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Call of Duty Black Ops: Wager Match Modes – First Gameplay Video

We told you that gameplay videos were on the way, and here is the first one. Treyarch has just released a gameplay video for the brand new wager mode that will be included in the multiplayer for Call of Duty Black Ops.

I can safely say that you will not want to miss out on this video, as the four new wager modes are looking awesome and tons of fun.

Basically the whole idea of wager mode is to bet your currency earned in standard multiplayer mode, with other players in wager mode. If you place in the top three in any of these modes, you’ll get your cash back, but you’ll lose it if you don’t make the top three – look out for a full report on COD points and currency soon.

The four new wager modes are One in a Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter and my personal favorite – Gun Game. We’ll be bringing you a full report on all four new modes, but I can say if you’ve played Counter-Strike 1.6 before, you’ll know all about Gun Game – it is exactly the same concept, and very fun to play with friends.

Check out the gameplay video below and let us know your thoughts on it. I can’t wait for Black Ops to release now, what about you? All we need now is zombie mode!


  • Tonydtiger

    Yah it came out I bought it and I loved it to death but now four months later I can even join a friggin game and if I do my connection times out mtgs loby is closed time and time again. Whoevers job it is to prevent and or fix this better get there ass in gear! Two thumbs down treyarch:(

  • throwyourmominrelese

    i spent a whole prestigewith a throw knife only on mw2 so ill bankrupt every one

  • mw1

    but you can bet on a certain amount. its not like you loose all of it

  • ya. only the top 3 players get money. the rest loose their cod points

  • Black Ops is sick =)

    what happens if u loose a wager match do u loose currency

  • Black Ops is sick =)

    what happens if u loose in a wager match do u loose currency

  • spongbob

    u go up 1

  • what happens if you get a double kill in gun game do you skip a gun or just go up one?

    • Hangs Loww

      you only get the next weapon. you do get a double on the precious gun which will give you more xp an cod points

  • Jesus

    Holy Shit! If you throw a tomahawk at someone you bankrupt them. The only person I know who can cause a secondary effect is chuck norris. If he gives you a paper with his autograph than you will get cancer 2 years later but now everyone can cause a secondary effect!

  • matthewlowery

    Guns look especially cool! 😀

  • Kev

    I would say world at war was a flop but not modern warfare 2 but yes this looks amazing!

  • Lewys Thompson

    This game could be in a chance for the top 3 title in all of call of duty. Looks fantastic. Modern warfare 2 was a huge flop in the series but they where quick enough to bring out blackops so it didn't spoil the series.

    • Aaron Mac

      I thought MW2 was pretty successful, but it looks like Black ops will take the cake.

  • robert weaver

    wow unbelievable

  • Kevin

    pretty beast, i like it

    • jake

      lol ya


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