Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Reveal – Start Time and Twitter Updates

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

Today is a very exciting day for all Call of Duty fans, as it is officially the day when Treyarch unveil their multiplayer mode for the highly anticipated Black Ops title, due out on consoles and PC in November.

The good news, is that Treyarch has already given us a start time for when their reveal will be kicking off. After hunting around on Twitter, I can confirm that the event will start at 6pm Pacific Time, meaning that for ET it is 9PM and 2am for hardcore COD fans in the UK.

Sadly, the event is not being shown to the public, but instead just to press behind closed doors in LA. However, you’ll be able to find out what is announced, by checking this handy Twitter updates page that we have found for you. This will list any relevant results for ‘Black Ops’, so you’ll be the first to know when any bombs are dropped.

Are you looking forward to today’s event? We’ve included a multiplayer video below to get you started.

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  • Ok, let me begin this review by saying I love shooters and have been playing them ever since I was a kid and Wolfenstien was on PC. That evolved to Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. That all changed when Metal Gear Solid came out for PS1 and I now wanted a good story to go along with my gameplay. I have always kind of liked the COD world war series, but never got into it. When MW1 came out I was blown away, I loved the game and it had a good story to tell. My only complaint with MW2 was that the story was not only lacking, but down right stupid. I never got into multiplayer because I don’t have the time to train myself to compete with a bunch of 5th graders who spend 40 hours a week playing the game.

  • where can i watch this?

    • iceman

      its on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kmastah

    I’m gnna kill baby peeps (yes the marshmellow candy) until sum1 gives a website

  • jack

    Its 7:00am september 2nd in australia, where is it

    • Matt

      Yeah i live in AUS, wen will they be showing us multiplayer reveal?

    • Luke

      Im pretty sure its 11 pm when its coming out in australia…. so for me.. i will be watching

  • Kyle

    What website is it

  • stewie

    im Central Time does it go on at 4

  • Goliath59

    What site is streaming it live? I wanna watch.


    on the black ops facebook page it says that it will be on 9:00 AM pacific time

  • Rob

    Yeah what websites it to be on?

  • jamez

    what will the game be on

  • Patrick

    Actually it is to be posted this morning, if you look close it says 9AM PST

    • James

      uumm are you sure man? cause im on this website where they will be streaming it live…and it says its goin on at 6pm, where did u hear that?

      • Peterc5699

        Wat website??

      • Stone

        nobody will have it live, but treyarch will be posting a video of it at 9 am in the morning

    • John

      That actually says 9PM dude.

      • cullin

        wrong. it starts at 8pm-11pm go on their website and look