Black Ops: Create A Class: Full Details of Perks & Equipment Etc

By Jamie Pert - Sep 2, 2010

As you are probably aware Treyarch recently held the official Black Ops multiplayer reveal event, they have recently spoken briefly about create a class, and it looks to have changed a lot when compared to Modern Warfare 2.

When you are choosing your customizations you can see your character model, this allows you to instantly see how different equipment choices etc affect how your player looks.

There will apparently be a wide-range of equipment available, items include motion sensors and a signal jammer.

As for perks they are split into three tiers, tier 1 allows you to choose Lightweight, Scavenger, Ghost, Hardline and Flak Jacktet. Some of these you will recognize from MW2, whereas others are new. Ghost will make you Undetectable by the Spy Plane and the Blackbird, the Flak Jacket perk will give you Extra explosive resistance.

Tier 2 allows you to choose from Hardened, Scout, Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Warlord. Hardened looks similar to stopping power, scout allows you to hold your breath longer, warlord is similar to bloing and steady aim and sleight of hand were seen in MW2.

In tier 3 there are four options, Marathon, which allows you to sprint for longer, Second Chance, which allows you to pull out pistol before dying, Hacker, which detects enemy equipment and explosives (similar to SitRep) and Tactical Mask, which reduces the effect of flash and concussion grenades.

What do you make of Black Ops’perks and equipment, which setup will you choose?

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  • Example


    Decoy/Nova Gas
    Motion sensor/ Jammer

    Scavenger Pro
    Sleight of Hand Pro
    Marathon Pro

  • lachie

    primary:AUG reflex suppreser
    secondary:balastic knife
    tactic:nova gas
    perk 1:hardline pro
    perk 2:warlord pro
    perk 3:marathon pro

  • joe

    hardline pro FTW!

  • ALEX


  • Mike

    Black ops is B3@$T no matter what besides boosters they are some litlle f******

  • Anders Fylling

    shut up and play the game of what it is!

    Syop complaining or make a better ame you facking dickheadeds! πŸ™‚

  • Josh

    You can't just ask; "What are the best perks?!" you'll know when you play the game. I can't tell you what 'your' best perks are because. But.. here goes these are different player styles and then different perks.

    1) If you are a Rusher, Ie, Sub-Machine Guns. You should use perks that will in effect boost that up.

    2) If you are a Camper, you should use perks that will shine. For example, Steady Aim or Slight of Hand. With good weapon attachments.

    And finally, 3) If you are a 'good-ish' Sniper, you should use WARLORD and ALWAYS have 2 attachments, otherwise you are a fail sniper.

    Thanks, Josh – ; PSN; JoshMckeith

  • Rohan


  • Kra

    this might be old.. but I dont think you can hide from the Blackbird, even if you have ninja/ghost

  • DR O|||||||O

    You type like you are 5 years old. "specail" really? Wow, our schools really need to step it up.

  • Killer7151

    ghost, warlord or sleight of hand, hacker

  • KaosSingh

    Lightweight, Marathon and Sleight Of Hand! <3 <3 <3 πŸ˜€



  • Jayren

    Ghost, Warlord or sleight of hand (faster down sights) and hacker or tactical mask…

    These perks seem very well balanced… You have an equal shot at the match whether sniper, stealth, rambo, assault, DMR, etc.

  • Cod God

    GhoSt. HardeNed. NiNja. /w Gold Ak-47 Supressed. if Ur gettin Blk Ops for xbox 360. * And ur good like over 2.0 kd ratio. Then add my Gt. Im So Tactical πŸ™‚

  • Robert

    sounds like garbage… its not made by infinity ward its so easy to get 11 kills without dying… zombies alright its fine but nothing spceial, dogs great for taking out those fagget campers , other than that this game pretty much sounds like something thrown together to make a fast buck i still think mw2 will be the game of choice till mw3 comes out next year

