Droid Incredible: Android 2.2 Froyo Rollout – Verizon Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Aug 31, 2010

We have good news for Droid Incredible owners now, as we have a much needed update for those of you who are still waiting on Verizon to release the official update to Android 2.2 Froyo on the Droid Incredible handset.

According to Droid-Life, some new Verizon internal documents they have obtained has revealed that Verizon are aiming to update all Droid Incredible handsets to Android 2.2 Froyo by Friday September 3rd.

As far as we’re aware, some of you have already received the notification to update from Verizon, but the majority are still patiently waiting for it, or getting increasingly frustrated we might add.

Will Verizon manage to pull if off by Friday though? They certainly have their work cut out if they are going to make all Droid Incredible owners happy by the time the weekend lands.

Do you have Froyo yet? Let us know your thoughts on the update.

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  • Keith

    I didn't even realize i had downloaded the update until my battery's life is now sucked out after 3 hours of no use at all. This phone is now totally worthless. I loved it before and have barely scratched the surface on all the things I could do with it. Now I can't even use it. Verizon store employees have no idea how to fix it. I'd also like to downgrade back to version 2.1. Why don't they just make that a temporary fix? This is either an HTC or Verizon issue and they need to come up with something. Otherwise I'm talking a class action lawsuit to get a better phone. Who's with me??

  • Lou

    How can we downgrade to 2.1? I am hating every single bit of 2.2

  • Ashley

    I received the froyo update on my Droid incredible a few weeks ago and I wish I could figure out if there is some way to remove the update from my phone. Pros: 720p video recording and a flashlight. Con: before the update, my battery used to charge completely in less than an hour and hold a charge at least 24 hours. Now it takes several hours to get a full charge, has already lost 10% of the charge in the half hour it takes me to get to work and is telling me to connect to charger within 8 hours. I hate carrying my phone charger around with me every day. I hope Verizon fixes this soon or my next upgrade will be to the iPhone

  • wes

    Agree with everyone. 2.2 is terrible. Experiencing the same battery drain as everybody here. Also noticing major lag when i change screen orientation. Most importantly I am having major wifi problems and can't really use it. Have tried factory reset and got no improvement. Apps i don't want and can't erase. wish i had never upgraded.

  • drew

    my phone dies soo fast.
    i think i will start mailing letters again like the 1980's. much easier!!

  • Jen

    I loved my Droid Incredible when I first got it. LOVED it!! The keyboard was extremely sensitive (in a great way), and the correction of misspelled words was practically perfect. With the upgrade, the keyboard seems like it can't keep up with my texting (especially the letter "T" for some reason), the word correction ability is AWFUL, the battery takes FOREVER to charge, I've had my phone "freeze up" multiple times, and I've had to restart my phone multiple times just to get the 3G working.

    I'm so bummed because I've only had this phone about a month and a half, and I was THRILLED that I would have it for two years. Now, I'm just bummed that I am stuck with this phone for the next two years.

    DO NOT UPDATE to 2.2!!!

  • Darrin

    Installed the update and I wish that I had not, It sucks! Battery life was cut in half. Like others have said, “the advanced task killer isn’t killing things and apps that I don’t use (or have never even used) are running. I keep going to settings and to applications and to running applications and stopping the ones I don’t use and then they keep running anyway”. I used to love my Droid and now I absolutely hate it!!!!!!!!! Do not install the update, DO NOT INSTALL THE UPDATE!

  • rachel

    I am so mad about this update. As if my battery didn’t drain fast enough before! Now its draining after about 8 hours of use. And WHY TELL ME WHYYYYY are there ALWAYS apps running on my phone, even when I don’t open them. I used to tell all my friends and coworkers to get a Droid, now I’m reconsidering. It sucks. Plain and simple. Thanks htc for making my $300 investment and turning it into a piece of crap. Don’t worry, I haven’t hesitated to spread the word, im going back to Blackberry. End of story.

  • Robin

    Experiencing the same battery drain problem. Prior to this I was loving my Droid, now I'm thinking if Verizon goes with iPhone as rumored in Jan '11, I'll be making the switch. I work 12 hour shifts usually and within 6 hours at work phone's dead. Unfortunately I don't sit at a computer but rather run all over the hospital all day so can't sit and charge. Grrrrrr.

  • Casey

    Battery life is bad after update here as well. In addition, if I plug in to charge from the wall my sd card gets disabled as though I were plugging into my pc as a disk drive. Sooooooo buggy.

