Is Facebook Down? Outage Today, Site and Widgets

Facebook has some great widgets that help websites connect with the over 500 million users, and their social plugins include an activity feed, Like buttons, live streams, and a cool Like Box.

Sadly all sites can suffer downtime, and just moments ago we noticed the β€œLike This” widget not working on Product Reviews, and the share widgets were not working. After checking, we can see the site is down.

Considering the amount of people that visit Facebook everyday, this is a big deal. The outage so far has been under an hour, but there could have been intermittent problems throughout the day.

Have you been affected by this Facebook outage, and have you seen the site down in your area? Let us know in the comments. We will update you when we find out why Facebook went down.

UPDATE: is working, but the main domain and widgets are still down.
Facebook app on iPhone and iPod touch is working.

Another Update:
It looks like the reason behind the downtime is that Facebook are doing updates, they have disconnected most of the applications. Facebook also report that the updates are in different parts of the world, and not all counties will be affected by the downtime today.


  • dattsbee

    Kansas city Mo and it's been down for me 2 hours so far i kept getting DNS failure so i googled it and found out that everybody is down.How long do you think this is going to take?

  • Avonlady

    down for me also in eastern Canada

  • chris

    Down in Hull, have to watch tv now

  • Secondary Editorial Voice ™

    Been down here in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1:40PM EDT. Ironically for me, it was while I was taking a look-see at FB's developers blog. πŸ˜› is a good place to check out as well. Apparently via their stats, FB's been having frequent outages throughout the past 24 hours, but this has been the longest so far.

    Oh, damn. Might as well go outside and enjoy the weather… πŸ˜‰

  • Eric in L.A.

    Los Angeles here. I haven't been able to login to Facebook for 3 days now…. Still all screwed up…. they don't reply to emails either.

  • PER

    DOWN right now – won't let me log in. πŸ™ I've tried everything – thought it was my cookies but fixed that — must be fb cuz everything else (other websites, etc) working fine.
    When will we be able to log in??? I'm in United States, WA state.

  • rev p

    down in paris france

  • matt g

    works on my iPhone but not on my MBP, SORT IT OUT!

  • tayto

    facebook is Down Here… ireland …over two hours

  • Daantje

    Down in Netherlands.

  • PMD

    What am I going to do. Only recognise my kids by their profile pictures!!!

  • Guest

    I've managed to get back in, I'm in Leeds, UK. Has been running very slowy though

  • charles

    on now in felixstowe

  • Rink try this way, alot of things still work πŸ™‚

  • charles

    down here in felixstowe suffolk never known facebook to go down before anyone know how much longer fb gona be down?

  • Stephan

    Down in Stuttgart (Germany) too. Hasn’t been working for an hour now. Hope it will be accessable again soon!

  • Oliver

    Facebook has been acting weirdly since sunday with lots of lag and bizarre behaviour. Maybe they took it down to fix it?

  • libby

    Down in cheltenham (uk)

  • Betty

    down for me too in Germany

  • MAtty

    Turns out facebook works on the Ipod Touch/Iphone app whuch i have result!!

  • Peter

    Down here in Ilulissat.

  • janabana

    down in sofia, bulgaria

  • Trumaine

    Down in Middlesbrough (UK) too, So…How else is there an efficient way to pry into all my friends lives now?

  • ehsan

    not working for me either. (birmingham uk)

  • emilio86

    Down here in Germany since at least 1 hour ago.

  • Bryan

    Been down in Ireland for the past hour now.

  • Bobby

    Facebooks gone down on me again… The wife isnt gonna be happy ! ha

  • Nic

    Hope it gets fixed soon! I managed to log in on facebook mobile using my internet browser but then that stopped working too…

  • Clairificus

    Down in Australia not just Europe πŸ˜›

  • TKP

    Down for me in Battersea in London too!!! πŸ™

  • Evil

    Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!

    Facebook is down! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    That sounds great! What a nice day to enjoy fresh air and get out from your nolife!!

