Is Facebook Down? Outage Today, Site and Widgets

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2010

Facebook has some great widgets that help websites connect with the over 500 million users, and their social plugins include an activity feed, Like buttons, live streams, and a cool Like Box.

Sadly all sites can suffer downtime, and just moments ago we noticed the “Like This” widget not working on Product Reviews, and the share widgets were not working. After checking, we can see the site is down.

Considering the amount of people that visit Facebook everyday, this is a big deal. The outage so far has been under an hour, but there could have been intermittent problems throughout the day.

Have you been affected by this Facebook outage, and have you seen the site down in your area? Let us know in the comments. We will update you when we find out why Facebook went down.

UPDATE: is working, but the main domain and widgets are still down.
Facebook app on iPhone and iPod touch is working.

Another Update:
It looks like the reason behind the downtime is that Facebook are doing updates, they have disconnected most of the applications. Facebook also report that the updates are in different parts of the world, and not all counties will be affected by the downtime today.

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