Xbox Live Price: Time to Consider PSN?

We have some disappointing news to bring to Xbox 360 owners in the US and UK now, as we can confirm that Microsoft will be introducing increased prices for their Xbox Live service, starting from November.

As confirmed over at Ars Technica by Major Nelson, the new prices will come into effect as of November 1st, and will also affect gamers in Mexico and Canada.

If you are used to paying an annual subscription to Xbox Live in the US, you’ll now have to pay an extra $10 for it, meaning that the total price will now rise to $50 per year. Gamers in the UK will have to pay an extra six pounds for the same package – which is obviously a pretty big blow.

How do you feel about this? I have to say that this is a pretty big surprise. I know that Microsoft are taking a big step into the world of motion gaming with Kinect, but to charge as much as $10 extra, is it pushing the boundaries a bit too far perhaps?

With Microsoft’s move in tact, there is now going to be an obvious backlash from Xbox 360 owners who will be furious with the new plans. Sony seem to be on the right lines with the option of Playstation Plus, while keeping online gaming free for those who aren’t interested.

We could understand if Microsoft were planning some major new features and services for the extra $10 per year, but that doesn’t look to be the case does it? Are you currently considering your options or are you still willing to pay the extra fees for Xbox Live?

Check out Major Nelson’s new price charts below, and let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • Mattius

    I just cancelled my xbox live because of the price hike. I just use xbox to play video games thats it and I dont use all the 'extras' you have to pay for when you can get them free from other sources. For example, Facebook and twitter you can use for free on your computer, ESPN 3 as well, I can stream Netflix from my PS3, Wii, or TV for no extra charge. I only use my PS3 for games and blueray thats it.
    I just wish the xbox can create a plan just for video games users and leave all the extras out and charge 19.99 a year, Id consider going back to XBL if that happened.

  • Ps3=Failure

    MichaelSmith your obviously a complete dumb ass…., first of all the only reason psn is free is because it has nothing to offer anyone, so believe me when it starts offering all the stuff that xbox live offers in the marketplace etc, they will start to charge the same as xbox. And you say
    that psn has so many more feature than xbox live lol? Maybe you should research before you say bullshit like that, whats all this extra stuff that psn has? a web browser and blue ray, OMG, web browsers shit anyways on the ps3. Also its extremely easy to get free themes, free avatar addons etc. for xbox live. Do some research before you talk shit about stuff you dont know anything about.

  • MichaelSmith

    Anyone who says xbl is better than psn is an idiot, I own both consoles and have gold and psn, psn has so many more features than xbl and they are all free, you get free themes which you have to buy on xbox, blu-ray, cheaper games to buy through ps store and you an link it up with your psp and even that has a web browse psn and sony ftw xbox live is a rip-off I only use to talk to a couple of my friends but I won’t be getting it next year because even they are getting ps3’s and @llama rus you’re uber retarded

  • Frugivore

    You gotta think about the general audience. Some of you Xbox fanboys may not care about spending extra money for the Xbox Live, but MANY will move to the PSN or simply quit, which in turn, force Microsoft to rethink their pricing strategy in a few years. I was very frustrated with the Xbox Live since I have family to feed and bills to pay. I am very happy with the PSN now. All my friends are on the PSN now.

  • sean

    damn this is like politics. I have a psn account its not bad and im enjoying the free factor Why should you pay to unlock multiplayer???? Hey im just saying

  • wez

    When you think about it if Microsoft increases prices now what is stopping them for doing it again in the future? PSN will always be free since it's one of it's selling points.

  • PS3 v XBOX

    right psn is much better then xbox no matter what cos anyone that owns a xbox is only on it for the hacks in cod ps3 is so good that its hard to hack i know i own both

  • Xbox4life

    The guy posting about the family plan is a tool. Man, I about crapped my pants reading it. Microsoft wont release a browser on the Xbox because if they did there would not be a selling point on live. Everything you get on XBL can be found on a browser, hence the reason PSN does not have them integrated into the XMB. Folks, don't you get it, you are paying for something that should be free. Basically, you are buying half a system for 300 dollars, and you have to spend another 60 dollars a year to unlock the rest of the system. That's crazy! Also, you are paying for a service that features peer to peer networking. When I paid to play online MMO's, I paid to play on their servers, and I had the freedom to use any chat service that I wanted all the while the extras were free. We need to wake up and stop being sheep! They raised the prices knowing that Halo was coming out in a few weeks, and they know you will pay for it regardless. There is alot of history with the gaming consoles and companies, and I remember how Sega nickeled and dimed the consumer on everything. Look at them now, they no longer make consoles, only software. It was no surprise that when Microsoft first released the Xbox the ex- president of Sega had governed and overseen the thing. All the console makers are experimenting on what they can charge us for and what they cannot. If we continue to let them treat us like crap because of our blind addiction, they will continue to hit us over the head with these outrageous prices.

