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Black Ops Killstreaks: What We Already Know

With the official Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer reveal just a short while away we thought that we would summarize what we know so far, in this particular article we will be concentrating on weapons and killstreaks.

The gameplay video released earlier this month revealed quite a few of the upcoming killstreak rewards, however writers over at CODBlackOpsNews have really been keeping a close eye on all of the evidence, here is what they say are definitely killstreak rewards in Black Ops.

If you get a killstreak of 3 you should be able to control an RC Car for the RC-XD killstreak, this allows your to drive a remote control car to your enemies location and detonate it, this will be great in headquarters games.

After four kills you should get a care package, this was seen in Modern Warfare 2 and should contain ammo or a random killstreak reward.

Other killstreaks which are pretty much confirmed are Archangel Missile, this is like the predator missile in MW2, however you must launch it from your should like a rocket launcher, however you will then be able to guide the missile.

Artillery strike is pretty self explanatory, we saw this in Treyarch’s World at War, the player targets a particular zone on the map, which is then shelled.

The helicopter killstreak will probably require either 7,8 or 9 kills, it is unclear as to whether the helicopter will be like chopper gunner in MW2 or attack helicopter, either way you should get kills as long as you don’t get shot down too soon.

Finally one of the most deadly looking killstreak rewards is the Napalm strike, again we are unsure as to how many kills this requires, however you should be able hit a zone on the map with a Napalm strike, the whole area will be covered in Napalm, which will kill anything in its cloud.

Later we should find out more information about all of the killstreak rewards, for more details check out the source link below.

Source: CODBlackOpsNews


  • lol

    Call of duty black ops is FTW because you actually CAN fly a helicopter (refered as chopper gunner)

  • sjilly

    in an interview on youtube, a black-ops representative confirms a killsteak with the ability to not only shoot but drive a helicopter also, can't wait!

  • Blnko

    I heard a rummor that you will be able to control the choper when you get it as a kill streek. in other words you will be able to fly and shoot. This is what the person noticed when watching the MP teaser. Has anyone heard of this.


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