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Samsung Epic 4G: Sprint’s User Guide – Download before Release

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up the impressive Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint this Tuesday, as the carrier has posted the official User Guide on their website, giving you a full lowdown on what to expect before release.

As reported from BGR, the online Samsung Epic 4G guide is a whopping 264 page in PDF format, which is also available to download to your computer if you want to keep it for future reference.

The guide will teach you all need to know about the Epic 4G, including tips on how to make use of the various features and shortcuts available when texting on the QWERTY keypad.

If you need advice on a particular widget such as Facebook, NASCAR or Sprint TV, then the guide also features an in-depth tutorial on how to get the best out of these apps.

You can view and download the User Manual here – let us know your thoughts on it. Are you planning to get one tomorrow?



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