Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Reveal – No Zombie mode?

By Alan Ng - Sep 2, 2010

If you missed Treyarch’s huge multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty Black Ops, you’ll know that there was one notable absentee. Treyarch hasn’t dropped any hints on the inclusion of zombie mode prior to the event, and there wasn’t any updates at the event itself either.

I have to say that I was expecting some kind of teaser trailer for zombie mode at the very end of their event, but sadly it didn’t happen. Since the game is due out at the start of November, I’m guessing they will be saving their zombie reveal until the last minute, perhaps in October to keep anticipation high.

Then again, you could argue that tonight’s event was all about multiplayer, so why should they need to dish the dirt on a mode which is mainly co-op based? It was a long shot I guess.

Were you happy with Treyarch’s event tonight, or were you expecting more? We’ll bring you a full recap of the event shortly, including some awesome gameplay vidoes.

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  • Jimmy

    Is there multiplayer zombie mode on Black Ops?

  • eric

    campers like zombies people who have no friends in real life play zombies but dont think i have life cause i put hours into multiplayer but zombies is for people who like to chit-chat its no skills involved in it just sit and shoot i dont call that fun thats a waste of 60 bucks but thats why people like mw and mw2 its so noob friendly just pull out a tube and sit see sounds the same but in waw there was no sitting if you did you died it was more run&gun yea it was unrealistic but so is every other game of course noone is going to get shot in the back turn around and kill him and his mates but that was fun if you couldnt do it than you lacked a skill thats why everyone likes zombies me i think its a waist of time but i will laugh when there is only the zombies from waw and no new ones and you bought maps twice

    • Fu – Eric

      a WAIST of time? learn English.

  • Benji

    How can ppl say that ZOMBIES is crap for me and every one of my mates that play COD love ZOMBIES!!!! # If it was me I would have done a separate game with just ZOMBIES, it would have made them so much more money to make bigger and better games. I know some ppl would not have liked this but what’s £40 for years of enjoyment.

  • ZoMbieSlayer797

    ZoMbies RuLz

  • joe

    i could careless about zombie mode. dumbest shit ever

    • Fu – Joe

      i could CARE LESS about people who don't know how to use words. You could careless? As if careless were a verb instead of an adjective? Put a space retard.

  • sml909

    Modern warfare 2 needed a zombie mode and if black ops doesn’t it would be a bigger let down than no knights of the old republic for the 360 or ps3


    crappiest graphics. Ever!

    • pezza

      Pfft you know nothing about graphics mate.

    • BECK

      the graphics look bad cause its not in hd and its just a beta they fix that after they evaluate everything…its like that for every game before it comes out

  • yooooo

    because it's multiplayer not CO idiot.

  • Jonathan

    Actually, they have already stated the tonight would be strictly competitive multiplayer so you shouldn’t have been expecting zombies at all tonight.

  • NatMan

    This was just multiplayer. Later this year they are supposed to present co-op (Zombie Mode).

  • Matthew

    I thought Zombies and co op trailers were going to be released at a later date

    • Yes, It was said that co-op wasnt gonna be talked about, so there is a good chance of Zombies being released later on

    • lokienloki

      Well, this one is previewed even more better as the official updates are coming about its new game-mode. COD Black Ops Complete Impressions..