WikiLeaks Founder Questioned For Molestation Charge

By Jamie Pert - Aug 31, 2010

Continuing the story about the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, where rumors circled on Twitter about a CIA paper being released surfaced, we can now reveal that Assange is facing a molestation charge and has been questioned by Swedish police.

Although not much information has been released, Leif Silbersky told a Swedish paper that his client had been questioned by police, but told them that he had not committed a crime.

Another case that involves Assange is also on the table after the prosecution authorities issued a warrant for his arrest with the suspicious of rape, who then later withdrew the warrant.

Any further information regarding the molestation charge will not be revealed as the prosecutor and the police are remaining tight-lipped about the allegation.

If Assange is found guilty of the molestation crime, it could end up being quite technical as the law covers many different aspects.

He could be fined, or face up to one year in prison although a fine is more common place according to cheif prosecutor Eva Finné.

More information on this story can be found at PC World.

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