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Facebook Login Not Down on iPhone: August 2010

Within the last 30 minutes we reported that Facebook was down, which has not been that often this year, and this month August 2010. We have been getting reports from all over the world from many users that Facebook is down, so this is not a localized outage.

Some users said they could still get on Facebook via the iPhone or iPod touch app; we just checked this and found we can access Facebook on the iPhone.

Those of you that have the Facebook app on Apple’s devices can still keep contact through a mobile device, and as of yet there has been no reason given for the main being down. We will update you as we get more.

Maybe its time to crack open the mobiles for now.


  • audrey bacon

    never had any trouble with facebook on iphone

  • audrey bacon

    how do you get rid of old data on the i phone? games , stuff you dont want.please help me.

  • nlm

    not working on my iPhone 4 for several days…

  • John in Berlin

    It’s been inaccessible on my iPad G3 for a couple of hours now.

  • sands

    its on and off all the time on all appliances

  • Greg

    It's working via the Android app – but not on my PC…

  • KiKi in the UK

    I can access from my HTC phone, but not from my PC

  • andy

    no jim it doesn't

  • Jim

    facebook also works on nokia phones


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