to solve the "loop" problem, where it says that you need to be a beta tester to login, or get the login page again and then says that your login/pass is incorrect?
    I tried both NA and EU login pages, both gives me the issue.

    Let's try to get this crap figured out 😛

    • livingdeadjedi

      Naa and no one else seems to be reporting this either.

      Won't let me log in at all yet i can log into square Enix.

  • will

    i have registered my beta key and have a final fatasy 14 account i just cant get on the tester site to download the client anywhere else u can get it from for europe ?


    downloading the update files but it is taking forever! downloading for 3 hours now and its only on 0.3% and thats only the first of 7 updates! :'( apparantly its going to take another 26 hours to download, seriously?? now thats taking the piss.

  • zylan

    just got my bf and i Key!!! and registered 😀

  • livingdeadjedi

    Yup still nothing in UK won't allow login with my Square Enix password or login name. It was last night but going to that Server Error page.

    Ah well as long as we don't miss any perks from not attending the beta not to bothered, if we do miss any perks it's time to get kickass on the them :p

  • m0ved1

    just got my key but get an error on the test sight saying its for beta testers only, have input my kay for the service and it has been accepted but still get the same thing, if i login it says running then takes me back to the same page 🙁 cant even download the installer now 🙁

    • alan

      i have the smae problem have you found a fix yet?

  • deepz

    I woke up and got my key at 7:00am EST

  • ubelblatt

    they're giving keys now! go go go!

    • Ryan

      Yup, I just got a key and downloaded the initial client (only 118MB). After installing it, the client was unable to download the rest of the files due to some server error :/

  • Ashel

    Open Beta App site still not accepting new applications 6:18 EST

  • livingdeadjedi

    Yeah was really anoying as my friend has got in because they logged in very early in the morning.

    Whats worst though is now instead of the SERVER ERROR message, it will not accept my password even though I can log into the Square Enix homepage.

    I thought ok i'll try getting them to change my password. So i hit forgot password, entered my email address and got "this email is not valid". So just out of curiosity I tried registering again, and it told me this email is already registered.

    So it appears not only is the server broke but the login for that part of the site won't accept existing members passwords.

  • dangerwr

    I am in the open beta i litterally got it 7am est this morning it was open with a pocket of about 10 minutes. Yeah I am a nerd and probably going to get a lot of crap for saying that but i really wanted it :P. All I have to say is my friend who was in Closed beta was watching me and he couldnt believe the improvements. Anyway open beta does not mean everyone gets to play the game for free btw…. because lets face it … its to advance the game and not have kids walk around a farm and not contribute. Personally I think they should have just made another closed beta even if I wasent alloud in it… this way you all would stop your QQing and SE would get the help from the players they deserve not crying little bitches….. F U BTW I GOT BETA KEY 🙂

  • Damien

    This is just lol XD

  • Tim
  • daworm

    They are just redirecting the Application button to the server congested page. Guess they don't want to hand out anymore beta keys

  • Kevin

    If SE built a giant robotic tentacled rape machine with a penchant for little girls, you better believe it would have been released on time and would be operating at optimum disgust levels. Let's here it for "Japanese Technology." SE you fail.

  • Sleyvas

    i almost got in to get my code but it loaded slow then stopped. when i refreshed i got the error message. That was right after it launched. wayyyyy too many people trying to get on and get this game. at least i have the beta installed. just need the registration code!!

  • Anonymous

    New game, Same old square enix bullshit.

  • matterz

    Well I really hope it gives me a damn key soon…

  • wes

    Total Fail Sauce by SE. Why couldn't they just email us a key when we have already registered already back to FEB I might add.

    I reapplied my account doing what the email said. I go into my SE account…i don't see anything about getting a key sent to me button. So I wait and wait…the NA page changes and I see a apply button finally (this is well after the time stated it would unlock)…and I see this error.

    I tried all evening periodically. Even at 12 am PDT and it was still messed up.

  • randomdood

    Hmm when will they start sending more invites out? This seems more like a bigger closed beta then a open one…

  • ninechars

    I was in the closes betas and SE did a horrible job fixing things and listening to user feed back. They also did a HORRIBLE job communicating with the testing community. It seems as though they are taking the same sort of attitude with FFXIV as they did with FFXI… As someone who did testing in the closed beta I would expect I could jump into the open beta without going through a million steps… Appearantly I do… and now they are telling me "oh we aren't accepting any new accounts at this time"… I know I am just one person so who do they care, but this may have been the last nail in the coffin for me… FFXIV closed betas were pretty horrible… the game wasn't that great… I'm seriously thinking about forgetting this MMO and going back to LOTRO…

    • dangerwr

      kinda was taking you seriously until u said u played lotro lol FAIL

  • Lanioran

    Im getting the suspension notice as well, its probably just because they are working to update all their server business (wishful thinking) i would bet that they open keys up again soon, otherwise its not really an open beta at that point, just a very large closed beta

  • HurrahForBeer

    I'm not sure what "Champs" is talking about. FFXI open beta had the same issues LOL

  • tom

    what they will probably do is not tell anyone when they r giving out codes again so they dont crash i guess they expect us to revolve our lives around this untill we get in. fat chance

  • Angie

    i am having the same error… i am almost used to it.. since i have played many game betas and always there is a problem……. and i mean ALWAYS ….
    plus i got the email about making application ( which i already made on april………………….) so.. am i suppose to make again???????????????? … even if i whanted to i cant .. cause of the server issues… something tells me that i will not be able to play the beta ^^ …. and i will not be able to take any key.. i hope you guyz manage to play… and tell the rest of us that cant log .. if the game is actually worth it!!!

