Why Xbox Live Is Worth The Price – 360 Games and Extras

By Jamie Pert - Sep 1, 2010

As you have probably heard, the price of Xbox Live Gold Memberships are going up, a lot of people were annoyed with the increase, however I must admit it does not bother me in the slightest.

The price increase in the U.S. will equate to $10 extra per year, this means that gamers will be paying just 2.7 cents extra per day (roughly), which means the total cost per day has ‘rocketed’ to around 13.9 cents per day.

Obviously a price increase is not a good thing, however if you think about the services offered now, compared to a few years ago it is pretty justified, especially with the Kinect launch in November and more social networking integration coming soon.

I do think it’s great the the Xbox 360’s main competitor offers free online gaming, however in my opinion the introduction of PlayStation Plus is proof that Sony need some sort of income to help pay the server costs, I predict that in 2011 Sony’s PSN+ will become more of a necessity for PlayStation gamers, as DLC will become completely exclusive etc.

Over the last year or so I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 more than any other game, there has not been one day where Xbox Live has been down, and there have been no major connectivity problems, also DLC has hit Xbox Live a month pefore it has arrive on the PlayStation Network, for these reasons alone I think that paying a subscription is well worth it.

It looks as if the Xbox 360 may also be the console of choice for Black Ops gamers, it has already been revealed that the Black Ops beta is an Xbox 360 exclusive, not only this but DLC will come to the Xbox 360 before the PS3.

Microsoft did not have to secure this exclusivity for their gamers, however they did, and no doubt paid a lot for it, I am confident that this price increase will go towards future deals with developers and publishers to make Xbox Live better and better.

Do you think the price increase is justified? Feel free to share your own opinion in the comments section below.

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  • joe

    Live is better handsdown. I've had numerous problems on PSN such as they balls up every time there is an update, slow downloads and so called dedicated servers going offline. Thought about upgrading to PS+ but realised its only a content discount service, majority of stuff I wouldn't buy anyway. I admit there are less screaming 12 years old but thats because headsets are not standard with PSN. So a lot of folk on PSN can't chat.

    Upgraded to XBL Gold with my new Xbox and the difference is huge. Worth the subscription, I'm about to switch over from monthly to annual @£33.00 with code. Worth it I say!

  • CraigB

    had ps3 since launch just got xbox monday (so currently have one month free gold), live is better laid out, lots of lovely bells and whistles extra but when it comes to what counts live only has 2 features psn doesnt and one is already in development (cross game chat) and the other no word yet (party system), and the most important thing of all which is what the experience is like once you are in a server and playing a game. they are identical and I think there may even be a split second lag in live I havent noticed in psn before, and more importantly no screaming racist 12 year olds on psn. Live is better. Just.

  • Kirk

    the price of xbox live is 10$ more per year so i sell all my xbox games and console at a depreciated amount thats maybe 25% of what i paid originally so i paid a thousand for my games, console, and everything with it and get 250$ back……. wow people really are u that stupid with a 10$ increase on xbox live microsoft will make near a hundred million from the ten million currently on with that money they can make xbox live better by adding more things such as the recent netflix addition as well as facebook and they can research new and better things to add on

  • Neville

    Just to let you know, there won't be a public beta for either console, so I don't know where you got that info from.


    You are all stupid so they jump up the price by 10 dollars so you go and sell your xboxs
    have fun waiting 5 years for your stupid ps3 games to download onto the consle so you can play it.



  • Adam

    If Microsoft wants to increase its Live price for better profits and people still buy it because its worth it then WHAT IS ALL THE COMPLAINING AND BUSINESS BASHING ABOUT?! Its simple economics. If Microsoft came out and said, "ok people! All of our games are now priced at $200! HAHA!" I bet their entertainment portion of the business would go byebye quickly because the demand would not be there for that price! So a business will price it at the edge of demand so that they make profit and are successful. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING SUCCESSFUL? if you had a business selling something great that you invented and you knew many people were willing to pay $200 for it would you just say, "well…I will just charge $50 for it even though it cost you $100 to make? NO! If you knew many people would pay $200 then thats what you would charge, because you WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL! simple.

