Call of Duty: Black Ops – Death Streak Ideas

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

Later today we should finally find out some official information regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops, we have previously seen a few killstreaks and some of the weaponry, however there has not yet been anything which has revealed the deathstreaks.

Personally I think that the Modern Warfare 2 deathstreaks are a bit boring, I think that martyrdom should stay, however I hate painkiller and final stand, also I have never purposely took advantage of copycat.

A lot of COD gamers think that deathstreaks should be removed from the game, and in some ways I agree as perks such as painkiller can end a good player’s streak just because their opponent is having a bad round, this can ruin a teams win streak on game modes such as team deathmatch.

I also think that if someone was to die 10 times in a row in a short space of time they should kicked from the game, as they are clearly not thinking about what they are doing, or using a stupid weapon/perk setup.

I think that a great system would be an intelligent spawn system, which perhaps spawned you in a less dangerous area when you have died multiple times in row, another idea would be similar to the killcam idea, however it would instead put a marker on the map when you have been killed two or three times in a row by an opponent who hasn’t move a lot.

To be honest thinking of deathstreak ideas is a lot harder than I thought it would be, therefore feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • Toobin McGee

    "Eyes behind your head" death perk.. 10 or so seconds where you can see behind you through a small viewer like the mini-map.

  • darpio

    im just going to get to the point there shuld be no deathstreaks because i have been so close to getting a chopper guner or nuke and i knife or shoot someone and the drop to the ground and shoot me with a fcking pistol ,now thats just plain gay as hel

  • The Thinker

    Proof that COD is broken. Plus someone should get kicked if they died 10 times in a row. That is plain dumb. If someone was a good player but went up against hardcore MLG players and die 10 times in a row just because they are better, doesn't mean they should get kicked.

  • aaa

    All the people that want deathstreaks is people who need them. Basically deathstreaks make the COD series cater to shitty players. Since when is it a good idea for good players to be punished for repeatedly killing people. It's the name of the game. If you think that deathstreaks should then it's an indicator that you are just shit at the game.

  • Bob

    Martydom is good, copycat is good as well, final stand should be in but u have to use a pistol as secondary weapon and can only use that, and a cold blooded one that either lasts for 10 seconds or blocks a enemy killstreak from seeing and killing u more than 3 times.

  • Logan F.

    the getting kicked out of the game after dieing a lot is not a good idea, some players just are not good at the game and should not be punished for that, the ridicule you get from other players should be plenty, plus the game is more fun when you have to try to work harder for your team to win when someone else is having a bad game

  • Wasteman 007

    I agree with what Harvey McDonald said, painkiller is by far the worst deathstreak of them all as it takes like 2-3 shots in the head with a spas to kill them which can defianetly lower somebodys chances of getting a decent killstreak, it’s supposed to stop spawn camping but it would be better if infinity ward weren’t so retarded and stopped people spawning in mass groups just to get raped by the noobs. I’m so horny now,

  • Harvey Mcdonald

    I do agree with the removeing someone from the game if they are to die more than 10 times. Makes sense. Stops booasting

    I think that the ‘copycat’ perk should be kept , as it is a fair deathstreak

    I also belive that if you was to edit the ‘final stand’ perk such as removeing main gun on your last stand and not surveing a knife kill would make it more fair deathstreak

    I have thought of a death perk that may become usefull at times , if you were to have extra Heath when a killstreak attacks you or predator aims at you. Not to the extream where they can survive a headshot from one , just enough to keep them and over players happy

    Also there could be a death perk which allows you to have one extra perk of your choseeing , to add on to your one you already have . Such has stopping power and cold blood

    but you can only have this extra perk for no more than a few mins

    to stop then gaining a massive advantage

    I really do think it’s to late to edit but seeing has I have decided to write this and anyone important reads this I think you should remove the remote control cars

    already that looks like something that would really grind me and my comrades gears

    excuse me for spelling

    I’m not the best


  • milly

    how about if you have about 6 deaths in a row with no kills. Instead of have 1 peace of like a claymore have 2 of what you have and the little picture can be of a big fat number 2! Hope you like the idea!

  • Aervid

    Deathstreaks are just plain gay they should make an anti-camper perk/ I was thinking sorta like martydom k, if you die by the same player 2 or 3 time in same place, a huge F’n terent comes outta the ground and sprays that motherf up, but so people don’t abuse it this perk only works for campers with that are not useing a sniper.

    • Jared257

      1. thats a gay idea. 2. stop playing mw2 and learn how to spell dumbass.

  • dan


  • joshua

    thats absolutly not fair i know a bunch of people who are crappy at cod. does that mean they dont deserve a little help when they verse a ridiculesly seasoned player?

    forgive my spelling 🙂

    • aaa

      Yes. You shouldn't be awarded for being crap. You should be awarded for being good. Being punished for being a bad player is an incentive to get better. How is it fair that you get an unfair advantage for being bad. It's like welfare, it gives poor player kills by taking them away from good players

  • yourdumb


  • Chris

    Black OPS is looking ugly to me
    I am waiting for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

    • Jay

      Never gonna happen. Most of Infinity Ward was fired so the Modern Warfare series is dead. Good riddance too! But I agree Black Ops doesn't seem very good.

  • Otto864

    Ok, I always wanted to come up with some of these, death streaks should not give you an edge when it comes to a firefight just everything until then, like copycat, if you are lvl 2 and got killed by a lvl 60 then take his class only I think you should be able to choose any of his custom classes.
    Next if you died 3 times in a row you would get be invisible to radar like cold blooded but hit markers did not pop up for 6 seconds.
    Martyrdom (4) was fine just dont have the grenades roll…because they roll on everything.
    Last a 4 death streak would be quick scan where you would get one quick sweep showing you where enemies would be on your map but only last 4 to 5 secs.

  • emz

    wens it comin

  • Owen

    Totally agree about the respawn, but I've found that treyarch tend to be quite good in this department, infinity ward on the other hand…

    • Logan F.

      oh god no, waw was terrible with the respawn system, i wont say infinity ward was good though but in waw i didn't really like spawning and getting shot in the back 2 seconds later