Call of Duty: Black Ops – Maps, Game Modes and Features Leaked

By Jamie Pert - Sep 2, 2010

With less than one hour until the official Black Ops multiplayer reveal it seems as if pretty much all of the details have leaked prematurely, and from the look of things Treyarch have some big changes in store for CoD fans.

For me the biggest news is that there will be currency in multiplayer, cash can be used to unlock weapons, accessories and uniforms. Cash can be earned by doing well in a multiplayer match, there will also be wager matches where you can gamble your hard earned cash.

When you take part in a wager match you will put down cash before the match starts, then one of four game modes will be chosen randomly, these are One in a Chamber, Sharpshooter, Sticks and Stones and Gun Game, we will talk about this in more detail later today.

There are a few new features that we can talk about, you will be able to use a bundle of firecrackers as bait for enemies, these firecrackers create a gunfire-like sound, this will show up on the foes radar, which they will think is an enemy.

Black Ops will offer weapon customization like never seen before, you will be able to alter your sights and add your personal tag, not only this but you will be able to add attachments such as flame-throwers.

It seems as if the game’s ranking system will remain the same, therefore it should be much more fun buying increasingly better weapons and unlocking better attachments etc. In team deathmatch there are said to be a few changes, such as a higher team score if you get more headshots etc

All these details are apparently fresh from a UK gaming magazine, therefore should be pretty legitimate.

What do you think of these new game modes and features?

Source: IGN

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  • reece

    you are all twats

  • poo

    hi wagwan

  • dan

    haloo ftw black ops shitt

  • Joshua Higgins

    Call of Duty uses the same formula with each release. In my opinion it's overrated, too easy and caters to the needs of the younger generation by combining Hollywood and macho action into one package. I can't help but feel that Killzone 2 has defined the right style of gameplay needed for a first-person shooter, but there's still allot of room for improvement, which I believe Killzone 3 will deliver, but not completely.

  • nazi dude kila

    black ops is sick!
    im glad they kept the classic modes like domination, capter da flag etc etc.
    btw halo sux!
    *Bad story
    *It is not based on anything real
    *You cant regen health
    *Not so many guns!

  • Thomas

    Hope Black Ops isnt like Halo Reach fun for like a week then got boring:)

  • Jay

    Treyarch have listened to the people they removed QUICKSCOPERS by making the quick aming perk not work with snipers πŸ˜€ and they ave removed NOOB TUBERS by making scavinger not reseply them and killstreak kills dont count to new kill streaks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !!

    • Thomas

      I liked the quickscopes but got mad at NOOB TUBES.

  • horny boy

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  • max

    does anyone know how many levels there is going to be, and how many prestiges there is going to be? So let me get this strait there is cash and xp? xp levels you up and you can costumize s**t with cash right?

    • John

      Yes sir. XP is used to rank up. With each rank you unlock more available equipment, customizability, weapontry, and perks. Though you have to spend your cash you earn to get these things. They aren't given to you, they just don't become available to buy until you hit a certain rank.

  • Brad

    Martin is right.. (:

  • mum

    Martin shut the fuk up u dont know noting about black ops go suck ure nans tits
    from mum

  • Martin

    I heard black ops will have 15 prestiges, but to complete a prestige it has 50 ranks. unlike 70 for mw2 and 10 prestiges

    • Jay

      Yeah thats true treyarch annonced it 2 days ago πŸ˜€ (MUM IS A FAIL)

  • Mikey

    I was pretty one sided when it came to Online Games. i enjoy Halo, but there is only some much you can do til it becomes boring, i feel like others that are playing halo reach are feeling the same way, especailly after they put a rank cap on, but anyway I only played COD, Halo and Gears online and then Medal of Honor and Gamestop would harass me to pre order it and i said no, i stuck to cod but i got it a week later and i love it, so im just hoping that COD will top it which i know it will… and one more thing whats with the stupid avatar space suit when you get it? if you preorder it they should give you an exclusive gun or more money to start off in or a secret perk.. oh well thats my comment

    • ben

      i agree with what u said about the rankin systems in halo if u go up to the highest level there is nothing to do but in cod u can prestige so its alot better

    • BooBoo

      if they made a game where kids who pre-orderd it got a gun/perk that others could not have. i wouldnt play it. Maybe they can get a camo that others cant get or someting would be ok. but a diffrent class of guns or perk, would just end up being one sided or useless. i wouldnt pay for a game that doesnt have equal advatages for both players.

