Call of Duty: Black Ops – Multiplayer Reveal – Your Wishlist

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

Later today the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops will take place, therefore we thought we would ask our readers what they do and do not want to see.

Let’s start with the things people probably will not want to see, juggernaut has always been unpopular, therefore there will undoubtedly be many readers out there hoping that it will not be a perk option in Black Ops.

My two biggest hates in MW2 are long range handgun kills and the combination of marathon / lightweight / commando and tactical knife. I have seen people get extremely long range kills with the Magnum, despite its low accuracy stats, also I have been stabbed so many times by people that move faster than Usain Bolt.

I would love to see some sort of distance covered stat when you finish game, this should end the endless camping arguments, perhaps Black Ops could give you a higher score multiplier for the more distance you cover.

In my opinion claymore mines are not affective enough in MW2, once you have mastered them they are great, however when compared to bouncing betty mines used in World at War they are far less effective, surely modern weaponry should be more effective than older kit.

Nube tubing is in my opinion a big problem in MW2, therefore I would like to see Black Ops perhaps take some sort of action against it, perhaps only allow you to nube after 15 seconds from spawning, or just make nubes less accurate.

In some Ghost Recon games you were able to put markers on the map for other players on your team to see, I would love to see something like this in Black Ops, as quickly describing the location of an enemy can be difficult.

Feel free to add your own ideas to the Black Ops wishlist, remember we are only talking about the multiplayer game modes, not the campaign, or co-op modes.

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  • Beauner

    "In my opinion claymore mines are not affective enough in MW2"
    I'm pretty sure you mean, effective. But I personally don't think Ntubes, camping, and sprinting are bad. Real war isn't fair you have to improvise, adapt, and overcome as they say. If you get killed by a tuber, you have to find a way to make the advantage toward yourself, i look at it like a challenge. If im not running around with a Tac knife, it is definatley akimbo Desert Eagles and i overcome nube tubers and akimbo ranger users, its war lean to come out on top

    • zcmathi


  • Copeyy

    Mw2 has too many uneven things such as maps and the guns are really uneven as people always use the same guns like mw2 for example the Famas or the M16 and the UMP45. I think that noob tubes should be taken away as all they do is just annoy people and also the spawning on MW2 was dreadful. A really good feature that i would like to see in the game would be something like making a class in the game like Battlefield Bad Company also deathstreaks should be taken away i think as they just cause havok haha.

  • UH60L

    For the PC version, I want real, offline LAN play. I don't want to have to log into the internet to play a single player version of the game.

    If I am in the middle of Iraq, and have a half hour to kill, I want to be able to play my game, not wish I had internet access.

  • matias

    i hope they put some kind of counter that shows you the killstreek your on so you wont have to keep track of your ks

  • ptownright

    1) Fix grenade launchers overall, but absolutely take them out of hardcore modes

    2) Ability to create your own map/mode playlist .. I love mosh pit, but hate Headquarters. I should be able to take that out.

    3) Killcams – make it a deathstreak or something, not an advantage for everyone. If I have a good sniper spot, I hate that the killcam gives me away when that would never happen in real life

    4) Remove last stand – when you're dead you're DEAD

    5) Add motion sensors – A device that you can throw on a wall and when an enemy crosses it – it signals you

    6) Gas grenades – a grenade that you can throw into a building that contains lethal gas and damages opponents

  • Kazuia

    install option on ps 3 mw 2`s extreme usage of the blu ray rom caused many ps 3 to break down mine included

  • awesome

    i hope they keep nubetubes,judgernaut,comando,and pain killer.nubetubes need more power! also there should be more wide open maps for swawn nubing. one man army and dangerclose is a must.

  • xxuchihaxx


    – Lobby leaderboards such as in WaW.
    – Much more customization. Example: Rainbow Six Vegas.
    – GOOD perks, not that Commando garbage.
    – A wider variety of weapon challenges, along with the challenges themselves.
    – More game types such as Hardcore Mercenary Team Deathmatch.
    – The option to kick a team killer out.
    – Choose which maps you get to play.
    – Be able to choose to join a session in progress when searching for a game.
    – Moderate destructible environments.
    – Better spawn system.
    – Better maps than MW2.
    – Balanced weapons.


    – Remove the death streaks. You shouldn't be rewarded for sucking.
    – Make shotguns primary weapons.
    – Limited use of grenade launchers. Perhaps make them harder to obtain.
    – Get rid of overpowered weapons.
    – Remove Martyrdom, Last Stand, etc.

