New iPod Nano 2010 6th Generation: First Impressions & Hands On

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

We are just getting over the excitement from the Apple media event that happend just hours ago, and already we have a hands on of the new 6th-gen iPod Nano that seems to have shrunk considerably in size.

With the clickwheel now gone, making way for the future in the sense of touchscreen fever, Engadget have taken the device and experienced it first hand, and overall they seem happy with what Apple have done.

Engadget say that the device is “super thin, super light” and that the “capacitive multitouch works very well” with a few snags.

The only real problem that seems apparent is the navigation from sub menus and back, although I’m sure it ‘s a new feature that we will all just get used to in the end. The screen is said to be crisp and overall enjoyability seems rather… addictive.

Check out the gallery over at Engadget for a full hands on look at the iPod Nano.

Source: Engadget

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  • Riprhorer

    Just as my warranty elapsed, the power on button on my 6th gen Nano stuck, like they all eventually do apparently.  Apple wants $99 minimum for repair, but why would I do that when it’d probably stick again.  First time I’ve felt betrayed by Apple.  Didn’t really care for the little stinker anyway.  My old Classic is relatively bulky, but the battery lasts far longer, has much higher capacity and seems much more rugged.  Seriously considering selling my Apple stock.

  • Kelly

    I received a new Ipod for my birthday, and given that my main use of the music player is for running, I am very disappointed. The first issue I had was trying to find a holder that would allow me to run without getting the device sweaty. Previous versions had a great neoprene case available, that had a separate clip on the back. The clip could be attached to a supplied arm band, or clipped anywhere on your person. I clipped it to my sports bra for easy access (and the clip and case kept the actual device far enough away from my skin that the ipod stayed nice and dry. Since the new Ipod has an integrated clip, the new cases do not, and while the carrying options are cute (watch bands, etc) they are really not functional for someone who wants to run with it. I also find changing the volume or the song very difficult while running or riding my bike :-/ I think the new nano is cute, but if you are a runner, try to find a previous generation, you will be much happier with it!

    I just found out, also, that the new Ipod will not play video?? What?? Why are we taking a step backwards??

  • Mike Kendal

    The Nano 6th gen is a very bad idea. I have not and will never buy this wafer that can easily be lost, and then your out of $160. I agree with the above, just call it a shuffle with touch screen and bring back the nano 5th gen. Apple boasts each generation is better. Well with the exception of the touch screen, all I see is downgrades, not upgrades. No Video camera, of course where would you put it? The only thing I can see is that Apple is pushing us to buy the ipod touch or Iphone. Typical corperate thinking. I can see alot of sells on Amazon and ebay for the nano 5th.

  • Apple Madness

    I have had my 6th Gen Nano since Xmas to replace my shuffle. After using it a few times at the gym I've noticed a marked loss in battery life compared to the shuffle, because of it's inability to turn itself off. The screen has already cracked because it's mega vulnerable, it has water logged issues due to sweating… etc etc. All I can say is thank goodness I kept my shuffle. This nano is going back to Apple asap – I am mega disappointed.

  • IPad Owner

    Got a 6th to replace a lost 5th Generation. What a disappointment. I am an Apple fan, but they blew it on with the 6th. It is nothing more than a Shuffle with a screen. I tried to purchase a new 5th today (12/25/10) and cannot find a new one for less then $255. So the market has spoken and Apple would be well served to listen.

  • All the Asians

    The bad thing about the nano 6g is, it doesn't have an off and on switch. WTF! battery just goes to waste. 🙁

  • Where’s your brain?

    Apple’s competitors are catching up in design and technology so they upgraded (or downgraded if you prefer) the nano into an unusual and ridiculously expensive cross of the shuffle and the touch. The reason why they just didn’t keep it the same size and add in a touchscreen is because then it would be like a miniature touch. I can’t see anything that resembles the old nano at all. Someday there might not even be a nano.

    Use your brain people.

    Just my opinion.

  • ARE.

    I like the fact that it dropped a ton of features I don't need. Who really needs another device with a camera? What I hate is that all the features were dropped without a drop in what I consider key: the price.

