White iPhone 4: Will Apple announce Release Date today?

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

As most of you will be well aware by now, today is the day when Apple hold their special media event. The company are expected to unveil their 4th-generation iPod Touch, but there is also talk on hearing more details on the delayed White iPhone 4.

Apple has stated in the past that the White iPhone 4 would be available before the end of the year, and considering that Apple do not have any other events lined up this year, today’s media event would be the perfect opportunity to give consumers an update on the situation.

We’ve showed you ways on how you can obtain a white iPhone 4 via alternative methods, but everyone is still glued to the internet for the slightest updates on when Apple are finally ready to release. Hopefully the company have sorted out production problems, and there won’t be any more further delays.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we will see Apple put a firm release date on the white iPhone 4 at today’s event or not? We have created a poll for you to have your say on this.

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