  • yooooo

    no hitmarks with bolt action sniper mw2 nerfed the intervention to much.

  • yooo

    vest wish of my cod is no hitmarks with bolt action sniper rifle's mw2 fcked it with all those hitmarks.

  • Butthole Boy

    None of this "show the enemy's whereabouts for 10 seconds when you push select" crap. This isn't a huge Battlefield game, this is COD we're talking, lets keep the games separate. Imagine trying to hide with some stupid orange marker over your head, it would be ridiculous.

    Everyone here cries about noob tubing, while I agree it sucks, it would be unrealistic for them to remove the weapon entirely. There does, however, need to be a balance. Take out OMA and make scavenger only replenish grenades, special grenades and ammo.

    Take out:

    1. Commando – Teleporting knife attacks are gay

    2. Lightweight – No army commando is going to run that fast

    3. Speed Turn – Come on, I'm tired of seeing people whip around extremely fast or plant the bomb while spinning making it harder to hit them because they have a higher sensitivity.

    4. Tactical Insertions – These are annoying

    5. Pain killer / Last stand – These are horrible, I drop a whole clip into someone and then switch to the shotgun attachment to light them up and they DON'T DIE. Get RID of painkiller, if you suck at the game, DON'T PLAY. Not to mention when you finally waste four clips on a painkilling noob they drop into last stand and kill you anyway.

    DO have:

    1. A lot more customization (weapons, perks, attachments, etc.) – Just remember to keep the game balanced!

    2. Zombies

    3. Improve sniping a bit, I'm tired of the hit markers, especially when I have stopping power.

  • Xplosiv Don

    I want loads of camo's and customization which will be brilliant!!! i love akimbo weapons, the UMP45 and definitely zombies should be brought back. Also it will be fantastic if you can play as Cheryl Cole Mmmmmmmmm 😛

  • Trialz

    Have it like Rainbow Six Vegas! Customize the player, and only have 2-4 nube tubes a life. So now scavenger can pick up more tubes.

  • blahblahblahblah

    no commando considering the knife range is long enough as it is. and PLEASE fix the spawning, because it was just horrific in mw2.

  • Nocturn4l

    i agree with a multi-team mode 2v2v2, 3v3v3, ect. also limit noobtubes to 1 per spawn and drop the amount of damage caused. also better spawn points so spawn camping is limited in objective games. and please no pain-killer! i don't know how many killstreakes where lost due to someone with painkiller.

  • Brian

    I think noob tubes can be taken out if they have a grenade launcher as a secondary.(the thumper should of been a replacement to noob tubes not an addition)..maybe only 1 bullet for rpgs because they are over powered on small maps…I love bare bones so they better have it again, but maybe since kill streaks don't count towards getting your next kill streak, kinda like the care package than bare bones isn't as necessary. Fuck commando!

  • johan

    it wuld be sick to have game modes such as mike meyers in the game, that way all the little kids will play that instead of the normal game modes, and if i get bored it be something to do. M16 all the way son!!!!!

  • Ches

    get rid of noob tubing, commando, akimbo, no scoping and quick scoping…snipers dont do that bullshit, better spawning, make overall character faster, more customization(camos, attachments, maybe own avatar) and zombies.

  • brendan

    One lesson they should learn from bad company 2 (only this) pressing select on the enemy points out to the you and the rest of the team for bout 10 seconds!
    Another thing when sorting out how well people have done on team deathmatch it should be there k/d not how many they killed! that would make more sense. Also fun social games (no xp.)

  • boabafett

    getting pretty bored with MW2 now especially noobing this should be banned completely as well as the ability to spawn kill in games such as demolition,

    mosh pit is a must to be brought back as wots the point of this no kill streak rubbish and bringing back mosh pit as hard core is just plain stupid it takes the fun out of playin.

    • Keith

      Well unfortunetely for you Boabafett some people actually like not having to shoot someone 10 times for them to die like in normal mode.

  • Aaron K

    Some of the kill streaks were to over powered ( NUKES!!!) so mabey a little more balance with that, and mabey no quick scopes, those are annoying at the wrong side of the barrel.

  • TheMightyIHutch

    As much as i love noob tubes i also like to have a fair firefight.

  • zzirGrizz

    Take out all burst weapons and stopping power. That is all

    • David

      Ehm… Whether you can handle them or not, there's nothing wrong with burst weapons.

  • Wotski

    The two most obnoxious things that I believe should be addressed shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone: Commando & Noob Tubes.

