PS3Key: The Next PS3 Jailbreak Solution?

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

We have only just heard about PSJailbreak, the first openly available jailbreak solution for the Sony PS3, but now we have the first details on PS3Key, the next big thing which will hit the console.

As reported from PS3Hax, PS3Key is currently in development, and the creators have already set up a Facebook page, in which they are keeping users updated on the current status of PS3Key.

According to them, PS3Key will be ready in a few weeks time and is thought to be as easy as PSJailbreak – the USB device which enables users to save and install games from the hard drive.

Here is a message posted on their Facebook page: ”Good news everyone! Our mad scientist has confirmed that getting into the console is as simple as pretending to be a USB hub! It doesn’t look like this is going to take any more than a few weeks!”

What are your thoughts on the mysterious PS3Key? We’ll give you an update on this story when we hear more news.

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  • Uzair

    You might want to update this article because Sony recently released a firmware update that breaks the hack used for the mod chip. Since, unfortunately, the firmware update is required to use your PS3 at all, this mod chip was obsolete 3 days after it was publicly released.

    Hopefully, your readers will save their money and not spend it on something that is totally useless.
    I have written an article regarding the same.

  • raaymaan

    Agreed the PS3 community needs a device like this. Honestly, I have no intention of even ATTEMPTING to make homebrew apps/games and unfortunately pirated games would probably be the only thing I'd use it for. Having said that, I too am unwilling to fork out 150+ only for Sony too possibly (very likely) to release an update rendering it useless along with a possible PSN ban. I'd just wait until a device is created for the optical drive with the same functionality. Quick question. Can BluRay movies be backed up?

  • homer

    Something like this needs to exist. Sony should never have removed the otherOS capability. A device like this is worth it for that functionality alone. Homebrew should also be capable on such a brilliant piece of hardware. I couldn’t care less for pirated games. But using the console as a video player (XBMC), and homebrew apps, makes it a worthwhile device. The current lack of games (since it’s released), has made it possibly the worst “gaming” console ever. This hack might finally make it a usable device.

  • Captain

    If it’s free, or at least has more than one trick like the PS3 Jailbreak did, which is PS3 games only isn’t worth it. The people who bought that thing are 9-10 kicking themselves in the butt, because now it can’t be updated sense the business is pretty done now. So it’s lesson learn. If you want too go the pirated route, at least make it worth it.

  • Jackels

    Will only get it if its free, the other mod chip is 150+, is a rip off, especialy since from what i read, sony can track it and ban all ps3s using it, soo kinda a big wast of money.

  • Mornelithe

    I'm just glad Sony has the ability to track people using the debug route, it's widely proven that current software does not run well on the PS3's architecture, so it's pretty obvious this tool is simply to promote piracy. Ban away Sony.

    • linux-user

      They have already "banned" me from PSN by blocking PSN access to all users that still needs/wants to use OtherOS….. This only allows me to gain a little bit more out of the hardware and gain the ability to run games from the HD to allow for a bit faster load-times…

    • lokienloki

      Hopefully, this one won't be flag by Sony. The last thing that any gamers want, is that they spend 170 dollars for something that won't work! USB PS Jailbreak Impressions