    • John

      As BooBoo said, if they had "Exclusive" equipment then the game starts off already unequal and imbalanced to someone who pre-ordered, which isn't right. Stuff for more of a Asthetic reasoning is fine, maybe custom camo's, colored names, stuff along them lines.

  • tymir

    yo are they still going to have like free for all d stuff nd im getting sick nd tired of halo it really sucks i dont see how people cn even compare it with cod i have a ps3 i have always been into ps systems never had an xbox but i recently played halo reach its just terrible i dont see how people can play dat game at all blackops will be the best game ever for the next ouple years if you have a ps3 add me:mirmac12

    • John

      -Honestly. This sounds like the most uneducated comment ever. Honestly. My 8 year old brother could come up with something better then a paragraph sized run on sentence with 100s of spelling erorrs and slurring on a game for no reason.

      The topic was started to give off information about Call of Duty: Black Ops, not to tarnish the name of Halo: Reach. It's an opinion factor, personally myself i think black ops will by far blow reach out of the water, but i don't go posting on a topic saying "OMG REACH SUCKS ND STUFF"… Learn to go out and get a life sir.

  • Guest

    I enjoy Halo 3 multiplayer but Halo campaigns (yes all of them) are incredibly boring. COD have the best campaigns by far. Halo Reach is crap. They have tried to make it like COD and failed miserably. They have taken a great multiplayer experience and completely ruined in Reach. Can't wait for Black Ops and MOH Tier 1.

    • guest

      you suck halo is awesome.

  • Rexxernator

    Man HALO is overrated!!
    they say its really good but its not that great!..
    Black Ops……WILL KILL IT!!!!!!!!
    COD IS THE BEST!!!!!

  • ggh

    cod is the best out there its been here for years and will stay for many more to come like they say " if you COD you dont go back"

  • shannon

    poop man

  • guest

    call of duty does not take any skill like halo any one that plays call of duty is not good enough to play halo if you wanna talk about steeling halo started the trend for online multiplayer games halo is where its at

    • Whiplash Ninja

      Ok, Now to set the record straight for Halo Vs COD
      I played halo since the first, loved it, lived it, pwnd it and hated COD
      Halo 3 Kicked ass, and was the first time i ever actually played a online multiplayer game to its extent.
      That is, until MW2
      I realised too late i shoulda played MW right from the start, one shot to the head kills ppl and you choose your weapons. Halo is 4 shots to kill (which implies u can be shot turn around and still win the fight) however in COD if u get shot from behind, YOUR GONE. Halo at the start of the game, its all about who gets the power weaps first, COD, you choose weapons = balance. Halo grenades dont even kill you in one shot, unless its a sticky. Cod Nades = Skill, Halo Nades = Spam, Halo graphics = Cartoon
      Halo Physics = Cartoon, Grenades with random timers, blow up either right infront of ur face or all the way accross map. I mean, evrything about halo is stupid in comparison to COD, BF, MoH, CS and all the other greats. Just take a look at how many attempts at realsim are out there for multiplayer, and how many cartoon multiplayer games there are. Halo = Cartoon…. nuff said

    • guest

      i prefer cod but i see what you meen since I have no skill at a shitty game like halo

    • Jesus

      Halo Is Trash Fuck I'd Wreck You At Either Game

      • ben

        come on juesus

    • COD > HALO!