    • God

      Do you know the definition of beta?

  • Lende

    Anyone get the message "Either the Square Enix ID or Square Enix password entered is incorrect."? I made sure i typed it right, even logged many many time on Square Enix, tried changing the password, tried with another Square Enix account, and i keep having either the error page either the incorrect Id and Pass message… am i the only one?

  • Klandaghi

    Well, in all honesty I'd hoped that they would have tried to plan out a solution to tweak before just putting it up there. I'm sure they did. But if they didn't expect the insanity of a world of people trying to connect they are crazy. I say world because let's face it, The "gold Farmers", quoted cause I'm not sure on the monetary unit of FFXIV, are probably trying to get in to find out what they can use to make money for the US crowd and get that illegal paper. Personally I'm surprised that no one is trying to sell Open Beta Keys on e-bay. Half expected that. Either way, Load Balancing(LB) would help a lot, and I'm sure they have something set up. I'm just hoping they figure out what they need. I'd imagine an LB for the registration site hooked to 20+ servers with the account-management set up on around 40+ servers and then the Beta Login on around 40+ servers as well each with their own LB to spread this out properly.
    For those that don't know or understand what Load Balancing is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Load_balancing_%28co

  • factzonly

    The servers are undergoing maintenance at the moment. It will probably be a few hours before they come back online.

  • farrago

    i was trying all night and got nothing, just now i got past the server error page tried to login and got the same message twice:

    "Applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended. Please wait until we are ready to accept new applications and then try again."

  • High Towers

    oh god you need to realize how far they have come since beta, i play darkfall and they fuck everything up tell u this and don't follow threw, ffxiv is in beta they made the game amazing in less than 2 months of beta, they know what there doing, this is common for all open beta's quit bitching and realize SE is an amazing company and give them credit for actually bringing the game to life, half the time its not the DEV's fault for the billing websites and other related ones, They hire people to do these things. the site is probably some NA company that was not expecting a million people trying to get the same thing at once.

  • Tomast

    Everyone needs to calm down. This is ALWAYS what successful open betas are. The first day is always a rush, crash servers, come back up crash again. It is a stress test for them to see where they need new hardware. There is no sense in complaining, just wait it out and you'll get your shot. Games that don't behave this way at the start means they don't have the population that Aion or FFXIV will at the start.

    I'm fully confident that keys will be distributed again soon.

    • Faithless

      The popularity of this game upon release is clerly going to be of epic proportions. I got in last night after 2.5 hours of mashing the S-E servers. Most peoplf i play with weren't so lucky ~ I heard rumors of the keys being distributed again today in bunches once the servers calm down and they can maintain consistancy on them… IE STOP HAMMERING THE SERVERS.

    • masterblaster2

      did you seriously just compare Aion's popularity to Final Fantasy's??

  • Bane

    Launch of open beta is already 2 full days (more or less) behind schedule. What am I supposed to think about that, honestly?

  • Raikage

    I finally got through and got a key at about 4:30 AM CDT time. After downloading the beta client through uTorrent in about 2 hours instead of 1 Million Years with the default updater, I was able to login and mess around with the character creation. As soon as I tried to create the character and log into the server, I keep getting Error 1015. I believe the servers are under maintainance or something.

    • Whats the site because when i download and i click the shortcut it says it has stopped working 0.0 Confusing

  • Guest

    I got through everything this morning but never got a code in my email…its not in spam either.

  • Champs

    i downloaded the beta when it first started and everything went well until they ask for a reg code that i never got . i call SE and they tell me the new update for sep 1 will allow me to get it but i have to uninstall and reinstall . Once i did that now i cant even get the download installer. Im really disliking this game right now. im not going to spent 75 bucks for this game if they having these many problems . To a earlier post. they f**ked up on this beta because when they had the FFXI beta there was no problems downloading anything and we got in just find . SE you sarting to act like xbox dont rush your stuff because it never comes out right

    • roflstomp

      lol when FFXI came out it was completely broken for open beta… That's the point of TESTing. They are testing how much traffic they can handle, and those that do get in are helping SE perfect the game. You saying you're not gonna buy the game because the beta doesn't work is just ridiculous. Beta's ALWAYS have problems. That's how they find andd fix the problems before they start selling it. Get a clue.

  • guest

    Got to where it said this:

    "Applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended. Please wait until we are ready to accept new applications and then try again."

  • DeMoN

    Last night I got halfway through. I got to the page where you have to accept the license agreement after clicking apply and logging in, but the page did not fully load and the javascript didn't run so there was no way to submit my info. Kept trying for a while and then had to start over. I also just got the message that apps are suspended now at 7am PST.

