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Kinect Voice Control: Limited To Select Countries Until Spring 2011

I suppose there was some element of truth surrounding the rumors about Kinect for Xbox 360 not supporting voice chat or voice command on launch, as Microsoft have stated that the functionality will not be available for all regions when release date hits in November.

According to an interview conducted by Eurogamer Spain with Microsoft PR & Event Manager Lidia Pitzalis, Kinect will not support any other region except for the US, UK, Mexico and Japan on launch.

Even if you try and speak in English (or Spanish with a Mexican accent) in regions that do not currently support voice control, you will not be able to. This is because the service will actually be disabled in the affected countries when Kinect launches.

Spain, France, Germany, Italy and even Canada amongst other launch countries will have to wait until Spring 2011 for an update that enables the voice control features. But those who do not currently have access to the internet, other means will be available to get the update.

Are you in the affected countries? Will this put you off from buying Kinect on launch?

Source: Joystiq


  • saw

    Isn't it time PR NEWS updated the above news IS WRONG it can be used in Canada just “Not yet for French-speaking Canadians” obvious really if the French European version is not yet finished.

    Kinect Voice Controls Limited to Select Regions at Launch, Available to English-Speaking Canadians


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