  • Mike

    I don't understand this product at all. If they were able to stick 16 GB of memory into what is only slightly larger than a shuffle, then why not stick to the original size nanos and upgrade the memory to 32 GB? A touch screen on such a small device just seems like a bigger pain in the ass than I want to deal with. The great thing about nanos was that as the middle iPod – you could do everything with them – use them on trips, in your car, while working out, etc. I don't want an overpriced touch-screen shuffle when I'm working out.

  • TMAX

    6 months ago, I purchased the 5th ge. Ipod Nano and gave it to my wife. Last week I bought the 6th gen. Ipod nano. I like it, My wife wants to trade it with me, she likes it too.
    I don't care so much for the other features that's not in the 6th gen. I enjoy the touch screen. (It's for music)

  • ty

    I am tired of hearing that no one likes the new nano 6th gen. Everyone has wanted an ipod shuffel with a screen and now apple does it and everyone hates it. What is wrong with everyone. Also apple comes out with this nano and think about it, when apple introduced there first generation ipods, what did they have on them? All the ipods had on them was audio playback, they didn't come with video playback, and guess what?! everyone bought an ipod and said it was the greatest thing ever. Now apple does a great thing again and everyone hates it. Everyone has to think who this ipod was built for. If you have an ipod touch and want all the features then get another dam ipod touch. If you want something small because you don't need all the features in the world, then get the new ipod nano. Really, is this such a hard consept to understand !!!!!

  • alex

    you all s**k
    ipod nano 6th generation is awsome

    • frannie

      I really am loving my 6g nano. It does the basic stuff…stores a whole bunch of my music so I can listen to it on the go. Don't want/need games, camera, etc…just my tunes. BUT…I do wish it had an "off" switch!

  • Zack Ash

    Guys, this just takes the preverbial tbh, im 14, 15 soon xD and this should not be called a nano….. it sould either be called, "iPod Shuffle PRO" or the "iPod Touch Mini" it makes no sence being called a nano, as nano's are like a mini ipod with cool features, shuffles are for just music, and touch's are for things likes games and sh** + games <– so you dont have to carry around 2 devices. And the iPhones are basicaly an "iPod touch" + a cellular recivers (mobile reception). So my main point is…. THIS IS NO NANO!!!!!! its either an awsome version of a shuffle or a sh** version of a touch, any 1 care to agree with meh?

    PS, sorry for spelling, im 14…….

    • ronaldo


  • ondvergeof

    DESIGNED TO ABSORB SWEAT!!! poor design; mine stopped working after four days of using it at the gym as it was diagnosed by a genius to have been "water damaged" when the dock connector is designed to be upside down when clipped on your left collar…DESIGNED TO ABSORB SWEAT!!!

    Summary: I'm stuck with a defective item that Apple refuses to take responsibility for, stating it was my fault it got water in it…so unless Apple had a disclaimer for users not to use this 6th generation nano when running/working out or to not clip it on your left collar as it would it is DESIGNED TO ABSORB SWEAT that later on would be diagnosed as "water damaged" since probably a drop of sweat went through the doc connector, I don't think I should be left with a $149 piece of crap!

    • Nodnedlog

      My nano has just died also and I think it’s due to sweat but I bought this thing to run with so I am amazed that this could happen. Will take it back to store and see what happens.

    • I have just been through my second Nano 6th gen in a week. If clipped to the shirt at the neck or arm they will just die as they cannot take ANY sweat at all. Very poor, will replace with a shuffle.

  • joke

    wish apple would make the shuffle so it works in a speaker docking station .. i'm going to buy the 6th generation nano this weekend but please .. i'm having to spend an extra £90 just to get one that works with speakers … ok it looks super cool but still

  • Megan

    The biggest problem I have wit this is, not only is it not visually appealing to me, but apple cut more than half of the features I'm expecting an iPod to have. Isn't the point of iPods to GET MORE features as they come out each year? Or am I missing something? Cutting features is not working for them, and the sale of these ipods will be a flop, I have a feeling. I have the iPod Nano from last year and I love it. It even has the camera and all the cool new features that they just acquired last year around this time, now they're stripping the nano down, slapping a touch screen on it and trying to sell it for the same price, except it's basically nothing but a "fancy ipod shuffle." definitely not worth my time, money, or business!
    Where are your brains, apple?!