  • FQuickscopers

    no quickscopes =))))))))))))))))))

  • rya

    perks are wank.. how you menna quickscope with all the perks in the same category :@

  • angel

    its good that you dont have to unlock fmj(hardened) for every gun its a perk

  • all_in

    thank F@*K no more quick scoping!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    no more one man army which is good it was overly abused in mw2…..hardline,sleight of hand,marathon my choice of perks

  • David Durp

    there is no stopping power, or a stopping power replacement. The only way to increase bullet damage will be through headshots/neck shots

  • Skillfullcombat

    i freakin hate how u gotta but stuff!!!!!! SOOOOO lame i liked the level system

  • tim

    they fuckin suck no more quick scoping :((((((

  • bulletproof_305

    I lyk Scavenger, Warlord, and Tactical Mask or Hacker

  • bulletproof_305

    omg dis junk luk so frikin raw dawg ppl who play on PS3 and play Modern Warfare 2 and reserved Black Ops add >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bulletproof_305 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< only ps3

  • DrizzyDrake411

    this game is going to be awesome especially because theres zombies again i cant wait tell nov.9 i do like the buying weapons and the trainer mode plus motcontrolled car killstreak,thats so cool this game is going to be cool also because its like cod4,mw2 mixed in one game because theres mw2 features and cod4 features. Also for all the quickscope haters u dont know wat u talkin about. lok up boa its a quickscope clan see how good they are that might make u rethink and if it doesnt the u have mental problem and u need mental help ( thats were u will find boa

    • bsehn

      Quick scope is for noobs and there is a entire clan that is just retarted

  • Chevon

    Scavenger , Sleight of Hand , & Marathon πŸ˜‰

  • franck

    I think the next call of duty will be really good

    i read many things about it on different site and all what tey add seems really good like the new game mode gun wich is same than in css and gamble wich you can loose money in game or make a lot. i LOve the fack that we use money to buy wepon and things like this and i alsow think the perks will be really fare not overpower.

    I only wish they would be more sniper and kill streak at leas more then lv 11 no nuke like mw2 that sucked but something more…

    i want mp7a1 wepon alsow i love this gun

  • brads gay

    lightweight hardened and marathon…idk about lightweight but i really hate not being acble to run for a long distance and i hope hardened is stopping power cuz without it all the guns take like half a clip to kill. this game is gonna be soooo good

    • mw2sucks

      no more like all the guns will be even…….you wont be restricted to using only stopping power………………

  • man

    warlord is the only good perk

  • man

    there shood be extra ammo

    • buletproof_305

      scavenger buddy

  • burge

    theres no holo sight, im so glad they removed the newer sniper rifles but its a shame they have to be in the game atall. people quick scoping wit hthe intervention and, noobtubers and rpgs ruined mw2 along with marthelon commando combination. im happy to see most perks back but i dont like the fact you cant have hardened (fmj) with any other these, slights of hand,steady aim(this shuld really be in box 3) or bling in the same box. fron that list i dont actally care about having a perk 3 seeing as i dont use any of them…personally they need to reshuffle them. steady aim in 3,ghost in 2 or 3,fmj in 1 or 3, too me all the good perks are in number 2. only plus is scavenger is in 1. the rest of them are usless to some players, eg some players liek to run n gun and use powerfull perks, liek scavenger, stopping power, others like to sniper and use stuff like sit rep n slight of hand. to me this list doesnt work

    • bsehn

      Commando did not mess it up it was ment for knife class and wass fun

    • chilicheese


  • torrey

    The new cross bow is so retarded it will be the new freaking noobtube

  • bitch

    bitch go get me some sheets cuz imma b playing this in the bed……… time 4 some fuckin scavenger with extended mags and holographic sight + ninja = pwn sum n00b butt

  • i.P.O.D

    They should put in a game where u can only use snipers cos i fuckin hate little tryhards and noobtubers

    • your mum

      i agree

  • AAng

    No not freaking Last stand again. I mean really why?

