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Motorola Droid: Android 2.2 Froyo Update – Verizon Cut-Off Date

For those of you who are still waiting for the notification from Verizon regarding the new Android 2.2 Froyo update on the original Motorola Droid, we have an update from the carrier to share with you.

As reported from Droid-Life, new information has been obtained via a leaked Verizon document, which confirms a cut-off date for the new update, identified as FRG22D – which adds a downloadable version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to the Android Market.

The date in question is September 4th. The document states that all Motorola Droid owners should receive the notification by then. Question is though – have you got the update already?

At least you know that you haven’t been forgotten by Verizon. Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • michael


  • michael

    Go to the market flash is waiting for you, download it, Droid one owners as long as you have FRG22D, if not do it manually. go to DROID NEWS look for directions to download it manually.I did it for six people at work. Follow directions its easy!

  • Mike

    looks like my wife just got 2.2

  • becky

    No flash for me yet. Friends got it. Wonder what the criteria for getting it.

  • Kenny Bats

    People stop stating that you 'got the update over a week ago and still no flash." Do some research before posting. The update that was rolled out in the last few weeks of August was FRG01B and was not flash enabled. The FRG22D update that is rolling our now installs over the top of the update you got last week and will enable you to see a Flash Player download in the market. Flash IS NOT installed with the update. And Dinc owners, nobody with a Droid 1 cares whether or not you got your update yet. We have had these Droid 1's in many cases since '09 and we are still waiting. Get in line and wait your turn.

    • tls

      Yep, 2009, stupid enough to think that “soon” was actually, well, SOON, not nearly a YEAR. I am convinced they expected us all to just run out and get a new Droid with Flash already up and running… it’s all about the money.

  • Nothing for my Dinc in NJ. What I find astonishing is how Verizon hasn't reached out to the enthusiasts and early adopters like us clamoring for Froyo. As someone working on social media communications at strategy at IBM, I find this shortsighted on Verizon's part. They should be tapping into this kind of base and turning them into allies and influencers.

  • Chris

    I think you need to be on FRG01B to go to FRG22D, as it is only a 1.6MB update, not a new build. Chris

  • Brian

    Just got it on my moto droid… and Flash 10.1 shows up in market place!

  • zse45tgb

    This is the second froyo update for the Droid. The first was FRG01B, which upgraded the OS to 2.2, but seems to have been a bit buggy. FRG22D is the final froyo build and seems to fix the bugs and allows the user to find Adobe's Flash Player in the Market.

    So, if you're confused, check the build by going to Settings > About Phone. The "Build number" is the last bit on the screen. If it's FRG22D, you should be able to install Flash from the Market. If it's FRG01B, you need the latest patch. If for some reason you're not on froyo yet, you'll need the full FRG22D build update (which skips FRG01B).

    Also, if you're tired of waiting, you can do a search for "FRG22D manual update" to go from eclair to froyo or "FRG01B to FRG22D manual update" to get the latest patch.

  • parapup

    Still waiting here in lynchburg, VA. Come on Verizon get your act together!

  • mcqz

    My wife's original Moto Droid got it over 2 weeks ago, but my Incredible is still waiting in Norther AZ.

  • bshirota

    Same here…Froyo update, but no Flash. 🙁

  • Lucas French

    I got the first 2.2 update three weeks ago OTA (Bonifay, FL.) But I haven't received the FRG22D update yet. I'm so livid. I've been checking like every morning and night. I just don't understand why this update would take so long because the update is only a few megabytes. Less than 10 I do believe. So wouldn't Verizon be able to send a lot of updates at once? And if so how come people haven't got any updates yet?

  • dj

    Just received update but no flash player. Does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Sam I Am

    I received the update about 2weeks ago…did the happy dance..but then sadly realized no flash player yet…wasn’t that the whole point! So am still WAITING!

  • jon

    This is total BS. I haven’t even gotten the first update to FRG01B and now they’re saying that its going to be done in minus 5 days???? Get it together


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