Apple iTunes 10 and Ping: Problems With Facebook Friends

We have heard a few people are having problems with Apple iTunes 10 and specifically the “Ping” social network, and connecting to Facebook via the interface. Cult of Mac has asked what’s going on? They cannot understand why they cannot connect to Facebook.

It seems that some people can link iTunes 10 and Ping to Facebook, and then others are having problems, which makes this seem like a location problem. Although it should be made clear that the connecting to Facebook is for seeing if your FB friends are using Ping, and that’s as far as you will get with integration.

Those that can connect to Facebook have said they get a message that states none of their Facebook friends are on Ping, but we expect that to change as the service explodes over the coming days and weeks.

Will you give the “Ping” social music network a go? Does the idea of following celebrities in this way appeal to you?

Let us know if you have had any problems with iTunes 10 or Ping, bearing in mind most problems should be fixed over the next few days, which could include a phased roll-out of features.

We have also heard that iTunes Ping has appeared on Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPod touch. has posted information on this, and said that Ping is not working on iOS 3 devices, or the iPad.


  • Austin

    i just installed itunes 10 and having problems of copying my music CDs. It won't just copy rather it keeps shaking. Can somebody assist?

  • david

    no luck downloading.. takes to long

  • James


  • crosstalktalk

    i have tried on two PCs to get i10 with no luck.


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