    • Ryan

      THANK YOU! People on these forums don't understand anything about business. I'm glad u posted this lol. Basic business 101 if u pay for something u will be getting better quality then if u get it for free. I own every system, in fact. Every generation of every system, xbox is hands down the best. Who gives a shit if u have to pay 10 bucks extra a year, u get better downloadable games, more people to play with and party chat. Ohh and it doesn't take 10 minutes to update a game. I updated mw2 on both ps3 and xbox 360 and it took 20 seconds on my xbox and 17 minutes on ps3. And I have fios. No one can even argue with me what's better cuz I actually play both and am honest about boths flaws. But just because one is more successful doesn't mean we have to feel the need to bash it. Do u guys really think that all of us are idiots, that we should listen to what u guys say. Well clearly we know more about gaming than u guys so u should listen to us. And I would love for anybody to tell me y the xbox sucks and I will tell u 50 reasons y the ps3 sucks more.

      • BRiiLLiiANCE

        so you say that theres no reason to bash a console and then immediately say that you’ll give 50 reasons as to why the ps3 sucks?? Well i wanna hear you name 15 reaason as to how the xbox is better than the ps3.. i dont want to hear opinions like “well, we have better games” but i want to hear actual facts on how the xbox is better.. so my one thing on how the xbox “sucks” is the failure rate AND the reviews of our exclusive games are always better than the reviews for your exclusives…no lets start up this so called list you have planned out..

      • Chris

        Yeah but you still need to pay and if you're like me (13 with no money to spare) you stick to the PS3 coz who gives a **** about better interface. Yeah its one month later and yeah sometimes it's slow and yeah thers no Halo (only 3 reasons) but we have Little Big Planet and Uncharted 2 which in my opinion is written better even than Halo Reach. Mind u I have an Xbox 360 and im not willing to pay $80 for a wireless adapter. I mean seriously, everything nowdays has Wireless of any kind!!!

        • Jack

          Umm u could just buy an ethernet cable for like 20 bucks. And also PS#3 network is hacker heaven

  • Adam1983

    While having to pay more is not fun at all I can understand a price increase with all the additions they have made in the past few years. I just think its laughable to see people write the word Microsoft as Micro$oft or whatever they do with the $ sign. Like they are greedy money grabbers.

    Give me a break guys. This is what is wrong with our society. We all believe what we hear on our TV sets that all big corporations are just big greedy money grabbers! There is such a thing as, supply & demand, guys. If people are willing to pay $60 for a game, or $50 for a pair of jeans then thats what they will be priced at. A business trys to make profit so it can pay its bills, pay its taxes, and pay its employees so that they have JOBS!

    • ffjuket

      couldnt have said it any better

  • GordonShumway

    "also DLC has hit Xbox Live a month pefore it has arrive on the PlayStation Network"

    …but surely you realise that when Microsoft use part of your Xbox Live subscription to pay for "exclusivity" with games publishers, you don't actually get the DLC earlier, you just pay for the PS3 DLC to be delayed.

    As a multiconsole owner it kinda sucks to me knowing that my overpriced subscription to one console is paying to delay content on the other, leaving me with less choice. If I only owned a PS3 I'd be even more annoyed… but, what the hell, it's only a month

  • gamer

    Just cancled mine too. gonna sell my xbox with all games and controllers to buy a PS3.
    This is stupid as if they werent making enough already. Good luck to all people willing to pay extra. Even if it is just 2.7 cents extra per day doesn't make it any better cause its still more you have to pay. Better quit now before they start charging to even mention the words Xbox Live!

  • chinchy 133

    just cancelled mine. In the UK its only the monthly subscription thats gone up in price which is unfair. dont like the thought of contracts so i also just canceld the preorder of special edition halo xbox and ordered a ps3. 😀

  • Nameofperson

    Read article. Couldn't really find the "why xbox live is worth the price" part of it, though.
    You say that you play a MW2 which performs as expected, that Kinect is coming out, and that Black Ops is going to be an exclusive. Great, OK, but I'm still looking for the "why xbox live is worth the price" part. I still can't find it.

  • Blackshirt

    Fanboy article!

  • SpawnstaR

    I love these fanboy explainations of why Micro$haft is the be all and end all, Yawn nothing to see here , move along

  • Kev

    No I don't.See i own both a ps3 and xbox 360 and do you know I have a PC WHERE I DONT HAVE TO PAY TO PLAY ONLINE.End of comment.

  • zs450

    I think it's justified, I don't like it but I can understand why they're doing it. I'm still going to find discounted subscription cards as I have the past couple of years. There were big Black Friday deals around the web last time and I ended up getting the year for $25.