      lmao you really think a game where you can absorb 75 bullets while you jump around to melee someone with your gun takes skill? haha maybe if your a bunny. Ill merc you in your own game of halo, jump on gears and merc you harder. then jump on COD and you wouldnt kill me once… GOML

    • Daniel

      Clearly your a little boy. Probably around the age of 15. You do not know anything about competitive gaming. Halo actually did not start the trend for online games. That would be SOCOM. You shouldn't value your own opinion very highly if you dont know jack fuck about what your talking about. Halo takes more skill in different ways. I would bet my car that the majority of good call of duty players could beat you at halo.

    • β˜†Cod=Βestβ˜†

      ya right u must b poor or suck at cod cause CoD will always b da best cause 1 night i was playin mw2 SnD and there was 30000 people playing get off GALO and get black ops

    • travi

      OK i am 16 years, and i honestly say that COD owns Halo. Unless you want a kiddish game with a bunch of nerdy a** little kids who complain every time they get killed,go ahead and get halo, but if you are a real gamer you want a diverse array of weaponry and with real gaming and stuff get COD.

  • the man

    i can´t wait for the game to come out with the new gamemodes in multiplayer.
    evribody else can go home couse this will take over the whole gamingworld

  • stan

    This game will be really cool, cant wait πŸ˜›

  • josh

    ya there will still be the classic game modes . if there wasnt it wouldnt be COD!

    • Jordan

      Are they bringing back hardcore FreeForAll? CoD5 had it and Treyarch made that too… I really liked it but it was'nt in MW2 unfortunately… πŸ™

  • tyler


    • Martin

      TDM, S&D and headquartes all feature

  • el zincho

    is it real money

    • chris

      from wat iv'e herd no its like xp

    • ben

      why would it be real money

    • cyber187

      What would give you that Idea?!!!!!

  • Guto

    when the hell is this trailer coming out!?

    • the man

      1 september

  • Nick

    its quite amazing.. just a couple of minutes ago.. i was telling my friend how much i would love money to be involved instead of XP. but XP and money together is even better.. amazing how i got my wish! thank you Treyarch!

    • Jay


  • colt king

    Black Ops has credits now? Just Like Reach! Wonder what else they will borrow from the superior Halo franchise. i got no beef though. it's a good idea

    • viper3

      You only say that because halo told people about their version of it first, however, the framework for COD's version would have alot of time to make, so i doubt it's a simple rip off my friend, just because halo does it, doesn't mean it belongs to them, and on a side note, lets see which one is 'superior' in the sales, my friend.

      • NomNom

        Halo Reach is going to out-sell Black Ops, I'm sorry.
        But as for the credit system being stolen, it hasn't. The only thing that was "stolen" was One in the Chamber and Gun Match. All of which have been custom game modes on Counter Strike for years. Just slightly different, obviously.

        • blakman2darscu

          Halo reach sucks shit, black ops will fuck it up

    • no lifer

      black ops may have taken that but what about halo reaches revenge? seems like payback to me

    • Skullmasher

      haha and they also have a theater now and the ability to buy weapons like we do armor on halo. LOL It is gonna be an amazing game

  • Sniper_Al

    This anticipation is all fine and dandy but i am waiting for the biggest news and that is about the details on subscription on PC multiplayer. I understand that Treyarch has said that multiplayer would be free but i heard that it would only apply to a scaled down version of the multiplayer. If there is a fee than it will fail. I know my clan and many others will not pusue this game if that is the case. We are looking at MOH for this reason

    • Phil

      The PC platform doesn't really matter to companies any more. It is now a small piece of the market. Look for availability of games like this to no exist in the future.

  • The Disbeliever


  • person

    well they all seem pretty good actually but i hope the flamethrower is not very overpowered

    • Bob

      Hey Guys wats up, wats up wats up how can u guys tell if the games are good if you never played them by my calculations thats being gay