iPhone 4: Free iOS 4.0.2 Jailbreak and Cases – Apple has no idea

By Alan Ng - Aug 30, 2010

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as it has been reported that the official carrier for the iPhone 4 in China is providing a few ‘extra’ services to customers, that Apple may not be aware of.

According to this report from Redmond Pie, China Unicom is amazingly offering customers a free jailbreak service for those who wish to purchase from them, knowing too well that customers may go on to unlock their device soon afterwards.

Furthermore, China Unicom are also offering free iPhone 4 cases to divert attention away from AntennaGate, and are also offering free installation of the 10 most popular apps from Cydia – an application which is only accessible on jailbroken handsets.

We wonder what Apple make of this. Jailbreaking is now legal in the US, and probably in China too – but it is not a good look for an official carrier to be supporting it – what do you think?

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  • Chirag

    Jail break my iPod for free and clean

  • hjw1905

    This is definitely not the official action. Iphone 4 has not approved by Chinese government yet. The store, which sells iphone 4 and provides Jailbreak, must be a private store to sell iphone 4 from HK and other countries. The store put the official company name in order to sell it quickly.


    So far there is no Jail Breaking For new base Band …. If you see few Web site By googling

  • SAS

    Please provide with jailbreak for clean iOS 4.0.2 Mr Saurik, thank you a million!

  • Ilya

    Jailbraking always was, and always will be legal, fortunately for us, apple is not the legislator even when it comes to thier products, also they are such control freaks that if you let them they will exploit it.

  • 6amigos

    play FBI ? that is a 3G phone picture……………. DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    and why the hell does China Unicom will offer the jailbreak services….. There are billions of people in china that will offer the service as trying to make a penny and survive…….. did u eat too much hamburger ……. don't be a spoil kid……. only thing u know is spend money and buy an IPHONE 1…….4, what now iphone 8 ?

  • apple

    not sure why Apple would mind jaikbreaking. they probably dont care. If the phone is locked, it is good for the carrier. For Apple, the phone is already sold and that is the only thing they care about. This is not even a news!

  • Joel

    ok so where the heck is the software to jailbreak it??? Its not on the net anywhere!!!

  • rexiaoa

    jailbreak is a very popular thing now , the iphone 4 promotion in China will offer the jailbreak services which is a nice means . as for as i know , ipad in Hongkong is very popular now. China is a bigger market , i heared that the High imitation mobile market is very hot in China . i worried which will affect the sales of iphone 4 and ipad !! 
    good luck! Apple! lol ~ but if Chinese puchase a iphone or ipad , i suggest them get a Aneesoft iphone/ipad converter like me~~

  • Mok

    From the chinese text, it cannot be an offer from HK or Taiwan because it is in Simplified Chinese and the currency is 元.

    In HK the currency is 港币 and in Taiwan the currency is 台币。

  • Dan

    this news is fake. China Unicom does not have iPhone 4 available yet. From the picture, it looks like an offer from a HK or TaiWan cellphone store because it is Traditional Chinese in the picture which is used in Hong Kong and TaiWan area.