  • Xaeonis

    Fucking ridiculous. Was on at 11pm CST which is 9pm PDT and clicked the button from there until 3am CST. 4 HOURS. Not once was I able to get in. In fact, now at 8am CST, which is 6am PDT, they closed it.

    SO. That sucks. How the fuck was anyone supposed to get a key. Like the original post says, "Youre very lucky if you got a key."

    I understand that this is an anticipated release and has a lot of following and popularity behind it, but man, this just seems like a good way to piss off a lot of people. Meh.

    • Billyup

      I don't know if it was my timing or if I was just plain lucky, but I think I kinda cheated. last night around 4am cst I was sick of hitting the apply for beta button and decided to just copy the link location (from the button) and paste it into my browser, BINGO I was in. Go me?

  • I got in. Played a few hours then the servers shut down for maintenance and an update. Haven't been able to update.

  • MLarkins

    Quick update: At 6am Pacific, Sept 2nd:
    "Applications for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test have been temporarily suspended. Please wait until we are ready to accept new applications and then try again. "

    • guest

      I just got the same message. Someone post if they get past this please

      • derek

        confirmed. same here. anyone know when the suspension will be lifted?

        • phoenix_down

          It's now 12:09 est getting the same message

    • faton303

      so , can i get a beta key? where is the form to fill?, if still exist one i mean not suspended

  • uni

    when will the servers come back up?

  • joegoku

    The Servers are currently down. But I thought that way before it happend.
    There where to many people who wanted to play it.
    Square Enix should have known this.
    Hope the Servers will start again, until than… waiting…

    • Down do we have like a certain time to do it by ?

      • Lailiyah

        after getting the key you need to register it into your SE management account, then your FFXIV beta access should be registered (check status) before you can get into the game/forums.

  • I got in to the beta but when i go onto the beta site to sign in it says "The FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test Site can only be accessed by those who have been granted Beta Test accounts.

  • JRawR

    I just got in, quick download and install, updates are crawling very slowly though.
    Stuck on 7.4% of the first update, downloading stopped (0.0b/s)

    • ff7cloud

      hey mine wont even give me a option to dl the client where did u dl yours from ??

  • I got in to the beta but when i go onto the beta site to sign in it says "The FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test Site can only be accessed by those who have been granted Beta Test accounts.
    Beta testers can log in from the link below using their Square Enix Account"
    No that is not true at all because i have a Square Enix Acoount !

    • Daniel

      did you enter the key yet. you need to register the key on your accoutn page like you would if you bought a new game that needed a cd key

  • Tony

    Well i got to get a key, but i cant log into the beta test website 🙁 keeps trying to log me and and then going back to asking me to log in

  • vkl

    Same here….Square Enix Failed….and Totally this means i wont even dare to buy the game…These things are irresponsible!

    • Billyup

      Do you seriously believe that popularity would make a game worse?
      "the webpage is down due to heavy traffic," could that not mean a whole mess more people are wanting to try out FFXIV then expected? Is it bad that they an already popular game world(notice the XIV, that's a number if you weren't aware, a very high number as far as video game sequels go), one an MMO with 500,000-ish users? Some of which I'm positive will be trying out this game? So, please think before you type. I know it's hard, but think about the children. That should come easy.

    • NLy10nd1

      That's a ridiculous reason to not buy the game. Obviously they know from the success of FFXI that millions will want to play FFXIV, but they are not going to setup enough servers for millions to beta test it. That's called "the official release" so be patient, when it comes out I'm not saying the servers will be perfect, but they will have a higher capacity than this.

      • A. Ortiz

        The problem is that this was lousy planning on Square Enix's part. If they knew millions of people would try the open beta, why on earth would they expect to just put up a single website with no queue and expect people to leisurely go by at some point during the week to acquire a key?
        These should have been emailed out in waves to people who had registered for the beta, with this week being "open beta week" and people receiving keys from Monday to Sunday in droves. That's the proper way to go about it and it hasn't failed a single MMO, in my experience.

        I personally am so frustrated with Square Enix's lousy handling of the matter and unintuitive instructions that I am fairly determined never to buy a single Square Enix product ever again. They have irked me for the very last time.

        • Tatl

          This is an even worse reason not to buy a Square-Enix product. "They didn't conform to my ideals of a beta test. This company is horrible."

    • raku

      It's a beta. Which means that the software and the servers are in an experimantal stage , and the testers are supposed to TEST it , not play a game for free. You don't pay them and they don't pay you ,wich means you are in no position to make any sort of demands whatsoever. Square was testing the server stability before , and they're free to do this as often as they want to.

    • lugz

      VKL thats the point of this test is to test server load. not for the pleasure of the open beta testers. beta = not final version if u dont understand the game creation and debugging process dont start making false asumptions i was in closed beta and the game was very good hardly any bugs no server problems.

  • Ttj

    Is there any point in constantly clicking the back button and trying again?
    Are the servers completely down?

  • Andy

    Yer getting the same message, they seem to constantly be having server issues :/