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Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Reveal – No Zombie mode?

If you missed Treyarch’s huge multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty Black Ops, you’ll know that there was one notable absentee. Treyarch hasn’t dropped any hints on the inclusion of zombie mode prior to the event, and there wasn’t any updates at the event itself either.

I have to say that I was expecting some kind of teaser trailer for zombie mode at the very end of their event, but sadly it didn’t happen. Since the game is due out at the start of November, I’m guessing they will be saving their zombie reveal until the last minute, perhaps in October to keep anticipation high.

Then again, you could argue that tonight’s event was all about multiplayer, so why should they need to dish the dirt on a mode which is mainly co-op based? It was a long shot I guess.

Were you happy with Treyarch’s event tonight, or were you expecting more? We’ll bring you a full recap of the event shortly, including some awesome gameplay vidoes.



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