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iPhone iOS 4.1: Release Date and List of Features and Bug Fixes

Apple used today’s media event to give a full introduction to their next iPhone update, iOS 4.1. We have a release date to give you now, as well as a list of the bugs that have been fixed from iOS 4.0.2.

You’ll be pleased to know that Apple has apparently fixed the proximity sensor issues found in the current iPhone iOS, as the company states that the problem has now been removed. Other changes include fixes for Bluetooth and some issues on the iPhone 3G as well.

As for new features, you’ll be pleased to know that the Game Center announced at WWDC 2010 will finally make it’s debut within iOS 4.1. You can look forward to a full report on that shortly. Other new features include HDR photos (High Dynamic Range), TV show rentals and also support for uploading HD videos over a WiFi connection.

Best of all, iPhone iOS 4.1 will be available to download next week, free of charge. We’ll update this article when we get the exact date for you.

Let us know your initial thoughts on iOS 4.1 – are you pleased that proximity sensor issues have been fixed up?



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