New iPod Touch 4: Release Date, Price and List of New Features

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

Just as planned, Apple unveiled the 4th-generation iPod Touch device to the world at their special media event today. The new iPod Touch has iPhone 4 features as expected, the biggest being a front-facing camera and Facetime video chat support.

The new device will be thinner than the previous model, but will retain the curved back rather than sport a new flat back like the iPhone 4. Other features include a Retina Display screen, A4 chip (same as iPhone 4), rear camera with HD video recording, and the Apple Game Center.

You’ll be pleased to know that the new iPod Touch will come with iOS 4.1, and is already available to pre-order now. It will be released sometime next week along with iOS 4.1, and prices seem pretty reasonable too.

You’ll be able to pick up the iPod Touch in three varieties – either a 8GB ($229), 32GB model ($299) or a whopping 64GB version for $399. We almost forgot to tell you that you’ll be able to have video chats with iPhone 4 users too – great idea we have to say.

What are your thoughts on the new iPod Touch? Look forward to a full review soon.

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