Apple Rumors: White iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone and New iPod Touch Recap

Apple’s special media event is due to start today, in around 7 hours depending on where you are. We have collected all the information we know on the event so far, giving you a full heads-up on what Apple might be unveiling.

Top of the list without question is the 4th-generation iPod Touch. This device has been rumored for months, ever since component parts for the device started showing up online, detailing a front-facing camera as seen in the iPhone 4.
A new iPod Nano has also been heavily rumored to be coming, with new images of Nano cases only appearing just a few days ago.

Next up is the Apple TV refresh, as reports are suggesting that Apple will rebrand it as ‘iTV’ in the US, but not in the UK to avoid conflicts with the TV channel – more on that here. Earlier on, we also informed you about Bloomberg’s article which revealed that the new Apple TV hardware will come with Netflix support.

Last but certainly not least, we move on to the rumors that probably won’t happen. Rumors of a Verizon iPhone appearing in January 2011 still won’t go away, and it certainly would be a shock if Apple were to use their ‘media event’ to give an announcement on something as big as this. They’ll probably save it for something like WWDC 2011 – what do you think?

Personally, I’ll only be happy if Apple finally announce a solid release date for the White iPhone 4. The device has been delayed for an eternity it seems now, so Apple should really aim to get it out on the market in time for the holiday period.

Do you know about any other Apple rumors that we haven’t listed? Be sure to share them with us below!


  • Edwin

    They really need to bring the iphone to verizon… AT&T sucks…

  • Psychic

    iPhone 5!

  • chubby nutz

    a date for the white iphone would be wounderful ive been waiting best part of 12 months or so it feels for the arrival of one of the most anticipated devices in apples history ha ha ha which enebitably will be delayed again and again and again

  • Kim Henderson

    Would love to have the iPhone thru Verizon, been waiting till you can get any phone from any carrier. Just my opinion Kim of

  • also a jailbreaker

    Yep, the new iPod touch 4th Gen

  • jailbraker

    Been waiting forever to get the neew ipod touch.


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