Dragon Age: Origins: Witch Hunt Teaser Trailer

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

Fans of the hugely popular Dragon Age: Origins game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 have been treated to a new teaser trailer from BioWare’s last and latest DLC for the game titled Witch Hunt.

In the new DLC, players are given access to the final chapter in the Dragon Age: Origins series, and possibly one of the most important questions in the game is finally answered.

What happened to Morrigan?

Origins players will be happy to know that they can import their characters from past DLC such as Awakening, as well as the option to create a new hero who will then go on to venture into new scenario’s and zones and face encounters with Ariane, the Dalish warrior.

The Witch Hunt teaser trailer can be found below, and will be released on September 7 for $7.00 (560 BioWare points) from the BioWare store, 560 Microsoft Points or $6.99 on PSN.

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