Samsung Epic 4G Vs HTC EVO 4G: Specs Compared – Who wins?

As most of you will be aware by now, the Samsung Epic 4G is now available to buy from Sprint either online or in-store. For those of you who are still considering whether or not to buy it, is it better than the HTC EVO 4G, also on Sprint?

The good news, is we have found an excellent specs comparison, giving you a full heads-up on both devices. For some reading this, you may have already picked up a Samsung Epic 4G, so doubt you are eager to see if it beats the EVO 4G easily.

It is no secret that the HTC EVO 4G remains one of the best handsets available on the market today. Digital Trends has put the EVO 4G up against the Samsung Epic 4G in a host of categories. The two handsets do battle over which has the best processor, battery life, hardware, software, camera, display screen and a lot more.

Digital Trends think that the HTC EVO 4G is the better handset, with the device having a ‘better camera’, lower price, a larger screen and better connectivity options. You can check out their full comparison here for a 2 page analysis.

Do you agree with their conclusion or not? The Samsung Epic 4G will still do well for Sprint we reckon. We’ve added a poll below, just for fun – letting you have your say on the matter.

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