Apple Event September 2010: New iPod Touch 4 – Last Minute Announcement

We are just hours away from the start of Apple’s media event, but now we have some last minute details on the iPod Touch 4, a new device from Apple which is expected to headline the event.

According to this report from Apple Insider, Apple will definitely announce the 4th generation iPod Touch, as well as the planned refresh to Apple TV.

However, unlike previous Apple events, the new products will not be available for shipping immediately. New information obtained by Macworld has revealed the official product code for the new Apple TV hardware. The code is USA MC572 LL/A if you’re interested.

While it is great that a new iPod Touch is definitely on the way, it may be slightly disappointing for consumers to hear that the products won’t be available to buy immediately. The source failed to state when the actual shipping date will be, so hopefully Apple will reveal it in a few hours time.

Stay tuned to PR, as we’ll bring you all the latest updates on today’s event. Let us know your thoughts on this story.



    I to like the iphone 4 BUT the blue tooth lets it down for me as you cant bluetooth to anyone unless they have a iphone ;(

  • Colin

    me too! I want it now!

  • Jessica

    Hi i want the new i touch! 🙂


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