Bloom Box Energy Server: 60 minutes and Fuel Cell Technology

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2010

You may remember Bloom Box’s energy server from back in February, which saw the fuel cell “In-a-Box”, hit the headlines. Back then we saw a video with their CEO KR Sridhar, and 60 minutes explained the new technology to the world.

Since then more companies have signed up to the revolutionary fuel cell technology, and last weekend 60 minutes decided to take another look at Bloom Energy. The latest video can be seen on CBS News here.

Many startups in Silicon Valley are trying to achieve inexpensive and clean energy with no emissions, and the Bloom Box could one day be a power plant in a box, which is stored at your home and wireless.

Bloom Energy hopes to revolutionize how you get power to your home, just like cell phones replaced landlines, and laptops are replacing desktops.

Now that California has large corporations testing the Bloom Box, they are generating power on the spot, which means no need to be connected to the electric grid. Not only is this clean, but it’s apparently saving money too.

You can see the official site at Let us know what you think of Bloom Energy. Would you want one in your home?

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  • Barry

    I would be interested in investment opportunities as well as a placement at my home.

    • Ivo

      Hi Barry, are you an accredited investor? and are you looking to invest in clean technologies?