  • Molly

    Down in London. I'm going to take the children to the park, imagine! Desperate times!

  • woha!!!

    Facebook may not be working in the general web, but it's still working fine on mobile web, this is a an intentional crisis, we should expect to hear from the president barack obama advising us on "what to do next". This here is an international emergency, my friends sit tight.. we can get through this!!!

  • Kat

    I have tried accessing it via all the search engines they cant find!!!!!!!! (Scotland, UK)

  • Jill

    Down for about an hour in SA, can't access via phone either.

  • Jerry

    Down here too… Hamburg, Germany

  • James

    Down on me ; )

  • gemma

    Facebook are currently doing updates,
    it will be up and running soon
    Sorry for any inconvenience,

    Facebook EGN
    18 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    We have dissconnected most of the Facebook application's
    Please sent email's to Facebook if you are unhappy after we have re-connected Facebook.

    Facebook EGN
    10 minutes ago

    Facebook is doing updates in diffrent part's of the world,
    not all countrys will be affected.

    Facebook EGN
    6 minutes ago


    Facebook EGN
    5 minutes ago

  • HR

    Facebook is down for me, what will we do!!!!!

    Anyone got any idea how long for?? πŸ™

  • brzuuu

    problems in Poland also πŸ™

  • manu

    down in spain .. (madrid)

  • dead in Surrey too!

  • manu

    down in spain (madrid)

  • panic182

    oh my gosh!!! I am in a blind panic.. Facebook is down in Cheshire too!!! god help us

  • Fen

    It was okay this morning in London, but now it's as dead as a dodo.

  • Gecko Design

    Down here too (Liverpool UK) has been since 10am

  • Barbara

    down in Bosnia

  • boared@work

    works on phone but not PC in edinburgh

  • julie

    down in Rugby,UK …

  • straatsalaat

    dead here too (A'pet☼wn, Belgium)

  • MJS

    Down for me aswell on the south coast of the UK.

  • BusyAtWork

    It's out of action here too (Hackney, East London, UK)… suppose I'd better get on with some work instead!

  • Eddie

    down in germany too…

  • Ryan

    Yes mine down in stoke !

  • DIco Namico

    down here in brazil (south).

  • anngell.

    Great facebooks down!
    how long for??

  • Dave

    Mine is also down in UK. Had reports down in Holland too

  • google chemtrails

    down in Cambridge

  • Kerry

    had a few problems with certain functions on fb, couldnt change my email addy and after several attempts to do that i found it had totally crashed. Virgin media reporting no such link exists.
    Bristol UK

  • BJD

    down for me in London …

  • JC 44

    I was having problems with the site all morning, i hope its working again soon. Any idea what the actual problem is?

  • joost

    down for me in france

  • GH3

    Yes it's down here too

  • Rich

    I'm in the UK and it's been "down" for me since around 05:00 this morning, that's about 9 hours so far.

  • gemma

    anyone know why its down ? or how long for

  • Charly

    Dead as a dodo

  • Debbie

    Not worked for me for the past hour, however a friend is able to log in with no problems πŸ™ what do u mean proxy works fine ?

  • Ian

    Indeed it is down at the moment, I've been having on off problems with it & millionare city for the past few hours

  • gemma

    down in leeds (uk) suck's !

  • PropellerHeadCase

    Down here (UK), too.

  • did a google search to confirm it was down..yea glad u guys picked up on it. lol i was about to leave this comment using facebook connect login then realised that too isnt working

  • Complainging dude

    Ot's down in Uk, Peterborrough, just asked some friends 2 make sure! Hurry up & fix it facebook folk! x

    • SpiedUK

      Yea down in Northants UK too :-/

  • Kish

    Edit: when i login it won't connect. But main page loads…

  • WAY-Z

    Yeah this sucks πŸ™

  • Kish

    Down for me as well, however if i try proxy works fine :S


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