Call of Duty Black Ops: Multiplayer Reveal – Live Stream Download Links

By Alan Ng - Sep 1, 2010

We have some great news for those of you planning to tune into tonight’s Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer reveal, as we have found a website which will be providing a live video stream of the event!

The website in question is WeTheGamerz, as they have confirmed that they will be attending the special Treyarch event and will live stream the entire thing on their cell phones – great job guys!

They have asked their readers for some questions which they will attempt to ask Treyarch during the Q&A session. As we told you earlier on, the event will kick off at 6pm Pacific Time – you can find the start time in your area in our previous thread here.

Are you now planning to tune into the event live? Hopefully the stream won’t go down during the event. If they do, we’ll try and find more for you.

Live Stream 1 – Watch
Live Stream 2 – Watch
Live Stream 3 – Watch

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  • chris

    does black ops have xbox live ?

  • fric

    pls give me link for call of duty black ops wh

  • Billy

    COD Black Ops is the best game ever in COD history so far

  • Marwan

    i want to download it 20because i like it can you give a link to download it

  • blackopsfn

    ?wen here in AL? AND TIME?

  • callofdutydotTV

    you can keep up with the live footage as soon as it comes out at

  • joey

    does anyone know the actual time in the US like around Wisconsin?

  • Me

    How do I watch the stream on iPhone?

  • king

    wait so in the U.S it out at 3am as well?

  • Alex

    Ok I live in the U.S but in the middle of the country in Kansas what time will it be at here since we have central standered time? Please reply promptly!

  • joseph

    what time in new jersey usa ???

  • liam

    wat bout uk

  • Ryan

    It will start in the UK at 2AM, if anyone from the UK is wondering 🙂

    • harry


    • Chris

      thank you

    • Nathan

      2am on the 3rd?

  • xDSz

    When does it starts in Dutch time?

    • Tjaye

      3am as its 2 am GMT

      • karaka singh

        what time in wisconsin