New iPod Touch 4 (4G): Gadget Killing 4th Generation

We wrote about the new iPod touch 4 with camera a few days ago, and most readers welcomed the Apple rumors that included a microphone and camera. We listed the new iPod touch 4th generation (4G) features that are expected, and noted how the latest update will replace even more gadgets.

In the last hour Gizmodo has also admitted that the device will be a “Gadget Killer”, and then explained their reasons with a personal story. The situation included someone moving to France who had their Verizon Wireless contract coming up for renewal, and the article explained the reasons why her situation needed a new iPod touch with a camera; you can read the full story on Gizmodo in this article.

With the iPod touch being the only iPod with sales still increasing, which has no real competition, it’s the perfect answer to give the consumer a device that will replace even more gadgets. This could give many phone users the choice to have any basic phone, and an iPod touch 4G that will replace so many gadgets thanks to improved specs like dual cameras, and more.

Will the iPod touch replace your gadgets? Do you agree with Gizmodo that the new iPod touch will be a serial killer?



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