  • trueBlue

    PSN will always be better than Live, period. PSN offers what Live cannot, online gaming for everyone. If you favour a 2 tiered service like Live then use it. If you want a service that brings what everyone really wants, for free, then use PSN.

  • X360

    What Is 6 Pounds a year going to do, really. People that are thinking about Moving to PSN, are pathetic. When you think of Houses or Cars, A Really Nice car or house dosent come free, it comes at a price. Xbl has far better atributes than the Playstation and with more people owning and playing xbox and paying for Xbl an extra 6 pounds shouldnt change the view on which system they want to play?

  • DesiArnas

    As an XBL customer for the 4 years, I will still gladly pay to go online. I love the XBox service more than PSN and 10 bucks more isn't enough to get me to not use it. Plus, i NEVER payed over 35 bucks for XBL at all. I always buy them online when there are deals and thats often. I highly doubt that the gamers that use XBL will "consider PSN" for ten bucks. They would have to pay an extra 300 for a PS3 if they dont have one. So in the end, its just looking bad for "potential customers" who will start comparing the prices and not those who know we use a superior service and find cheaper XBL cards on the net like me. So keep gaming and just look out for some deals if 10 bucks is too much more lol

    • Mee

      ^^^ Thats exactly what i do, usually get it for about £25 on ebay 🙂

    • WooHOOO

      Live is not superior. I have both and both should be free. People that are buying xbox360 rather then a ps3 nowadays cant be very smart.

  • bmp1113

    @willie what do you mean by as big as xbl. Currently there are more psn subscribers than xbl

    • llamasRus

      You cant compare XBL Gold member numbers to PSN.. because PSN you can create multiple users for nothing. Think before posting please.

  • Willie Coleman

    Here the thing people. MS has to spend money to add those things to xbox live. They are a "for profit" business. You are not forced to get xbox live. Before people jump to PSN. think of this. If PSN grows as big as XBL, I bet Sony will start charging for everything too.

  • 360 cant browse web

    There is no way the 360 will get a web browser because the 360 is so prone to hackers that there will be endless amounts of viruses made for it. There are more reasons but i think that is the biggest one.

  • LOL

    blind fanboyism by xbox4life? psn is nothing? lol for a free service, its pretty darn good. almost comparable to live. you guys will gladly pay for it cause you xbots, like you, are tools.


    the only thing p.s. has on XBOX is the blue-ray.thats it. psn is lame compared to all the things LIVE lets u do.if the price for LIVE goes up, i will gladly pay it .the GOOD things in life are worth paying for.

  • Nick360

    I think that an increase to Xbox live is a bad move especially since we have to fork out 150+ for kinect, they want an extra $10 bucks for updates that alot of ppl won’t be using (since I doubt everyone is gonna get kinect) and the November dashboard update is just for kinect (for the most part) if they want my extra $10 a year then I’d atleast want to see a web browser added to the 360…..kinda like what psn has…wink wink Microsoft, thats one thing ur missing….other than blue-ray. Wink wink part 2 lol

    • Most people buying Kinect like me are going to get the Xbox Live Family Plan for $99. Four Gold accounts for only $99 is a great deal and you can give other people points and review what other family members are using Xbox Live for.

      An Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack includes:

      * Up to four individual Xbox LIVE Gold memberships for the price of two – (US) $99.99.

      * Family Center – a single, easy to use, destination for Family Settings and account management, accessible on the Xbox dashboard and on

      * The primary account member has the ability to purchase and dispense Microsoft Points to other Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack members.

      * Activity monitoring reports viewable on to help encourage discussions about safer more balanced gaming and entertainment habits.

      * Simplified billing that applies all purchase charges to the primary account holder's billing account and the ability to authorize purchases, helping to manage the family's entertainment budget.

      * Exclusive family content and discounts.

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