Intel to take on Qualcomm, ARM TI in Mobile Chip Market?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

In desktop computers and laptops Intel are arguably the leaders in the processor market, however it now looks as if they are looking to shake up the mobile device market.

This is pretty evident in their recent acquisitions of Infineon Technology’s wireless division and security software giant McAfee, also they have apparently played a big part in the development of Nokia’s MeeGo operating system.

Many suspect that Intel will soon be taking on mobile chip manufacturers such as ARM, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments in the smartphone processor market, however previously Intel have struggled to develop low power consumption processors.

Recently Intel has been working on Atom chips for netbooks and tablets, therefore they have probably a better idea as to how to get great performance from a more economical chip.

In recent years the smartphone market has grown rapidly, therefore it is no surprise to see Intel looking into this avenue of business, however will it be too little too late for them?

As I always say the more competition in a particular market always results in end users getting a better overall product, therefore I am looking forward to Intel attempting to outdo other mobile chip manufacturers.

Do you think Intel can take on the likes of ARM, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments in the smartphone market?

Source: ComputerWorld

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  • Bill

    Hmm, well Intel has the most advanced process technology with 32nm and they own most rights to X86 architecture so I would say yeah they can dominate the market if they want!

  • concorde

    Now way.. rest are light years ahead in communication

  • guest


  • zefgj

    At least from a technical point of view MeeGo have merits. There is no other platform as open, including Android. Also by design this platform is very flexible : smartphones, tablet, netbooks, in-vehicule….

    Their Atom processors reign in netbooks and should perform well in tablets. I think there is going to be a fight between Atom and ARM processor in the tablet market. There is probably going to be some Atom powered smartphone, but it will take more time to come…