New iPod Nano 2010: Release of 6th Generation

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

As you may know, the Apple Media Event is fully underway and we have just been treated to some hot news concerning the new 6th generation iPod Nano that has undergone some huge cosmetic changes.

This is the biggest, most un-expansive revamp the Nano has had to go through yet. The clickwheel has disappeared and is now 46 percent smaller than previous models.

The clickwheel has made way for a new touchscreen interface, probably to keep up to date with the touchscreen trend and has been square shape sculptured, which in turn makes the device 42 percent lighter.

The volume buttons do still exist in the form of physical buttons though, and are placed on the side with a clip on the back. Battery life is also said to have enough juice to last 24 hours. There is no saying how they tested this with different volume levels though.

The new Nano will also come in seven selected colors. White, green, pink, blue, yellow, silver and red.

As for the price, you are looking at $149 for 8GB of storage or $179 for the 16GB model.

Images of the new Nano can be found via the source below.

What are your impressions of the new iPod Nano? Do you want one?

Source: Engadget

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  • Mep4437

    My 1st Generation Nano Ipod was replaced with the 6th Generation Nano Ipod as part of the battery concern recall.  The replacement is on it’s way to the Apple store for review/repair. The replacement shuts off mid song. The volume at the highest point is lower than my 1st Generation Nano volume output. I liked and miss my 1st Generation Nano. Maybe once this one is repaired, I will appreciate it more.  It’s a change, I like change.

  • kerry

    well my nano now is not working wont charge blank screen its a piece of ——

  • Gisele

    It's alright for music, and I like the new features on it, but I mostly listen to audio books, and it won't keep my bookmarks. For that reason, it quite frustrating…I'm going back to my old Ipod for audio books, and frankly, I'm quite disappointed. I'm just glad I won it in a contest and didn't pay for it.

  • jhenry

    I HATE this Nano it's a down grade in everway. It's shuffle with a screen. Yuck!!!!

  • doskd

    I LOVE my new NANO!!! its so small and AWESOME!!! 🙂

  • I like it for just music. It is a perfect size to carry if I don't want to lug an iPod that does everything when I just want my songs.

  • Jodiey

    I like the new nano, but it doesnt play videos. It also doesn't carrie photos, and you can't play games on it. If you are looking for somethign stricktly for music, then it is convenient.

    • Judy

      Yes, it does "carry" photos. In fact, it has photo slideshows!

  • Jacob

    OMG! I have one. They’re so awesome. It is like a miniature iPod Touch.

  • LOLA

    it is soooo cute who cares about how much it is i dont even have an ipod yet im getting this one in like a couple days

  • anonymous

    Actually you haters of the new nano dont actually take into consideration that its not supposed to be like the old nano. its just a version that apple made for people that like to exercise easily, unlike the lazy video watchers that end up to be fatasses… i mean seriously if you want videos then buy a damn touch or a 5th gen nano.
    Besides, it even says in itunes when the nano is plugged in "Include music videos"
    Although it doesnt include them, the next update is said to allow the new nano to play videos.
    So suck it up and shut it. seriously. if you dont like it, dont complain because your complaints wont do anything.

  • Txjaymz25

    Tat s»t is cute as f»k ahaha 😀 but I rather ball it up wit da touch

    • JODIEY

      you is so gangsta yo. keep ballin' iighhtttt.? DAWG YO YO. DIGGITY DAWG!


  • Sue

    Sad that I've waited a month for this new gen nano – I was holding out for 32gb but it hasn't been upgraded and as everyone has said, when it's in your pocket you need a wheel to select music – it is a music machine afterall. Apple what were you thinking. Off to buy a 5th gen!

  • Liam Boyes

    this is without a shadow of a doubt the worst ipod 'upgrdae' ever. the fact theyve got rid of the click wheel is awful, how am i ment to move around menus without taking it out of my pocket? it doesnt even have buttons on the side to change songs. it has various speech modualted controls which is cool but you have to buy the mic headphones to go with it unlike the 5th gen. i put off buyin a fifth or even fourth gen in anticipation of this new 'kewler' sixth gen and i really wish i hadnt i was never dissatisfied with my 4th gens features i was never really after a camara on my ipod so apple if your listing we dont want an upgraded shuffle thats not why we buy the nano, were not after a smaller touch if we where wed buy the touch after all a biigger screen is bettter with touch we liked the click wheel it was easy to navigate and so simple even my mum could use it. We are truly dissapointed and the fact that only 66people have liked this reflects that.

  • Ryan

    should i get an ipod touch or this? i really don't known anymore. my friend has the new nano and its super easy to use and really cleverly designed. it has an intuitive interface and so easy to carry with u. But i also have a lot of videos, so would an ipod touch be better? i tried a friends and loved it equally as much as the new nano. argh I'm so confused

    • chris

      the same thing happened to me! go for the nano. believe me.

  • ali

    i bought one of these. I took it back today as i was very disasifield.

  • Holly

    Personally, I love it. It's small and looks super easy to carry with me. Does it have camera? No. But I have tons of things with cameras already (digital camera and cell phone for example) Does it have video playback? No. But that's what my iTouch is for. This is ideal for someone like me who just needs something small that can play music, but still has style 🙂

    • Noelle

      That's exactly how it is for me =)

      • Person

        Thank you. Finally a normal person that understands it. 🙂

  • Gil

    I was going to wait for the 6g, but thought, what else could they add? I bought it, and I'm glad I didn't wait. Although my cousins put my poor ipod through quite a lot of torture. How much do new ipod bodies sell for?

  • check it
  • Forrest

    Already have iPhone 4… So there isn’t really a need for a camera, Although video playback wouldn’t hurt. I Am definitely going to pre-order cuz I’m always outside and apprehensive towards dropping or damaging my iPhone 😀

  • sean

    This one is rubbish they are going to turn around and go back to the previous design, just like they did with the shuffle…..16gb Nano 5th gen.

  • Daniel

    I was hoping for a memory increase on the next generation of nanos. Not impressed.

  • cam

    bye one in NZ

  • sonyavading

    Cutest, and with a price like that. I am sure even grade-school students can afford this one. Unbiased iPod Nano Impression

  • Laura

    I hate it. I want the old model back! I wish I hadn't put off buying one in anticipation of this new model.

  • ella

    This will actually really suck if everything goes touch screen.

  • Anonymous

    i want one but i have an ipod nano already

  • Evan

    i looks really cool! i it for running. getting 16gb

  • eddi

    That unbelievably is the ugliest ipod ever its so small no camera it wont sell at all


      anything with an "i" in front of it will sell, believe me.

  • Darv

    Sucks that it doesn’t support video like the the previous versions. I’ll be sticking with my 4g Nano.

  • Eli

    Can it play video?

  • Mel

    No more for less…

  • Kylie

    How cute and Tiny is it?!OMG me want one!hehe