  • jess

    I think that this product is GREAT!! I love the touch screen feature and adore the small size. I'm always at the gym love that it just clips on as opposed to wearing it on an armband. I don't need video or anything, all I need is a lot of music in a small package. I have a 4th generation nano as well and I like this one a lot better than my old one!

  • Heather

    The complaining about this product is stupid granted it should of been advertised as a shuffle (as its replacing my 5th gen shuffle) .
    But for people who just simply want a straight forward small music player its an amazing product, 16g for something the size of a shuffle is an amazing achievement if you want a player that does it all get an iphone or a ipod touch …
    funnily enough most mobile phones cover what the 5th nano did why the hell do you need a video on a mp3 player is beyond me. For anyone who is looking for a decent small sized but large capacity MUSIC player this is perfect the sound quality is excellent and considering the size you can pack a hell of a lot of music in this … well done Apple

    • dfsdg

      there is only a 4g shuffle

    • steven

      The camera and video playback were the only reasons I own a nano 5G

  • sue

    I have been EXTREMELY happy with my iPod shuffle and have been using it for years. This new 6th gen. Nano is EXACTLY what I 've been waiting for. I am an avid walker/hiker/runner and i need this new Nano!!! i could care less about video, etc. — i just want my MUSIC and I can't wait to get this!!! Thanks APPLE – you have done a great thing.

    • Terry

      hey sue..i wanted to do you keep your music from shutting off when the light goes out on your ipod nano while listening to music? (6th generation)

  • chris c

    The 6yh gen Nano seems to be water sensitive..I took it out for a run with it clipped to the strap of my singlet top and dont recall that I sweat that much, at least not all over it !
    It was no longer "touch-responsive" on the very same evening as I was trying to sync music. Got the apple tech people to have a look and they say its "water-logged" and this will not be covered under warranty. I have the 4th Gen and 5th Gen Nano's and have clocked 1000s of Kms but they have never stopped working!

    • nanorunner

      agree. my screen fried on my second run. definitely it was sweaty, but they market this to runners and with a clip you have to expect people to clip it to their shorts. took mine back to the store and they swapped it for a new one, no questions. gonna try the griffin case to see if that helps keeping this thing alive.

      • TomiK

        Well it just happened to me too. Half an hour on an indoor bike with the nano 6gen clipped to my shorts. The screen become non responsive but the music still plays and can be started/stopped via the controller on iPhone headphones. This is not even a joke, this is pathetic. I'll try to get a redound or exchange it at the Apple store where I bought it.

        Should I hold the nano in a special way when working out, preferably away from my body?

  • nanoooorocks

    This ipod nano is great for people who just wants a small ipod to listen and that are easy to carry. You guys are comparing it too much to the ipod touch. the ipod touch is for people who wants to use it as like a gaming system and etc. this ipod nano 6g is for people who just wants to listen to music and it's pretty cheap. so if you say it sucks then don't buy it dude , some other people wants to buy it you know. and if you want it to be bigger and want more apps just get a itouch already. =3= you people are weird

    • Clay

      The iPod touch is for apps and internet and a bigger screen. The iPod SHUFFLE is a small iPod to listen to music that is easy to carry. People are comparing this new Shuffle Pro to the old (good) iPod nano because it did everything that most people needed. It had a camera, mic, radio, music, video, some light games. It was the perfect iPod for those that don't want to overpay for the touch, but want more than music, now its a touchscreened shuffle.

      • Amanda

        I think it depends entirely on the individual and what features they want. Every product in the world will appeal to some and not to others.

        I personally couldn’t care less about video playback/recording abilities, iPod/Phone cameras always suck anyway. I just want something that’ll store a lot of my music and will play it for me.

        Shuffles never suited me as they had no display and couldn’t hold nearly enough songs for my liking. So the new nano being a better shuffle is just what I need! So where they lost customers for it’s lack of features, they gain one’s like me who are happy that they’re gone!

        My main worry is the water logging because I use it mainly at the gym and my 4th gen nano has always been in a case.


