New iPod Touch 4 (4G): Gadget Killing 4th Generation

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 1, 2010

We wrote about the new iPod touch 4 with camera a few days ago, and most readers welcomed the Apple rumors that included a microphone and camera. We listed the new iPod touch 4th generation (4G) features that are expected, and noted how the latest update will replace even more gadgets.

In the last hour Gizmodo has also admitted that the device will be a “Gadget Killer”, and then explained their reasons with a personal story. The situation included someone moving to France who had their Verizon Wireless contract coming up for renewal, and the article explained the reasons why her situation needed a new iPod touch with a camera; you can read the full story on Gizmodo in this article.

With the iPod touch being the only iPod with sales still increasing, which has no real competition, it’s the perfect answer to give the consumer a device that will replace even more gadgets. This could give many phone users the choice to have any basic phone, and an iPod touch 4G that will replace so many gadgets thanks to improved specs like dual cameras, and more.

Will the iPod touch replace your gadgets? Do you agree with Gizmodo that the new iPod touch will be a serial killer?

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  • alex

    ipod touch is lovely

  • yonka

    Pple pls I converted an mp4 movie to 960by 640 pixel and when I sent it to my I tunes it played but when I tried dragging it to my I touch it says that the video can not play on my itouch 4…pls is nt meant 2 be. Able 2 play 960 by 640??what Is the problem plsEnter text right here!

  • dew

    i am selling my psp and games and old ds and games for i touch 4 g

  • Jason

    Has anyone else noticed the general choppiness of the UI and menu scrolling with this new iPod and also in the iPhone 4? Like when you scroll through a settings menu? It's very noticeable. The first iPhone 4 I had was as smooth as hell but the battery was a dud so I took it back. The next one I had had a good battery but the UI was jerky and choppy everywhere. Now I've heard other people complaining about this, and trying the iPod Touch out in the store yesterday I noticed the choppiness again.

    • dca

      i have never heard about any of them getting choppy in my life. i have an ipod 4 and it is the best screen so far!

  • Nick

    BYE BYE PSP!!!!!!

  • Sickbrain

    Or I can just use my EVO that does all that and listen music on it instead "have any basic phone, and an iPod touch 4G that will replace so many gadgets".

  • Cat

    I have a 32gig 3rd gen ipod touch and a dumb phone already… As soon as my budget allows, I'll be upgrading to 4th gen.

    I'm in the market for an iPad as well and seeing these changes (mainly the retina display) makes me think I should wait for the 4th gen ipod features to show up on the iPad before I get one.

  • RuskyVSY

    I'll probably get one but I will still use my psp for most of the games.

  • ipod lover

    just waiting for my uncle 2 bring ipod 4 first i was heading 2 3rd gen but when i came 2 know ipod 4 is with camera i really wanted it

  • Taz

    stupid me, bought an ipod touch 2g lyk a few weeks ago!!!! now i gotta wait for at least a year and a half!!!!

    • yeh

      you can always get a refund and just buy the new one, or if you had the warranty you can add a couple of bucks and get it

  • avanjogia

    I don't have an iPod touch at the moment so I'm definitely buying the camera touch when i can get my hands one. i'm looking towards getting the 32gb one since i got lots of songs !!

  • nick

    it will replace my psp as a gaming device and it will be my first computer of my own.

  • Jason Beedell

    Whens it goin on sale

  • naz