Call of Duty Black Ops: PS3 Beta Release Date and Start Time Hints

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

Just when you were thinking that the beta for Call of Duty Black Ops would be an Xbox 360 exclusive, we have found new details for you now, which suggest that the beta is heading to the PS3 too.

As reported from VG247, a website known as leakerz has posted a series of images showing the beta client download on the PS3, along with a September 2nd start date and 7pm release time.

The question is though, are these images real or fake? We previously showed you an image of some Google ads revealing the supposed ‘exclusive’ beta on the Xbox 360, but developers Treyarch have yet to confirm anything.

If you ask us, the beta is definitely happening, Treyarch are just waiting for their multiplayer reveal to announce it properly. I doubt it is coming to the PS3 as well though, since Microsoft already have an exclusive deal in place with Treyarch for Map Packs and other goodies.

Of course, it would be lovely if the beta were to appear on both consoles – that would seriously make my day. For now, take these images with a pinch of salt until we hear anything concrete from Treyarch. You can watch a live stream of the event here.

Do you think the images are legit?

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  • This game’s single player starts out great. Everything about it is flawless from the artwork down to the voice acting. They did a fantastic job of creatinng a user friendly environment for most players and made a quite fun run through. Zombies, again beautifully done and very funny. Very fun to play!

  • L1V1NG_D34D-

    what does the percent tell any way i now how much completed downloading but why you guys say its not 11 percent i dont get it

  • I don’t think there will be a beta, but maybe a campaign demo. Why put out a multiplayer beta seven days before it comes out?

  • nicolai

    how can i get call of duty black ops ps3 beta


    They must have a beta so aleast when we play online there will be no hacks because then its no fun playing online

  • Ralph

    little late on this but the biggest thing that tells me the first pic was a fake is the fact that when you look at the "shadows" of the text in the description, the "a" after "Beta" is much clearer than the rest

  • shamar

    does the beta download come out on that date exactly??

  • lokienloki


  • mason

    its not photoshopped mark u retard, dates are the different way round in different countries. ur so ignorant u douche

    • Jonah

      Yes that's true, but on the websight they say 11 9 10, and they wouldn't change that even if they went to another country.

  • mark

    i love how people dont notice how in the second picture, in the top left corner, it says 9.11.10 when on the website it says 11.9.10 that page is completely photoshopped

    • jonah

      wow clearly ur a retard because in that country its written with the date month then year

    • reece

      One dates american

  • sdf

    wats goin on its passsed 7

    • we420

      its 7pm

      • we420

        no no sorry 4 the last comment the thought it said sept. 2 @ 7pm

  • Crash

    if it dont come out for ps3 its gonna be bullshit

  • austin

    the second pic is not theright release date

  • jimmy

    according to call of duty people they said it's fake but they didnt say they wont have a beta that means the pic is fake but they will have a beta

  • Nate

    Wouldn't it be 10.4%

  • Michael

    Those images are fake.

    Where on the website can you find that pic?

    I can't

    Also in the first picture it would be 9.6% complete not 11%


    why is the same pic being used for everything?

    • 141

      325 is 11 percent of 3120…..

    • Chris

      Actually it is 10.416% which might be rounded up to 11%..anyways that could be right

      • if its gonna be rounded to 11 then after the decimal point it should be a five and up not a four.(im 12 and i know this shit)


      who cares wat percent it is???? i just wana know when it comes out and i hav to listen to a bunch of kids arguing over a math problem. wow u guys need to get out more. lol

    • Keyboardz

      why accactly 9.6% ? 😛

    • Çhrisßátistá

      How the hell do you know that?

  • meh

    its fake mate =]