    • Alvaro

      Finally someone with some brains:)

  • AKidWhoDoesn'tCare

    I agree that this Ipod lacks many things. They should have at LEAST kept the original size of the Ipod Nano 5G so then it could have supported video, games, and possibly wireless internet? Like common people, isn't this another downgrade. It's like how Apple just came out with a glorified Ipod Touch (Ipad), and now they come out with a demoted Ipod Touch (Ipod Nano)? Can't they do anything right the FIRST time?

    So if I were you, I would wait on this new 'nano' until next year when, hopefully, they make it bigger and make it support more apps.

    • Alvaro

      Man… If you want video games, video and wireless internet why are you looking at an ipod nano 6th gen? This is the problem with people, they dont even know what they want. Just to let you know; Ipodtouch, ipad, iphone… You know what they are? Well this is an ipod nano not one of those

  • Just Truth

    The Nano 6G… ewwww

    * Good: Not Much
    * Bad: Downgrade of the Nano

    The Nano 6G should be called the new Shuffle, period. I am a happy owner of the
    Nano 5G and if Apple quits making the Nano 5G, then they lose business and sales.
    So sad if Apple would do this… So go for it Apple and meet your own demise.

    I own along with my family every model of the Ipod except for the Nano 6G and
    honestly might want one just to replace a Shuffle. If I had to replace Nano 5G with a
    Nano 6G, I would just rather buy another BRAND (if one existed) Long live the 5G
    Nano. The 6G again is a great product on its own but once again, the 6G is just a
    glorified touchscreen shuffle. Apple you blew this one.


  • Jerry

    I agree with shaheer this new nano isn't worth it.. 5th generation nano by far a great product… they shouldn't of called it a nano, more like a shuffle with a touch screen….. What they should have done with the new nano, make it touch screen have the same size as the previous model and keep all the features and add camera capabilities… Basically a nano Ipod touch.

  • James

    The nano got NO increase in memory and NO increase in battery life. Some of use wish power. I have been waiting for a 32 GB nano for 2 years 🙁 Will be checking out other manufacturers to upgrade.

  • YoJoe

    if you don't like the product, then don't buy it. people accuse apple of selling junk, but someone must want it for them to pay hundreds of dollars for it.
    no one needs 400 horse power in order to go 55mph, but people still buy fast cars. are manufacturers selling junk, or are they producing a product that the market has a demand for? same goes for apple, or anything else.

    • Greg

      No, no, no. The comparison is invalid. What if a car manufacturer, who at one point sold cars with mp3 playback, rear view video, those cool doors that open up, leather seats, and other features came out with the new version, which lost all of those features but added on a touchscreen driving interface in place of the steering wheel.

      The new Nano removes features. That's what people are complaining about. It no longer does video, or takes video. It no longer takes notes or has a calendar or plays games or stores contacts. If you like those features, what are you supposed to do?


      haha nice you nailed it bro lol…

  • Jesus

    This Has to be the lamest ipod, yet. I used to be an apple fan. Until i realized what they were selling. Its not worth it. They could sell an ordinary brick with the apple logo and they will sell millions. 6th generation ipod nano sucks, as well as ipod touch 6th generation, and ipod shuffle (the same design as 4th generation.) Come on apple were are your brains.

    • John Bloberman

      Have you seen the future? Cause the 6th generation ipod touch doesn't exist.

      • Shaheer

        Ok I disagree with Jesus that the new ipod touch sucks, but I do agree that this new iPod nano is not worth the money. They've reduced the size, which is good, but removed video support, and camera support (as it was in the previous iPod). No problem with the camera, but the previous nano's all had video support, and nobody would shift to this new nano when it won't play the music videos and movies as it did on their previous nanos.
        I'd still prefer the 5G nano over this one. Its still as stylish, and packed with more features. This 6G is kinda like a shuffle with a screen for navigation. =/


      haha dude you dont even know how to spell WHERE so step off the iPod… just cause you cannot afford one does not mean you need to clown

    • ASwi

      i agree. why can't they just keep selling teh 5th generation, which was by far the best

    • Antonio

      no offense so called jesus but there's only been 4 ipod touches and shuffles duh! but your right about the nano

    • Guest

      I agree! It is too small – screen is too small, easy to drop and lose, and frankly, is a pain in the ass to use. I had the same Classic forever (with click wheel) and loved it. Yes, it was big…so I got this instead and it is waaaay too small and I don't like how it operates. Yuck!