New iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation: 2010 Model Brings Back Buttons

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

Taking a step back from the hype surrounding the iPod Touch 4, Apple have released more information on their portable media players, this time with the new third-generation iPod Shuffle.

The Shuffle, which seems to be a joint mix of the last two generations, could be a step in the wrong direction, but bringing buttons back to the Shuffle seemed to be the obvious choice in Steve Jobs’ eyes as he stated “People clearly missed the buttons.”

The 3rd-gen Shuffle will come in five different colors, and will cost just $49. It also has our favorite little clip on the back so that we can strap it to ourselves while doing other tasks.

Battery life is said to last up to 15 hours, and will come with voiceover capabilities.

Images are available via Engadget.

Do you think Apple have taken a step backward with the buttons? It seems as though you wanted them back, so did you?

Source: Apple Insider

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