  • lmw

    The people who have not upgraded yet are the lucky ones. My advice would be DON"T UPGRADE. Battery life is significantly worse.

  • lmw

    The 2.2 upgrade is sucking the life out of my battery. It is A.W.F.U.L. Tech support at Verizon was not helpful and did not seem to understand that this is a bad thing. Yesterday I sent 1 text message and my phone was sleeping all day. The battery totally died after a few short hours. It is untenable and Verizon doesn't seem to understand or care.

  • Maverick

    Totally agree 100% with allt he probs others are facing with battery life.

    Ever since the 2.2 upgrade 9official version) the battery life on the phone has decreased significantly. the pre loaded apps such as skype, news and weather, My VzW mobile, google voice search and some other downloaded apps keep re launching themselves silently in the background.

    I use advanced task killer to kill the running apps, but then every time the phone suspends/resumes (back light on/off) the apps start again. Overall the battery life has gone down by at least 40% since the 2.2 upgrade.

    Hope VzW and HTC are taking note of this, not sure if others are having similar problems with their phones after their upgrade

  • JimC

    The update is a disgrace! There is NO WAY this update was tested before it was released unless they have some really stupid tech guys. All the problems listed above I have experienced plus I have had to reboot my cell more in the past week then I ever had to do in the first 4 months without the 2.2 update! Now we know why they require a 2 year contracts with their new phones. If it were not for that, I would be out the door today! Again, the Android 2.2 update on Verizon Incredible is A DISGRACE!

  • Deanna

    I have the exact same issues as the rest of you. It is amazing how fast it is draining. I also am charging it as much as possible. In the past 30 min of charging would get it much closer to full. Now sadly it hardly helps. Way sad!

  • Lil

    It seems we all have the same battery issue. Went to the store and some of the annoying things are permanently disabled (stock update for one). It sill drains battery much faster than before. I asked to remove 2.2 and to go back to the previous version. They told me they can't do. If I want it I need to contact HTC. They are the only one who can do that. Then, at least let me remove bloatware without any issues! I am sure VZ is getting so many complains since it was released. I hope they will address this matter quickly.

    • Tiff

      VZ told me that the apps that can't be removed are "system apps"

      It's not Android that needs the apps to run. Verizon Navigator has nothing to do with the OS. Verizon is doing the same thing with this phone as it does with all the others.

      Post-update my phone runs slower then my BB Tour did.

  • Jlara

    I did a manual update. The phone is working great all around BUT my battery is now draining incredibly fast and I've noticed that it takes longer to charge(?). Based on what I've read here and in other forums, I don't think that Verizon knows what to do about the auto-loading apps or the battery drain issue. It's a shame because the phone is working really well with this update but this battery draining too fast is becoming a significant productivity issue for me as I am constantly having to charge the battery.

  • Kbob

    I have the same problem with apps running without me starting them. Constantly have to kill the apps. WTF???

  • Bobby

    I agree, with Matt, haven't went to the store yet but now my battery drains at an incredible rate, this is after I killed off my facebook app that was one of the causes, however it slowed it from lightning speed drain to WTF drain, I just keep charging it every chance I get until I find the reason why… Still stoked with the phone just need to not become MS and force apps on us, and fix the damn battery drain

  • Matt

    I got my update on August 31. It totally screwed up my phone. I went to the store to complain about all of the apps that now continuesly run in the background even after you use the app killer. They tell me to do a hard reset to factory defaults. I do that and it clears my phones settings assigning it the phone number 0000000000. I also have no internet connection.

    I went back to the store today and they can't fix it. So, tomorrow they are sending me a new phone. With this new update they have embedded a bunch of new programs that you can not delete, Skype being the main one.

    My Incredible worked great before all of this.

    • Tiff

      I can second all of these issues.

      Verizon had me do a factory reset and my phone still works but I have the same problems I had before.

  • Michael

    The update to my droid incredible seems cool, new flashlight and whatnot; but now it continually runs programs like cityid, verizon navigator, google voice search, and one or two others, which i cant get to stop. Its annoying, and my battery is draining at lightning speed.

  • Deborah

    I received the update for the incredible today, 1 Sept. Works great.. Love the new FlashLight, but still seems to be some problems with the flash player.

  • Lucille

    I have the droid incredible and got my update this morning. August 31st.

  • bobby johnson

    this is terrible, i have been waiting for froyo for months now to hopefully fix the glitches of my 1st gen anoled incredible. still nothing