Google Pay Per View (PPV) Movies Via YouTube In 2010

Towards the end of 2009 we first heard about a new movie rental service from Google, which would see Google offer Pay Per View (PPV) movies via YouTube. At the time rumors were trickling out about discussions with Time Warner, Sony, Lions Gate, and other major movie studios.

At the start of this year more details were released, and in April YouTube released a free movie service that can be seen at One year on from the first rumors we heard, it now looks that a Google PPV movie service will be released within weeks.

According to the Financial Times, the negotiations with movie studios have progressed to the point that a global pay-per-view movie service could launch within 4 months, starting with the United States.

Google is in a very good position, they do not need to sell the YouTube brand, it sells itself, and the number of users that Google can attract to any new service via its search engine is second to none.

It’s interesting that Apple has a special press event on September 1, which will likely include improvements to their Apple TV service. 2010/2011 will be a battle for control of digital distribution in the television and movie industries.

Would you use a PPV YouTube movie service?



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