No White iPhone 4 or Verizon iPhone: Are you disappointed?

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

As most of you are probably already aware, Apple’s special media event has now ended, and with it we have a collection of new Apple hardware on the way. We knew that they were long shots anyway, but Apple failed to give details on two of the most popular rumors prior to the event.

You can guess that we’re talking about the white iPhone 4 and the Verizon iPhone 4. The Verizon iPhone 4 was an ambitious rumor at best, but there was still hope after it was revealed that Apple had already been in discussions on an iPhone for Big Red.

The white iPhone 4 was also an announcement which was unlikely to happen at their media event, but since the device has been delayed so long and is apparently meant to be out before the end of the year, we thought Apple may use the event to give users a solid release date.

Neither of these products were shown though, so how do you feel about it? Are you a bit disappointed, or happy with what Steve Jobs had to offer. The new iPod Touch with cross iPhone 4 Facetime chat looks pretty impressive though you have to say.

Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • lokienloki


  • Mackenzie Dover

    A big nothing. Everyone knew that an iPod Touch with a camera was coming. They should have dropped the 8GB and had 16, 64, and 128 GB at the same price points as 8, 32, and 64GB.

    AppleTV is a joke, but I suppose if you have a MacBook, which lacks an HDMI port (nearly every mid-range to high end Windows-based laptop already has an HDMI port) then there’s a purpose for it.

    It’s deja vu all over again. the iOS will lose to Android because of issues other than the quality of the OS. Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile users have stopped waiting and have embraced Android and entered into contracts. It’s almost too late for a Verizon iPhone, unless the Verizon model is the first CDMA/LTE/GSM smart phone.

  • tucker

    they need to hurry up and make one for apple

  • chris

    still waiting for the white i 4

  • Bay Area CA M

    In short, yes I am very disappointed.

    A Verizon iPhone will only generate millions in sales. It makes NO sense to keep holding out.

    Announcing this now would probably make millions of potential customers hold out on buying a wimpy Droid in order to wait for the real deal iPhone sale!

    • Baseless Claims

      What if they are having contract disputes with verizon and that is what is holding up the process? Some of you keep forgetting that it takes at least 2 parties to enter into a contract. How can all of you assume that it is Apple who is holding up this process? I guess most of you are privy to the back room discussions. Oh, wait, that would involve leaving your mom's basement…

    • Jenner

      lol @ the iPhail fanboi comment. Android phones stomp crapple products without contest, the Droid isnt the best product, but the Galaxy series totally destroys anything apple can showcase without contest

  • Bay Area CA M

    I agree with the other people and I am very disappointed.

    I mean, seriously what the F?!?!?!?

    Is Steve Jobs delusional or just stupid now? Has his success made him retarded? I have seen plenty of posts, blogs and other articles about the DROID being so succesful.

    So WHY is Mr. Jobs holding out on making Apple millions more dollars?

    The sooner he announces it the sooner millions of people will avoid buying a droid in hopes of waiting out for the iPhone.

    Does Stevo have enough money and not need anymore? Its just so stupid to me.
    Why wouldnt he make that leap of faith and shock the nation!

    It could only make Apple millions!!! I mean, am i alone on this?

    Not to mention AT&T is not the best service out there. I would def skip out on AT&T for a Verizon iPhone.

    Come on Steve! Get with the program man!!!

  • Bananaslug

    Given the nature of this particular event, it was quite clear that only music media related material, ipods and the apple tv would get special treatment. If all goes well, Apple will most likely reveal that the Verizon iphone will come out at the end of December/January. It is no secret that the verizon iphone has passed the engineering testing stages…that apple has also installed verizon towers and ordered cmda chips for the verizon phone is robust proof that it is coming soon. Have patience though.

    • Baseless Claims

      Maybe referencing any source for the multiple claims you just made would be helpful. I heard the the Verizon iphone is being made by unicorns on Neptune. Its only a matter of time before the unicorns bring the new 10G super iphone to our planet!

  • manny

    just give us an answer on the white iphone already!!!

  • Estefy

    I really hoped to get news on the white iphone. I'm not really "in a hurry" bc I don't need a new phone but I /want/ the white one. Just wanted an update on a concrete release date. ATV looks pretty awesome tho!

  • julia

    very disappointed. i don't understand why there is no verizon iphone yet since so many people want one.

  • Jh24

    I am very disappointed…. I have an Ipod touch already…. why would I go out an buy another one just to use facetime? I have been waiting for the white Iphone 4 release but I do not think I am going to wait much longer… 🙁

  • jjj

    Im pretty disapointed that theres not going to be an iphone for verizon! I mean what is the freakin hold up? is it that verizon wants to use their own app store? think about how much they'll make anyway from just having the iphone

  • J.J.

    Jobs is such a puss!!! You couldn't pay me to be anything APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    I'm extremely happy. I was worried the iPhone may goto that piece of crap CDMA network, good job Steve, keep it on the only REAL network(s) in the world, GSM. I would, however, like to see it on T-Mobile.

  • john smith

    thats the last straw, i cant wait any longer. im going to buy the black iphone 4 tomorrow. i bet knowing my luck the white one will come out after i buy the black one, but ive been saying that to myself for the last 2 months!!!!!!

  • chubby nutz

    no surprises apple are getting better and better at disapointing its fans with their lack of intestinal fortitude by deliberatly overlooking the white iphone 4 again and again and again. Oh well samsung galaxy here i come ive had enough of waiting for apple to pull their finger out of their "donkey" and give us an answer. Disapointed 1st time apple buyer lost to The Android…………………………

  • Behrooz Araz

    couldn't be more pissed off. Nobody cares about apple tv or new ipod nano bullcrap

  • Dave

    Very disappointed! Yet again both Apple and Verizon failed the consumer.

  • Ryan Stephen

    I think 'bit' is an understatement to say the least! Who cares about new products, what about the products users actually want!?

    • lokienloki

      The main reason why this delay is happening is because apple is making sure that when the white version arrive. It won't have any antennagate issue. White iPhone 4 Impressions.