Xbox 360 Kinect Beta Kit: Is it too big?

We have some important news for everyone thinking of forking out the cash for Microsoft’s Kinect Kit for the Xbox 360, as we have what looks to be the first pictures of the beta kit in the wild – It looks a bit big doesn’t it?

The pictures have come to us courtesy of Kotaku, as we presume one naughty chap has sent in his shots of the beta kit, despite Microsoft’s instructions not to do so.

We’re glad he did though, as it gives us a solid look at the device, including an idea on just how big the device will look when placed by your television set.

According to Kotaku, the Kinect beta kit also allows users to sample the voice control feature on the device, bringing up a choice of available voice commands when you start speaking into the camera.

I don’t want to ruin the Kinect party here, but I have to say that I expected the device to be smaller than what I can see in the pictures. I’m praying that the thing will run without any kind of loud operation noise, but at least the Kinect unit itself will blend into the background of your TV set – otherwise the size would stand out too much in my opinion.

Take a look at some of the images below and let us know your thoughts on this. Is Kinect too big for you or not?

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  • oscar

    ther is no problem with this kinect is just find and if you dont like it your stupid

  • michael

    Well what's new. American's just can't design aesthetic hardware, or cars, or anything much. Just another ugly big bit of plastic.

  • Wii Rent

    In this case size really doesn't matter. You're going to need space to play the games, so making space to place the Kinect camera shouldn't be a huge issue.

    There will also be the ability to rent Kinect instead of buying it – perfect for team-building, office or private parties, corporate events and more. Wii Rent will be evaluating Kinect for rental. Have a look at for more details.

  • chinchy 133

    I tried it in the xbox room in ibiza rocks last month. Then i thought it was quitee large. They would only let us play the bowling at the time, but the way it tracks your body movement worked realy well.

  • marhorn

    No one cares product reviews! we all know Microsoft came and destroyed your village when you were younger, but come on!

  • Bovla

    well the width is because of the microphone on the bottom but it does look deeper than i expected.

  • DaveBG

    What's the problem?
    One minute the usual suspects are claiming it won't work anyways and is priced too high and now as launch day approaches we're down to a lame quibble about size!?
    Given the price (and things like the motorised movement) I expect this to be reasonably substantial.

    • no_bashing

      Here Here! Is there ANYTHING people won't bitch about with respect to XBOX and Kinect? Can everyone go hate on something else please? Leave alone the rest of the gaming community who gives a shlt. The Wii was cool, for about 5 minutes, and then I realized if was purely for little 6 year olds.. but I TRIED it. now, i beat it up. PS3? I played the games that WEREN'T xbox ports, and they sucked. dash sucks. controllers absolutely suck, … its a HORRIBLE, unfriendly console!. But I TRIED it… now… I beat it up… But I gave them all a chance, THEN said they suck!

  • Susan

    What a stupid article. The Kinect is the same size it’s always been. Too big for what? It doesn’t look that large to me. If you were expecting a dinky little webcam then you don’t understand how much technology is packed into little Wall-E.

    • random dude

      spot on… how about is the black too black and too glossy


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