PS3Key: The Next PS3 Jailbreak Solution?

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

We have only just heard about PSJailbreak, the first openly available jailbreak solution for the Sony PS3, but now we have the first details on PS3Key, the next big thing which will hit the console.

As reported from PS3Hax, PS3Key is currently in development, and the creators have already set up a Facebook page, in which they are keeping users updated on the current status of PS3Key.

According to them, PS3Key will be ready in a few weeks time and is thought to be as easy as PSJailbreak – the USB device which enables users to save and install games from the hard drive.

Here is a message posted on their Facebook page: ”Good news everyone! Our mad scientist has confirmed that getting into the console is as simple as pretending to be a USB hub! It doesn’t look like this is going to take any more than a few weeks!”

What are your thoughts on the mysterious PS3Key? We’ll give you an update on this story when we hear more news.

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