  • Kannakang


  • Sulli_monsta

    Cod:black ops is gonna be bad ass and the perk hacker seems like it would be the best perk. The perks I would use is Ghost, hardend, and hacker.

  • Jake

    i wanna hear about the attachments i dont know if they put anything up about them here but they should ps theres a flamethrower

    • Shikamaru317

      Here are the Assault rifle attachments:

      Extended Mag Credits- 500
      ACOG 750
      Red Dot 750
      Reflex 750
      Grip 750
      Masterkey (underbarrel shotgun) 750
      Flamethrower 750
      Infrared Scope 1000
      Grenade Launcher 1000
      Suppressor 1000

      In addition, I've seen the following attachments on other weapon types:
      Double Mags
      Snub Nose (sawed off barrel, on pistols and possibly shotguns)
      Dual Wield (seen on pistols and Scorpion SMG's)

  • Jj

    Ninja is in the game and hardened is fmj

    • billy

      hardened is stopping power

  • chris

    they should bring back OMA i use it all the time on mw2 coz sometime the gun u got aint the gun u need

    • leonard medero

      1 good reason its not in the game because that’s one of the perks that fucked up modern warfare 2

      • MW2<BLACKOPS

        Yeah, glad that was removed. OMA, Scavenger and Sleight of Hand were the most abused perks in MW2 and completely made the game ridiculously lame. OMA = Noob toobers, Scavenger = noob toobers w/ rockets <scavenger in BO doesn't replenish noob tube ammo :D), and as we all know, the way too easy 1s1k sleight of hand w/ sniper rifles, which turned them into long range shotguns, lol.

  • ATOM

    YES… Ive always wanted to just use the blue perks from MW2… marathon, scavenger, ad bling(warlord)!! Now I can!

  • olivier

    This doesnt sound good all of the perks are the same as in mw2 despite few minor changes and little adons. Hopefully the pro versions ofthese perks are interesting …

  • Zrr97

    no ninja πŸ™ sleight of hand scavenger and err idk

    • Zack

      Actually there is ninja, they missed it.

      • Sam

        But it's normal ability is silent footsteps. So basically they renamed Dead Silence.

        • trevor

          And the pro is sitrep pro so ninja cancels ninja

  • lewis

    oviouly bullshit

  • Cat

    The Weapons better not suck without hardened…..

    • Awesome

      Hardened is just deep impact

  • plewsie

    scavenger, sleight of hand, marathon! hopefully they've scrapped tactical insertions from equipment so there are no boosters!!

    • barry

      tactical insertions are returning, unfortunately

    • GamingNati0n

      tac insertions are back but u cant use them in free for all or wager matches

    • joo

      they still have the tactical insertions πŸ™ comfermed

    • Ashley

      Yes they have got Tactical insertions but they make alt of sound and flash bright red (FROM ENEMY POINT OF VIEW)

    • asdfasdfasdf

      tactical insertions are in it but banned from free 4 alls

  • bjam

    No commando, thank god!!

    • Iceember

      Marathon pro will have no falling damage thank god they didn’t leave that out even though it is alittle cheap

    • Ashley

      Yes they do have commando it calsses as "LightWeight PRO" which makes your kniving longer distance πŸ™ i hate commando noobsa aswell

      • bsehn

        what is with people and hait commando it was a good perk and if you hate it give reason why not that that you hate it

    • Chocolate rain!


    • Bsehn

      what do you mean thank god commando was really good for knife class and was so much fun to use

    • Rawr

      There is a commando.. Geez.

  • mcpuggs

    scavenger, warlord, hacker

    • Rhino

      I'm level 29 and so far my best class setup is:
      AK74U grip and extended mags
      CZ75 full auto
      scavenger pro
      warlord pro
      hacker pro

      This class is freaky on nuketown. i got 36-5 on it with this class