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New Xbox 360 Pad: Your ideas for Microsoft?

Depending on which way you look at it, we have some good or bad news for Xbox 360 owners. Microsoft is reportedly thinking about changing the design of their Xbox 360 controller. We want them to hear your best ideas.

According to this report from Joystiq, Microsoft are finally looking to revamp the design, with the d-pad in pole position for a radical update. It is no secret that fighting games i.e Street Fighter IV remain an unneccessary challenge when using the 360 d-pad, so I’m sure there are a lot of pleased owners out there reading this.

Joystiq state that Microsoft are planning to alter the d-pad, so it stands a quarter of an inch higher, whenever you rotate it 90 degrees. Aside from that bit of information, thats all we have to go on at the moment.

Which is why we need your help. Personally, I think it is a great idea that they are considering a design upgrade – especially for the Xbox 360 too, and not just thinking about the 720 or whatever it will end up being called.

Do you already have an idea on what you’d like the 360 pad to look like? It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they took some tips from the PS3 pad, everyone knows that the Dual-Shock that Sony patented was a great invention, just like the original SNES pad.

I would like the Xbox 360 to be lighter for one, and not feel so bulky when gripping it. A lighter, compact design with Microsoft’s same form factor and an improved d-pad would go down a treat – do you agree?

I know you have some better ideas. Leave us a comment with your best ones!


  • Darren

    What are you talking about, “take some tips from sony”. The xbox 360 has the best controller out there. If they want to impove it and actually beable to sell it they need to NOT do everything you said. If they did that, the controller would be just as shitty as the small, uncomfortable PS3 controller.


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