Ferrari 458 Italia Recall: Cars Recalled Due to Fire Hazard

By Jamie Pert - Sep 2, 2010

Ferrari has recently announced a recall for their popular 458 Italia cars, this recall is due to a fire hazard which may affect up to 1,248 vehicles.

Affected models used a flammable adhesive in the wheel-arch assemblies, this can ignite if it overheats, which obviously poses a huge risk to the public.

Ferrari began inspecting the problem when they heard of five fire reports, if you own a Ferrari 458 manufactured before July 10 you should take it to your dealer.

If your Ferrari has been destroyed due to a fire it looks as if Ferrari will replace it, for more information check out the source link below.

Has your Ferrari suffered a similar problem? If so, were you happy with Ferrari’s support?

Source: AutoWeek

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    Did Toyota and Lexus replaced cars that crashed due to manufacture defaults that occured in recent time?

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    Who needs a Ferrari??? LOVE MY TOYOTA !!!

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      those who like cars!

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      ummm … i would rather blow my head off than drive a toyota.