BlackBerry Reprieve In India: RIM’s Mobile Data Problems

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 31, 2010

At the start of August we updated you on the situation with Blackberry mobile in India, and how the country wants close monitoring of messaging and email in the interest of national security.

Today we hear that BlackBerry has won a reprieve in India, which means they will not be shutdown, and according to Reuters, Research In Motion will be giving BlackBerry data to India from September 1.

India wants a way to fully read BlackBerry communications, and track them in the best possible way, but intercepting data that India wants access to will be a default task. Reuters said that Analysts feel there is “no easy fix” to this problem, and that India will be pushing Skype, Google, and RIM for local servers so they can fully monitor their services.

If the BlackBerry maker were shutdown in India, this would affect around 1 million users. You can read the full story on Reuters.

Security threats are very real today, and many countries are taking action in their own way, which some conspiracy theorists may feel some data is not asked for, and rather taken.

Should India have access to this BlackBerry data?

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