  • Will

    Why not Juggernaut? If jugg isn't included i'm not buying it. It is balance to stopping power whether you like it or not.

    • lolwin

      Treyarch said that stopping power will most likely not be in the game anyway.

  • Josh

    Do's :

    – More stats
    – Lobby leaderboards
    – Higher range of customization
    – More accurate sniping
    – New perks that are USEFUL unlike all the unessecary perks in WaW
    – New and different challenges
    – Different team based gamemodes (2v2v2/3v3v3/etc)
    – Squads
    – Map coordinations
    – Limited explodable environnement
    – Better spawning system
    – Balanced maps
    – Forge (create your own maps for private matches)
    – Theater

    Dont's :

    – Painkiller
    – Juggernaut
    – Akimbo
    – Shotguns as secondaries – BS !
    – Grenade Launchers
    – Camping/camping material (hidden corners or slots)
    – Uneven maps
    – Last stand
    – Inconsistant guns
    – all else that i missed

    • Jake

      Simple reply to this – Make your own fucking game

    • J dizz

      You Should Work For Treyarch

  • LPxD

    Well no more commando, please, and make grenade launchers difficult to get! Cos im sick and tired of noobs with grenade launchers and commandos! I want to see akimbo again that was fun. A whole new range of attachments.

  • jewfish

    as long as noob tubes commando and danger close are out of the game ill be happy

  • anonymous

    i would like to see NO nubetubes and bring back bling

    • Nick

      well if you watched the multiplayer teaser in the beginning he had a colt commando (m16 variant) with a red dot (customized with a smiley face as the dot) and a suppressor. so bling is back.

  • Lfuentes41

    I would really want the scar-H to be back and also the M16A14 or the FAL That would be awesome!!!!!

    • ryan

      M16 is already confirmed but remember this game takes place in the 60s to the 80s so they cant have all the MW2 wepons

      • Peter KEALEY

        there is a possibility of a scar-h. I myself also like the fal.
        Hopefully better explosive devices will be used, like bouncing betys.

    • Corey

      Sorry buddy at this timeframe the scar h hadnt been invented

  • me the one and only

    please bring back m40A3 sniper or (and) intervention!!!
    and NO painkiller or Juggernaut
    limit the range, accuracy and damage of noob tubes!!!
    make no scopes easy…cause mw2 the assault rifles ruled the game and the no scopes were impossible!
    other than that it looks AMAZING!!!!(THE TRAILER)

    • souljazack7

      ur such a douchebag, do you think that snipers in real life went round and noscoped ppl,, no, and now heres the worst part of ur comment, u want snipers to rule the game and u can run round with one and win??? u jackass, then there wud be no point in a assault rifle, they are ment to rule the game u idiot, noscopes where impossible in real life so screw ur comment to the core

  • mark

    also have a game mode where there are NO perks and no killstreaks….just classic fighting.

  • mark

    ''My two biggest hates in MW2 are long range handgun kills and the combination of marathon / lightweight / commando and tactical knife. I have seen people get extremely long range kills with the Magnum, despite its low accuracy stats, also I have been stabbed so many times by people that move faster than Usain Bolt.''

    you actually took the words out my mouth, i've said excactly that for a long time now ha

    i think if these went black ops would be great:

    no akimbo
    no painkiller
    no last stand
    sort out noob tubes
    no HBS (heartbeat)
    no commando
    lower the lightweight speed…or just don't have it (running past claymores is too easy)
    better stats (distance travelled etc) improved kill stats/ game stats
    zombies in

    probably more, but happy if those went

    • thegoodDR

      Why don't you just stick to playing World at War instead?

    • ChoiceBRAD07

      waw u most at cod. complaning about every thing waw

  • Nerrrr

    I just hope its got like really sweet customisation and heaps of camos and like outfits.

  • Mercenary281

    oh and, commando and pain killer removed. and removed stopping power or add juggernaut to make it fairer. 🙂


    Its going to be awsome!!

  • jewbach 007

    I would really like to see better forms of tea bagging. I really want to be able to grab someones head and skull f**k it. I mean how funny would that be to see your character humping a killed enemy head still attached to body.

  • Andy

    i really want to see a beta with a few gametypes like headquarters and maybe a onslaught/firfight opton?

    • Nick

      Your onslaught/firfight option would be called nazi zombies bro haha

    • ChoiceBRAD07

      waw listen to this guy complain about perk combos and pistol kill come on its a game really?